Lomography Petzval 85mm 2.2 Lens Review

For Canon

For Nikon

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Bestow Films says:

Do you have any control of the bokeh swirl? Is the wider the aperture the more drastic the swirl? or do you have control over the bokeh regardless of  the stop.

LaRRy L33T says:

song name 😕

annakinz says:

What brand tripod do you use? Thanks

Bull Winkle says:

I’ll pass. Instead I’ll get the much awaited sigma 85mm 1.4 art.

Jeff Koper says:

Hey +Irene Rudnyk! How durable is the finish on the brass? Does it scratch up easily? I am kickstarting their new one and am trying to decide on the black vs brass finish. Can you help me out?

Chris Hall says:

Does your camera not have focus comfirmation in the viewfinder?

Apelsinium says:

Смелая девочка, молодец.
Не совсем правда понял для чего штатив с такой светосилой и полным кадром, ну раз уверенности придает то почему бы и нет )

Krisjon Sison says:

Good lens for portrait…I guess this lens is useless on weddings and sports. lol Great review, thanks it made me wonder

Brandon Hebert says:

lomography= shity photography

Sigma Octantis says:

Thanks for the comparison with the Canon lens, I was concerned that it’s aperture wasn’t wide enough since I’m used to using an F1.8 but I think the swirl effect does make up for that.

MrBillblake123 says:

Cool review. Thank you.

venikravitz says:

Helios 40-2 85mm f1.5 is much better lens then this, especially for art portrait photos. It`s more sharp and quality on f1.5 then Petzval on 2.2. The circle effect of the bokeh is better too. The price is almost the same. Regards!

Tara Libby says:

What tripod do you use?

Dennis W says:

Sounds like a pain in the butt

michael alan says:

i love it

Patrick Cazer says:

so u spent $500 on a lens when you could have just bought a helios 44-2 58mm f/2 that does the same thing for $20 lol that’s how they get you im starting to feel like they put old glass in newer bodies and just uplift the price excuse me if im wrong on the price of that lens though

claudio castelli says:

Hi! nice review.. Have you tried projection lenses such ko-120 1.8 or ko-140 1.8? They are supposed to have a petzval lens design.. And you have to build an helicoid an an aperture for it..

ErikVaughnDillinger says:

Ha Ha. If you can’t handle manually focusing something, you shouldn’t even be taking pictures with a cam that’s not a point and shoot.

Perfect Shots Portrait and Wedding photography says:

I am thinking of buying one, I am wondering how much dust gets in the aperture slot though. Have you noticed any since purchase?

thefluffychewbacca says:

Anyone know the opening song name?

G says:

Good review, helpful tips, talented photographer. Thanks.

shadowblack10 says:

I wish there was an AF version of it 🙁

Aetohatir says:

Flickering in your video? 😀
Make sure to shoot at the right frame rate ^^

Othmar Ortner says:

Great Review! But don´t you think that just one quarter of a focus wheel turn is pain in the a** to focus? Even my 50 1.4 AiS has a much greater turn of about 180° so i think 90° is just really poor and that´s why I´m going to buy the 135 f2 DC Nikkor. Great portraits nevertheless and I would be happy if you could tell me what you think about that.

Brendan Daly says:

Irene if you like your lomography then you should check out a anamorphic len adapter. It is manly used for video but it gives a unique perspective with stills.

Adam Chen says:

Amazing product. Why does the background swirl but the subject doesn’t?

Mario Arias says:

Thanks I won’t get it now the Canon was better and easier to use.

Irni Mustikawati says:

what tripod are you using?

Holly Reynoso says:

Have you tried other manual focus lenses using f1.4? it is pretty hard to focus and any movement will change the focus, do you think maybe its even harder with that lens?

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