K&F Concept Nikon G Mount Lens to Sony E Mount Lens Adapter Unboxing and Quick Review (4K HD)

I got mine on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2hcxEkl It costs less than $20 and it’s an excellent budget lens adapter made for Sony E-Mount cameras. (NEX series and the A6000/A6300/A6500 mirrorless cameras). They also have adapters available to convert basically any brand of lens to any APS-C, Micro 4/3 cameras you can think of. Check them out here: http://amzn.to/2gi9rMg

I did some quick test with this adapter and some of my Nikon AF-s lens for my Nikon DSLR cameras. All 3 of my Nikon lens performed flawlessly on my A6300 (in manual mode of course). The beauty of this adapter is that it had a build-in aperture ring for 6 full stops of aperture adjustment, so all the lens performed nicely.

For older Nikon F mount lens with aperture ring, you need to set the aperture ring at smallest/locking position and use the adapter’s build-in aperture adjustment. For newer G lens with no aperture ring, just use the build-in aperture adjustment directly on the adapter.

The TTL (through the lens) metering is also achieved and working beautifully with this adapter in Aperture priority mode.

All in all, the Nikon G mount to Sony E-mount lens adapter is a great investment if you have many Nikon lens available at your disposal. They perform flawlessly and the larger aperture available definitely have it’s advantage in creating a shallower DOF and performs better in low-light. Manual focusing with camera’s focusing peak turned on is a breeze and focuses just as fast as autofocus.


Leroy Grégory says:

Thanks for the review, does the K&F Concept Nikon G Mount work with Nikkor Ais lens?

makarand bhosale says:

can i use it with a6000??

Jahmal H says:

Does using an adapter decrease the quality of the image?

Stacy Kenyon says:

I feared for the 80-200 when it nearly slid off. Anyway what I would like to know is how smooth is the aperture ring. I can hear it click but it also appears quite smooth. How smooth does the footage transition when changing aperture while recording. Is it usable to adjust on the fly. Thank you

Oscar vasquez says:

awesome review, just what i was looking for.

Orighomisan Ogbebor says:

Hi Li Fan, I wonder if these setup (Nikon Lens + K&F Adapter) is compatible with the A7II, A7R and A7RII ?

snn ygn says:

hi friend. I have nikon 50 mm 1.8 d. ı bought this adaptor but I cant use it. what do you think about it? can I use this adaptor and lens for sony a6000?

Teck Yeong Ang says:

wonder if it would affect the lens’ autofocus or nikons digital apeture control after using on nex

Vishweshwar Kandalgaonkar says:

I have sony a7sII and all Nikon lenses, hope this adapter will suit my Sony camera. Nice presentation and thanks for sharing valuable information

dave koh says:

Thank you for this great effort video. may I know does it work with old Nikor manual lens?

Johannes Seibert says:

The focus breathing is caused by the lens, not the adapter. It’s common at a wide variety of lenses and an adapter can not effect this.

Wahyu Wiyono says:

Does it work for AF-S nikkor kit lens 18-55 ?

Anthony Mickeal Photography says:

Do you feel that this adapter is safe to use? It was a little tight and made me worried about damaging the nikon lenses I have.

SalibaAdventures says:

Thank you so much for this review. I just ordered it. Excited to use my Nikon wide, zoom, and prime lenses. I was about to invest in more sony glass too! So thank you for saving me $300 possibly even more!

JM Photography says:

Will this work with Nikon 35mm G lens on a Sony a6000?

Samael Belphegor says:

Hi, Great video friend, I have a question about this adapter. Would it work on my tamron 70 200mm 2.8 with mount for nikon? Thanks and keep it up

Chris Barr says:

All I could think about was Cat Hair on the sensor.

Simone Trevisan says:

does it work with nikon 35 mm afs and tamron 90 mm af? thank’s

fayth mccormick says:

Will this adaptor work with my DT50mm F1.8 SAM A mount lens to use on my Sony A6000?

สมอล วิว says:

ิbig cat

Navraj Raj says:

No adapter is perfect. Best option is to buy simple adapter without auto focus and use Focus peeking and focus magnification, but that’s good only for Sony bodies. Don’t waste money on auto focus adapters, trust me you will simply waste your money. Simple 20 dollar adapters are good.

aeko says:

Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been searching for days for an adapter to use my Nikon glass on my Sony Alpha A7S II. Ordered one! Thanks again, very helpful and informative video.

kaitobaby says:

Is the inside of the adapter smooth or is it ridged to help reduce internal reflections?

Giang Vu says:

Great video! I was looking for a video regarding this adapter.

Jahmal H says:

Thanks for making this video

Jeff Cameron says:

I have the D500 and A6000. Great video mate. Ordering the adaptor. Thanks for demoing the adapter. I also have a number of Nikon lenses plus the two kit Sony lenses.

Keep up the good work.

Tony Johnson says:

nice demo…you hit points that are actually relevant to a real user (something I find lacking in many “reviews” where people just recite specs). After using an adapter without a foot, I purchased a Metabones with an integral Arca style foot built in so I could work my heavy Nikon glass without stressing the lens mounts. It also resulted in much more stable setup (of course). The Metabones is heavy (mine just increases flange distance and has no glass) so I also use the adapter without a foot for my lighter lenses. One unexpected result of adapting my Nikons to the Sony is that I often prefer to manual focus, and it renewed my love for a lot of my old Nikon glass.

Tokey Smoast says:

Why do people keep calling Nikon lenses “G” mount lenses? They are “F”mount lenses and the newer Nikon “F” mount lenses are “G type” The older ones are “D” “AI’ “A” type ect.

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