Kerlee 35mm f/1.2 lens review with samples (Full-frame and APS-C)

Here’s a lens from a Chinese brand named Kerlee – a very record-breakingly bright 35mm lens, for Digital SLR cameras (Canon EF and Nikon F) (and a special version for Sony E-mount). It should be able to get beautiful pictures – let’s see about its quality.

Here are some purchase links for you all:

For Canon:
Amazon UK:“>
Amazon US:“>
Amazon CA:“>

For Sony:
Amazon US:

All pictures taken by me, on a Canon 6D and EOS M3 cameras.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
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zyconn says:

I think your reviews of lens from the rather unknown manufacturers the most interesting. Certainly giving it another thought about whether I get back to my beloved Sigma 30mm f1.4 or a lens like this. But, first, I need a camera. Thank you for your excellent work.

Being Sharp says:

Suggest me telephoto lens for my canon 1300d

Smaakjeks K says:

What a nifty lens! Had never heard of it. Great find, and review (as always)!
I appreciate that you included crop conversion for the equivalent f-number 🙂

Steven Li says:

Cardiff Bay? Is that true???

RobinSchouten says:

I get that you often get contacted by Chinese companies to review their lenses, but I do hope that you will review more modern mainstream lenses like you used to do. There’s been some great recent releases from both Sigma and Tamron that people are more interested in than these niche market lenses.

Alberto Marmi says:

Evaluating the price is better or worst of the canon 35 1.4?

anon amos says:

Got a recommendation for apsc cameras with simular focal length? I’d love to have the sigma art lens but need to find something like half that price is this doable or should I just wait and save up for a better lens ?

Bedevere Curry says:

I love your voice and the relaxing music in the background

glennskitchen says:

I hope that one day you will come to London. If you do, I’d love to buy you a beer/coffee to say thank you for all the wonderful YT content you have given us.

IP Domino says:


Sung Phung says:

LOL the barrel looks like a Zeiss ripoff

KingStivan says:

no likey but thanks for the video ^^

TheInterMaus says:

You use manual focus lenses quite often. I’m interested in knowing which way do you achieve focus with them? Using live view only or relying on your eyesight?
(I wear glasses so usually it’s a bit harder for me to eyeball it, but luckliy my Nikon does have an in-viewfinder focus assist, i don’t know if Canons have this as well.)

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