Jupiter-9 85mm f2 Lens Review

On this new show i will review for you some weird Lenses that can work on your mirrorless cameras for photos and videos.
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the 4 Weeks video review of the 4 M42 Jupiter Lenses used on a Mirrorless camera has started.
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This lens has a stepless aperture ring. So you can set your aperture wherever you want. There are no clicks.

It has 15 aperture blades, so you get a nice round aperture in any position.

As you can see it is pretty soft and redish wide open.


Always be lighting says:

Yeah this lens is quality, I picked up one few years back in a old market, fast and great look i havent seen anywhere else.

ASMR Curiosity Cabinet says:

This models are just gorgeous …

redeyeimages says:

Love it with a focalreducer on the a6300.The tilt adopter makes realy fun. Had testet it for 3 weeks.Nice video.

Débora Tomás says:

Hi Mathieu! I love the sample shots you’re showing on this video, very sharp and sooo beautiful! I wanted to ask you about your own copy of the Jupiter 9 lens, because i’ve been reading about the different versions of it. Do you know which version do you have? Is it the MultiCoated one? Thanks! 😀

Furkan Akkaya says:

how is it at f2?

Giti Thadani says:

Jupiter 9 is a very special lens – and the kind of glows – textures that one can get from it. Its what I call a lens to paint light with

Lucas Baez says:

Sympa ta chaîne ! Très intéressant, je découvre petit à petit.
Avec quel modèle Aps-c ou Plein Format tu réalises tes tests ?

crimp - shaped says:

Monsieur, I have just got myself a Jupiter 12 35mm with a M43 mount. I am finding it hard to get the right adapter for the Sony e-mount – it would be very helpful and appreciated if you could help me by linking or simply telling me the right adapter to get? Merci!

SmalltimR says:

This reminds me to pull up my Jupiter 9 as well.
One problem with these lenses is how difficult it can be to find a good copy.
I had to purchase 4 lenses before I finally found a winner. Not that my old ones were terrible, but I knew there were better copies out there and so I kept searching until I found one.
Another issue with J-9’s is that the good ones are quite rare and where the market is flooded with average copies. :/

Ivy Schexnayder says:

Okay, I ordered a couple of Jupiter lenses. How can I adapt them to my Sony NEX? Thanks so much for the lovely lens reviews!

DamdamTouch says:

Salut Mathieu ! Super vidéo, n’hésite pas à mettre les liens des objectifs en description en plus de tes liens affiliés, ca pourra potentiellement te faire gagner plus d’argent et faire gagner du temps à tes abonnés !
En tout cas merci beaucoup ta chaine est super interessante !

Nhat Nguyen says:

Hey! I’m using Canon DSlR but I don’t what adapter should I get to fit with my Jupiter 9 85mm contax RF len?

havoc23 says:

Zut Alors, Le Lens :))

Nick Hamill says:

Hi Mathieu.. Thanks for this video.. very informative and I love the background music.. I searched on eBay and I found lens listed as Jupiter 9 85 f/2 for Kiev-10, Kiev-15. Just want to make sure Im actually buying the correct lens, not a knockoff.

Harry Peckover says:

Amazing video. I just picked up this lens and am waiting for it to arrive. I have heard flaring is an issue but hopefully I can start to experiment more with portraits. Are there any lens hoods you can recommend that work with this lens? Also I understand that there is a crop factor impacting the the focal length of pictures but is the Jupiter 9 a good pairing with the Sony a6000?

Tyler Barnes says:

Jupiter 9 is sharp? That’s a new one.

Thomas HALGAND says:

Je viens de découvrir ta chaîne et je la trouve très rafraîchissante ! Abonné !

Ramasamy Nachiappan says:

what music ? haha nice lens i want to buy

Akira Wisnu says:

I was ordering the wrong Jupiter 9 mount :(, it was a Contax RF mount and the adapters are waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too expensive in compare to the LTM M39 or Pentax M42 one

Adam Kreuz says:

Sorry for the dumb question, I’m still new, where can I look for adapters for this? I have a sony a6000.

Wiktor Kasz says:

I had this lens for 1 day. Bought it and sold it. The lack of contrast and terrbile performance against the sun put me off. Sold it for twice the amount I bought it for and bough a Samyang 85/1.4 instead. Much better lens.

Daniel Alonso says:

Hi Mathieu! what would be the max you’d pay for this lens? I really love your channel and videos and we own the same camera!

Cecil Sharps says:

ive had a few variations of this lens over the years. my favorite is from 1956 for the zenit 3m. the newer ones circa the early 90s that are mc are still nice but the images lack some of the charm of the old one. i have an adapter enroute to try a kiev rf mounted one on a mirrorless body.

ferano wibisono says:

what tilt shift adapter did you use?? nice pic!

Tamino Forlini says:

Mais pourquoi tu fais pas des vidéos en francais également?

Roy Hernandez says:

love your videos!, Can you tell me where I can find the tilt adaptor?

Mike Rasching says:

Your reviews are great! Thank you and best regards from germany 🙂

Stuart Weisbuch says:

My favorite lens for years…

Aryan Kumar Art says:

Hey, does the lens have a circle/scratch on the glass?

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