HOW GOOD is the 45€ YONGNUO 50mm 1.8 LENS? Review 📷 Benjamin Jaworskyj


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Camera and Edit: Timothy Edwards
Production and Director: Benjamin Jaworskyj
Easy learn Photography with Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj

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Small Beginnings Productions says:

My housing fell apart on me less than a year of use while taking a portrait. made some crazy noise and popped open like something out a comic book.

Drexler Cano says:

Can you do a tutorial on the color grade of the first clip?

Kevin Johnson says:

A company likely survives with such a low price due to cheap labor. I have no evidence to back that up, but…

Abhyuday Sinha says:

The music in intro is superb which music did u used.

José Maria Sava says:

Wich is the adapter?

ayoub tubedz says:

i love you man keep going

Alejandro Alcantara says:

Canon be worried about this 50mm!

Piotr Klementowski says:

Professional photographer and you didn’t know that this company makes lenses? Something here is fishy or you are not a pro. You are definitely not a passionate. You should know that and even own at least few of them after 10 years of experience…

chinelo betserai says:

thank you for the video. online some reviews say the lens is not sharp untill I​ tested it out myself for video and this baby is sharp   i can for sure use it for photos especially  after viewing your video i m glad I have the lens thanks again

Edward Caissie says:

I got one it stopped auto focusing a week after I got it any ideas what the problem could be

white supremacy Down says:

what lens did u use on this s s video

Rainer Büsching says:

lens performs well – bokeh and sharpness. you’ll have to pay much to outperform this. autofocus r…r….r… 🙂

Kobboy Kng says:

YN can survive, because they don’t need to pay the development cost. They are just copying the original lens. China is very good in that. I heard a lot of stories how they stolen plans and started to work on their own version in other industry.

Zenpal films & photography says:

Can it fit in my sony a58? Like i have to buy adaptor for this lense

Daniel Gomez says:

Is not the best lens, and the AF is a bit weird at low light, but is fun, is simple and also is my battlehorse for my camera.

Leon Mclean says:

Can this lens work on Nikon d3400 ???

GodWar SDT-VS-BJN says:

What camera do you use to record this video? “great quality”

Paulo Duarte says:

Hello I got a Panasonic fz300 for Christmas what do you think it’s a good camera for beginners?

Nawodeep Shrestha says:

Can we use it for canon 80?

Benjamin Jaworskyj says:

What do you think about this Lens? Write it in the Comments⤵️ One negative thing i did not mention in the video to much is the very cheap housing. the second day we tried the lens the manual fokus got stucked, because of something broken inside. now it’s a bit buggy to use but still works. if you are low on a budget and want a great lens i can recommend it anyway and i’m still amazed. YONGNUO LENS AT AMAZON* ➡️

JustSenselessX says:

Du nutzt es an der Sony mit Adapter ? Welchen nutzt du da genau ?

Андрей Максимчук says:

hi, what the camera and lens, did you shoot this video?

Pratik Nag says:

Copying Peter mc kinnon

nofuchu says:

Do a video on the yongnuo 85mm 1.8 please?
im having doubts about it

Leon Mclean says:

Can this lens work on my Nikon d3400

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