Hands-On Review: A Guide to Fuji X Mount Lenses

One of the most popular families of mirrorless cameras and lenses are Fujifilm brand camera bodies and the growing collection of Fujinon X mount lenses.

FujiFilm X-Mount Lenses at B&H:


Lisa Johnson says:

Hey, I have a fujifilm finepix s2980 and I wanted to know if I could buy lens for this type of camera.

Hjalmar Gutierrez says:

I am planning to switch to Fuji because of the amazing lenses they produce

Mehdi Bouhalassa says:

Great review 🙂 Kinda surprised there’s no mention of the extremely popular, and second to the 56mm, the 23mm…. Or the 90mm! Those two are beasts of lenses…

Derek Watson says:

presenter had low audio!

Wpaull Reviews says:

Why does every video of x mount lenses neglect the 16-50mm?

ShibaPatrol says:

Its pronounced BOH-KEH not BOH-KA, how can I take you seriously when you can’t bother to learn the most basic of photography terminology?

Not my name says:

Y would you buy a zeiss for your fuji? The native fuji prime lenses are almost perfect, in my opinion at least…

Danielle Valenzuela says:

I own a Fujifilm x-t10 and I was wondering what lens a should buy to get great landscape shots when I am hiking: camping?

Leroy Brtphotos says:

I love Fuji but they aren’t on Brasil :'(

Leigh Bedford says:

Another great video from LB and the B&H team. Thanks!

David Marte says:

The 23mm f1.4 is the best one and yet it wasn’t mentioned.

Eirik Havre says:

While talking about the Fujinon 60mm he says: “And with an aperture ring that click stops in third stop increments you can be especially precise with your exposure” Most, if not all cameras can adjust the aperture in third stop increments. It’s just a weird thing to emphasize imo.

Also, he said that the APD version of the 56mm comes with a controllable apodizing filter. It is not controllable. It’s just there doing what it does at apertures wider than 5.6. You can’t control it at all. And the lens does not have a built in ND filter either. It comes with one you can put on the front of the lens if you want to.

Daryl James Badilla says:

Thank you so much!

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