FotoDiox Pro EF-NEX Auto Lens Adapter review

Looking for using your DSLR lens on Sony Mirrorless cameras? Check this out:
FotoDiox Pro EF-NEX Auto Lens Adapter Review:

I have tested FotoDiox Pro EF-NEX Auto Lens Adapter for about 1 month, and below is my video review. You’ll see how it works with autofocus on both cameras: crop sensor Sony a6000 and full frame a7

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Studio W J says:

my adapter doesnt have those pins to make contact with the sony nex5, a message is displayed saying cant recognize lens i bought it in amazon and the description says that it is posible to conect with my camera body but my canon lens cant be used please help me

Matthew Neiman says:

I got it for my Sony FS-100, and it has completely messed with my camera, it has no aperture control, or IS, and when I turn the camera on with the adapter on it just freezes. It’s quite a bummer because now my only option is to go with the metabones, which is a good 3x more expensive.

Irfan Ipanase says:

nice remore sir

Abd Wfy says:

does it work on third party lens? for example A6k with sigma or tamron lenses? thanks 😀

JPYvisual says:


D D says:

U save me 300usd. Thanks u guys.

Aleksus Nemo says:

Отвратный акцент – жуть

Rodrigo Franco says:

Hello i noticed some flare with the fullframe but i didn’t see flare on the aps-c,do you know if the aps-c format appears some flare too or just the fullframe?

Victor Rivera says:

I appreciate the information you provided. will the results be the same when using the a6000 with nikon lenses? I also have Tamron, and Tokina lenses. which adaptor, if any, can you recommend?

Gary Green says:

Is there a ND Throttle for a Canon 5d Mark ll ?  I would like to use it just for the ease of not having to carry filters and holders.

Elreas Studio says:

Hi Alex I’m from Indonesia, this video very helpful, i think the work of the AF better than metabones.. but how to buy this one? because i search it from your website for the link to amazon, there are no availability 

Moisés David Pérez Arenas says:

Which software did you use to see what are you looking from the camera?

Philip Whittaker says:

This adapter is currently unavailable on Amazon but theres one with a blue ring on it.. Is that the new version?


Cctv Eventos Bogota says:

Hello, will this adaptor work in a FS100?
Thank you!

future62 says:

Thanks a ton for this! I have been trying to find out if that exact combination works! (A7 + EF 35/2 IS USM)

Did you try the 35/2 IS USM in the field? How well does it work for candid portraits?

Angelo Mosquera says:

hey alex koloskov i have this same and adapter and mine is a little loose for my ef lenses are you noticing this same problem or should i just return mine and hope for a better one

Eddie Robles says:

Where’s you video showing the shoot with the canon on a7s?

Ashwin Nagpal says:

Greetings from India! Nice review! have you tested the commlite? how would you rate it…

Terrance Carney says:

Put the fotodiox on Sony a6000 with Canon 40mm, 50mm, 85mm. Doesn’t autofocus.

tAklHa says:

can you please give me the link of that adaptor, please?

Lazarescu R. Catalin says:

Thanks for sharing this. I’ll wait my Fotodiox Pro today 🙂

The Hungry Ferret says:

Thanks, you may have just saved me a ton of money from getting the metabones one.  I did get scared from the flare at first.

SuperTekZone says:

This is a useful review, as I’m waiting for the Fotodiox adapter I just ordered to arrive. It’s good to know that the AF with Canon lenses isn’t bad.

Rajesh Kumar says:

can use the adapter For Lumix gh4

Steven Hsu says:

+Alex Koloskov  Does this work with A7II in manual focus?

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