Fotodiox FD to EOS Lens Adapter Review

Here’s the adapter used in the video:

How to use old Canon FD film lenses on a new Canon DSLR. The Fotodiox FD to EOS adapter allows you to use these cheap lenses with great results!


Özgün Küçükbaş says:

Sample photos please…

hjalmarsuni says:

is safe to use, you can not damage the camera

Anthony Swopes says:

Hi Jakub! I have a 600mm f4 in Canon FD…will your adapter kit allow me to use this lens manually on my EOS 1D Mark IIN with no loss in image quality and let it focus properly to infinity? If yes, how much is your adapter and how long would it take to get the kit? Thanks in advance!

Mike Hope says:

EOS-M with no lens correction FD to EOS M works fantastic with focus to infinity for all FD lenses

magicalmysterygirl says:

Extremely high prices. Very few hobbyist photographers have $200 to dish out on converting a lens. Besides, what if one wanted to use the lens on an EOS body, and an FD body?

Dave Tibbitts says:

whats the difference between adapters with out glass an adapters with glass?

Marilyn D says:

Better buy an adapter with chip than you can use the apature on the camera as well.

Jakub Mika says:

Optical Correction robs a stop of light, crops the image and adds significant distortion to the point of making a pro level FD lens perform worse than the cheapest modern kit lens. mount swaps kits (full disclosure: I am Ed Mika) are the only way to retain original lens performance.

TheRenderQ says:

I will have to check that out. I made my lenses/adapter purchases so quick that I didn’t do much research before buying. The additional cropping from the adapter is definitely not desireable especially since I’m already using a crop sensor camera. Thanks for the advice!

Live The Adventure says:

does this increase the f-stop of the lense? I’ve read some of them cause an increase of 1 f-stop…so a 1.4 = 2.4…how sharp is the image ?

Dieter R. says:

how is the quality of the pictures by using this adapter?

Nate Chevalier says:

Perfect review, just what I was looking for. Will be purchasing this soon

Mike Hope says:

If you have longer lenses and are real serious I would say EdMika is really the only way for full frame. The focal length is brought back to where it should be for the lens and so it would be as sharp as on the old FD mount 35mm

vinnie victory says:

Useless video, unless you know ZERO about cameras.

mbtemlett says:

any sample pictures handy to show us viewers? thanks 🙂

Miloš Vučićević says:

Can I with this adapter, mount my MD ROKKOR 50mm f1.2 on CANON 600d _?

dodododa says:

So many versions of the adapter, which adapter will work with a 700d?

Scott Murphy says:

From what I gather from your review, do you need to meter in the STOP DOWN mode with this adapter?

Canon REALLY dicked over their old FD lens owners when they changed mounts. The old FD lenses were superbly made, many a lot better than their modern day PLASTIC equivalents. Nikon, on the other hand, still uses their F mount which dates all the way back to 1959. ANY Nikkor ever made from that date can be mounted and used on the latest Nikon DSLR’s. The only caveat is that non-AI lenses need to be converted to AI, which can be done by any competent repairman or you can do it with a Dremel and a cut off wheel. I converted my superb 50mm f/1.4 non-AI to AI in about 15 minutes with no more than a phillips head screwdriver and a Dremel and cut off wheel.

Canon, on the other hand, requires that you purchase one of these aftermarket adapters. Most are cheaply made and poorly coated and anytime you place more glass behind a lens you are looking at more flare and quite possibly a degradation of image quality, potentially a significant one. And I understand that I also reduces the T-number of the lens. Not a particularly viable alternative so you can use these older and superbly made lenses. Just one more reason to stick with Nikon, which I have since 1974.

David Reams says:

Nice detail in macro video. Great mini tutorial.

jetset808 says:

does the extra lens take away sharpness?

rsarp says:

How about some sample pics? Or sample video, or both? Even better, how about an analysis of differences in image quality when using the adapter versus buying the non-adapter lens?

John Hillman says:

One disturbing problem is the foggy glow around whites and highlights.

Jakub Mika says:

You are welcome. Because of the more than an hours worth of machining time required per EdMika mount swap kit its not really practical to use on any but the highest end FD lenses because of relative high kit purchase cost.

Seeing TAO says:

Nice Video! i recently purchased an adapter BUT i doesn’t have the glass. Can and how do i use it. Thanks in advance

Norema Nosini says:

howd the lenses work out for you?

MSFproductionsMAIN says:

Say what again? I have this adapter in the video. But I often wondered if there were better adapters. I will check yours out.

Flaviu Mogosan says:

How is this a review?! A review means when you actually analyze the performance of something, not just show how it works. At best this could be a presentation/unboxing. I will never get back these useless 6 minutes!

distantreplaydotorg says:

I bought one yesterday and used it.  Photos were slightly soft.  Ever so slightly.  Only a pro would really notice.  It does take a f4 lens in my case and turn it into f5.6.  On a Crop Sensor camera like mine it turned by 70-210mm zoom into almost double, while losing 1 f-stop.  You have to shoot on a complete manual setting, which I like a lot.

none says:

Thanks, excellent demonstration.

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