f/1.1 … for $170! Sainsonic Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 lens review with sample pictures

Here’s a lens that could be amazing value for money: a 50mm f/1.1 lens, for mirrorless cameras with sensors as big as APS-C. It’s currently available for Canon EOS M and Sony E-mount, with plans for a Fuji x and Micro 4/3 release, and it’s only $170! (At the time of making this review, the price was $150, which is why I say that in the video). Can the build quality and image quality possibly be any good? And even if not, does the very low cost and potential for images with such out-of-focus backgrounds keep it an appealing choice? Let’s find out.

At the time of making this review, the lens was on Amazon.com for $150, and available for Sony E and Canon EOS M mount. I am told there are plans for it to come out in Fuji X and Micro 4/3 mount in July.

Here’s a link to where you can buy it in the US: http://bit.ly/2thh4UM

All pictures taken by me on a Sony a6300 camera.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


testthewest123 says:

Are you sure about your explaination at 2:54? Another idea would be the following: the f-stop isn’t identical to the t-stop. But the actual transmission is meassured by this afaik. The transmission of the Canon lens for example is not 1.4, but 1.7 (on a 70D).
So if this chinese cheap lens has a relatively bad transmission, this could explain it.

BobZOMG1984 says:

Kamlan…………. (giggle)

Maedl says:

Bokeh looks ugly

Sergey Linnik says:

this is f/1.65 on the sony APS-C camera, but anyway the review is helpful for me, thnx

lukykentucky says:

a 50mm lens ist not a 75mm on a APS-C camera , its a crop of a 50mm lens.

Jeremy Galloway says:

The center at f/1.1 could hardly be described as sharp, imo… more like “usable”, and the bokeh is pretty bad. I still would like to take some shots with it though, looks fun to use

ChargedCMOS says:

Why no Nikon support?

Jeff Kong says:

Is there any way I can make this 50mm f/1.1 compatible with my Nikon cropped sensor DSLR? If not, could anyone explain why in layman terms?

MrLandster says:

whats with the red tint to the lens? is it coated with something dodgy like the super takumar?

Edwin Liu says:

Good and professional review! Subscribed

ChrispyArt says:

1:24 That bokeh is hideous af

IVIono says:

Lol im sure what you just said about 30% and that sensors cant be faster etc. is not true. I think its about the F-Stops and the T-Stops!

dan t says:

is that a real *F1/1.1 (equiv 35mm)* or we should count with the 1.6* multiplier for APS-C? which would make it the same as a f1/1.8 on FF? just asking, because 170$ for a manual 1.8 lens is a really expensive, but for a 1.1 lens it’s pretty cheap.

I am David Sebastian says:

But this lens is 100% manual correct? No autofocus or data transmission like aperture to the camera. How does your Sony work with that beside in manual mode? Thx.

panda motion says:

i predicted this. waiting for fuji mount

Allah Turbo says:

Kamlan mean suck dick in Chinese hokkien dialect

Sam Sen says:

Another excellent review. Short, right to the point, scientifically sound, well organized. I am so thankful for your “Unbiased” well prepared video clips and reviews. The chart at min 1:47 is very useful for most that have no clue on the mater. @ Min 2:00 and 2:24 , the other noticeable (Barely but surly) is images with f1.1 are a tad over exposed compare with f1.4 (Otherwise compensate EV) so that also IMO confirm your inference that the Kamlan lens is actually wider than comparison and that bonus 30 percent brightness (For a total of 60% in this example) is real. Thanks again for all the great job you do and please continue with your great reviews.

john huguley says:

what was your ISO set at?

Das 34 says:

Is there any possible way that I can get a mount so that I can use it on my Canon 600D?

getElementById - says:

thnx for the review. did the focus peeking still work with this lens on a A6300 like on the upcoming voigtlander 40mm 1.2 ?

ninon50 says:


I already thank you for the comprehensive way you approach problems and Lens & Camera tests, I want also to thank you for including these budget wise lenses. To someone who is persceptive this is also proof of your ethical approach and we all benefit. THKS!!!!!

Lucas Wild says:

Link to the mirco 4/3 version when it comes out please!

George Ou says:

Sharpness should be much better adapted down to Micro 4/3 because the corners aren’t used. Great price and bang/buck!

Anthony Bogucki says:

Isn’t it the definition of a sponsored review when you wouldn’t have been able to make the review without the company sending you the lens?

If you didn’t buy this lens yourself, off of your own research– it’s sponsored.

Yevgen Reminetskyy says:

video is very good, but i cant stand your pronunciation

NETVO TV says:

Can the lens use on Leica TL2 with adaptor? I like the yellow ring because it’s my favorite color! The 1.4 vs 1.1 blue comparisons for me is not that much different, but the price is the thing that matter more!

Ralph Cedric Basco says:

no Nikon?

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