E-mount Lens Adapters for Sony cameras

An introduction to lens adapters for e-mount (Sony) cameras. With the Vello, Metabones and Sony adapters demonstrated on the Sony A7 II and Sony A6300 cameras.

For up to date pricing at B&H photo:
Vello https://bhpho.to/2muR1pV
Metabones https://bhpho.to/2n1Q1xv
Sony Adapter https://bhpho.to/2muXu3T
Sony A7 II https://bhpho.to/2n1QAr6
Sony A6300 https://bhpho.to/2m3iYEN
Canon 24-105 https://bhpho.to/2n1RTpF
Canon 28mm https://bhpho.to/2muQkg0

More reviews, how-to and behind the scenes notes at http://heilbron.com/lens_adapters/

Producer and Host: Maarten Heilbron

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The lenses and adapters are on loan from B&H, the A7 II from Sony, the A6300 and the Canon lenses are mine.
This video was shot with the
Fuji X-T2 (my on-camera, shots with both cameras) https://bhpho.to/2mg7pf3
and the Sony A6300 (beauty shots and closeups)

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fernando Diez says:

Great video Maarten I use the Sigma MC-11 with the Canon 17-40 and the 70-200 f4 and is almost native, I find this combo to be very reliable indeed. Again All of your videos are great and very informative have a great day.

Ned MacFadden says:

I enjoy your videos. Do you know how well the laea3 adapter works with the a7ii? If I understand how it works, autofocus should be improved when compared to the laea4, but I wonder by how much?

charld says:

thank you for such a clear review, this is why i love your channel!

edshotsdotcodotuk says:

when testing the A6300 did you have it on silent mode at any point? have found this greys out options with native lenses and even more so with adapters.

MistaFussichannel says:

The Sigma MC11 is the best value for money and works great with the A6300 and canon lenses. Check it out. Great video.

Bharath Sai says:

i have sony a6300 camera which adapter shld i use for my canon lens and i want in my budget

oliver tubarik says:

Why didn’t you use the best adapter with all the functions available? I just don’t get it!

mgportraits says:

Maarten, what about the mc-11? do you have a review on that one?

Ivan Liang says:

Amazing review! looking forward to your MC-11 vs Metabone review on the A7 cameras! please do consider! cheers.

Howard Kahn says:

TALK ABOUT CONFUSING….IT IS CLEAR TO ME THAT THESE ADOPTERS HAVE NOT BEEN PERFECTED……I use Sony A mount cameras…….i use sony; zeiss, tamron, sigma glass, what adopter would work best for me if i want to place these A mount lenses on a Sony E mount camera?….also, if i would choose to be in manual focus what functions will not work 100% for me?…….WOW!….thank you…….i use—–
135mm f1.8 zeiss

*28-300mm f3.5 – (F3.5-F6.3) ff – TAMRON
(42-450MM) aps-c

50mm f1.7 CONSTANT- ff – MINOLTA
(75MM) aps-c
*16-50mm (24-75mm)F2.8 CONSTANT aps-c – Sony
*24-105mm f4-CONSTANT – ff – SIGMA
(36-157.5) aps-c

70-200mm f2.8 sigma
50mm f1.4 sigma

*10-20mm (15-30mm)F 3.5 CONSTAANT-aps-c – SIGMA

24-70mm f2.8 CONSTANT – ff – SIGMA
(36-105mm) aps-c

30mm is (45MM) macroF2.8 CONSTANT- aps-c – SONY

Calvin Chann says:

My Metabones 4 came with an Allen key in the box, but it was pretty well hidden in the lining of the box.

Shang-Hsien Yang says:

I am impressed by your ability to turn the frustration of adapting lenses into a comedy.

Marco Bisogni | Fotografia • Grafica • Comunicazione says:

Very interesting review. Thank you!
I have just one question: how faster does adapters drain battery? Expecially when it’s hard to reach a good focus.

Christo Stoichkov says:

Unfortunatelly no Sigma MC11 Adapter. ….

Scotzine says:

Hi Mr Heilbron, I wonder if you can recommend a good ultra wide lens for the A6300? I’m drawn to the 10-18mm but it’s f4 and expensive. I’m hoping to do real estate type videos so I’m expecting a lot of low light indoor work. Would you possibly advise against that and in favour of some sort of converter with a canon lens or something?

GaryDX25 says:

Can you review the Techart M-Lens autofocus adapter? I’ve been thinking about getting it for my M-Rokkor 40mm f2 and Sony a7ii.

Richard's World Traveler says:

Now that B&H sent you that stuff to borrow, you need to watch a video on: How to disappear without a trace.

Victor Rivera says:

thanks for sharing that info. what type of monitor are you using on top of the camera?

Dean Jones says:

Thank you for your comprehensive review. It’s the best I’ve seen to date.

Damak Shine says:

Where is MC-11 adapter

crimp - shaped says:

Hey Maaten, enjoying your videos as always. I am looking for an adapter to use Nikon dx on a Sony a6000. You always know your stuff so I thought I’d ask. Andrew

AmmarTechnology says:

I really liked the new Sony mirrorless cameras, but we are shooting Nikon and Canon since years, we keep changing bodies but i am not interested at all to change the lenses ! oh too much money no way.
I hope the adapters will be more faster and smarter so instead of upgrade to new Canon or Nikon body we can get Sony body with adapter and keep our legendary glass 🙂

rmp5s says:

“I don’t really know what that means, but it’s fun to say.” rofl…words to live by, right there.

Kenneth Preston says:

I have a couple of different adapters, one of which is the Metabones, for using my Canon lenses on my Sony cameras. I’ll mostly focus manually except if I use the 70-200mm for “people” shots, in which case I’ll be hand held using some version of autofocus. The Metabones worked very well when new but has since developed a loose and sloppy connection to the camera. Auto focus isn’t reliable anymore. Depending on how you hold the lens seems to make the problem come and go. Could this be poor construction with a low mechanical tolerance ruining my shoots? I assume you didn’t experience anything like this or you would have mentioned it. Anyone else have this issue?

Debasish Das says:

HI great review . What do you think would be the best adapter if I am getting Tamron G2 lenses for my Sony A7rii ? Thanks

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