Choosing your next Sony Alpha APS-C E-Mount Lens

Mark Galer is a Sony Global Imaging Ambassador.
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Kevin Bruff says:

thank you

Kenny C says:

Mark you the man keep up the great work. !!!

mishaal alsudairy says:

Thank you for this informative video. Please I would like to know why you didn’t include the Sony Zeiss E 24 F1.8 in your review also what about adding the teleconverters 1.4 and 2X how much would they affect sharpness especially on a cropped sensor body

Kevin Bruff says:

Thank you.

Wayne Garmon says:

Nice video, Mark! How does one become a Sony Ambassador?

Rika Sartika says:

I’m using Sony a5100, I’m looking for zoom lenses since I mostly take pictures at far spot. Which one you’d suggest me Sony e 55-210 or Sony e 18-105 G? Hope to hear from you asap

Daffa Naufal says:

Pls help me?
My camera is the a6300, which should I pick for the portrait lens, cheap aps-c lens like sony 50mm 1.8 ? Or FE lens like Zeiss 55mm 1.8?
I need the best quality, what happen if FE lens put into aps-c camera? Is it still good?

Fr4nk15c says:

Ty great video.

Julian Jones says:

What is the advantage of a cropped sensor lens on a apsc body vs a full frame lens on a apsc body?

We McLaughlins says:

On our channel we use the Rokinon 12/2 on an A6300 for handheld vlogging–cannot say enough good things about this lens. It’s bright and it’s sharp…once you learn the manual focal setting points you set it and forget it and no need for a screen facing you. Also used heavily are the Sony 28/2 FE and 90/2.8 macro (portraits), though that one stays more on an A7III. The 28/2 FE and Rokinon 12 are must haves on crop sensor, IMO, both for the price and performance. They are FANTASTIC.

Vikas Singh says:

Can we use APS-C canon lenses with sony alpha 6000 and 6300 ??

Ron Powell says:

Thanks very informative – however went to purchase the 18-105 but found the weight to be 427gms against the 55-210mm which I currently have – whether I will notice the extra weight when shooting I am not so shure

George Theodoridis says:

I found the kit lens so woefully poor I reverted back to fuji for apsc, whose kit is quite decent.

GilbertTV says:

good video… I wish Sony would do some more aps-c lenses
the sigma 19mm & 30mm F1.4 are great lenses at a snip of the price of sony’s

ahzi macapagal says:

I have A 5000 can i use lens sony E 50mm F/1.8 ?

Nancy. P5 says:

Great video Mark! I have a6300 and looking for a lens for product, food photography. Which one would you recommend?
Lens I have now, kit and 18-105. Thank you.

jonathan regala says:

Hello, i have sony nex5t aps-c emount . I would like use sigma lens it doest work my camer? How to figure out when the lens is compatible my camera?thank you

Jeffrey Garcia says:

Is FE lens will fit on a6300 without a adoptor?

microbroadcast says:

One of the best tutorials on Sony lenses that I’ve seen, very informative, with good illustrations. I am a bit concerned about the negative comments below on poor quality APS-C lenses though, but I will be interested in mainly video shooting, so perhaps not as crucial? Thanks for posting.

Varun Dhaka says:

At 6:54 u said that the sony e 50mm f1.8 pushes out to 75mm … i think that since it is an aps-c lens it has 50mm focal length on the sony alpha aps-c lineup…

PipocaTV says:

I do have sony a6000 and I would like to buy a 50mm lens. Can you explain me the difference between SEL50F18 and SEL50F18F? I know that one is fullbody and other aps-c but make difference on image quality etc? Which one do you suggest? Thanks in advance 🙂

Jeff Rendered says:

I love my a6000 but Sony has pretty much abandoned the apsc lens line up. Just look at fuji’s lens line up…56mm 1.2, 50-140mm 2.8, 16-55mm 2.8, plus many other fast primes! We don’t even have a 17-50 2.8!

Enthusiastttech says:

among all the lenses that was shown on this video, the 18-105mm pz is the best with a6300 for someone who does more on video than photography does it? i mean overall price, pz compatibility w gimbal etc.

Nabin Niroula says:

Awesome review Mark. What lens would you suggest for food videography? I want to make food recipes (similar to TASTY overhead videos). I have a 6300 with kit lens and want to get a nicer lens.

Rohit Singh says:

If focal length is multiplied with crop factor then aperture will also be changed. 1.8 will be 1.8 for APC. Right?

Ed Raven says:

Thanks for the awesome video.  I am going to purchase a A6500.  I do mostly sports photography with the majority of it being at the bowling alley, getting action shots of bowlers.  However, I will be using this camera for vacations and also doing portraits.  Which lens/lenses do you recommend?  Thanks in advance for any advice.

Arjit Bhargava says:

Sir can I use full frame len in my Sony a6000

Paul Moss says:

Hello Mark, after much deliberation, because it is expensive, I bought the Zeiss 16-70mm for my A6000. However I have been seeing on Vlogs some severe criticisms about this lens, some reports saying that it is ‘decentred’ and soft in the corners. Your sample shots with this lens look far sharper than anything I have managed to achieve, should I be worried about my purchase?

dinul ihsan says:

Please create new alpha 5000 series, alpha 5300 may be? Just like 6300 but with lower spec and 180’screen just like 5000 series

Peter Ros says:

Very good video. Thanks!

Антон Сергеевич says:

Great video, I wish I’ve seen it few months ago. Mark, if you don’t mind me asking, why no love for SEL28F20? It’s fantastic on APS-C crops because it only uses a center and it’s very sharp and a great balance between 20 and 35mm. What do you think of it?

Mạnh Tân Nguyễn says:

wow love Sony

FreshYoungLeaves says:

wish f/2.8 , It seem Zeiss 16-70mm f/4 good lens for landscape and portrait. That lens, How about noise in low light with high iso ?

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