Canon FD to EF Lens adapter. How to use it



Walter Marks says:

Really Helpful, Thank you.

Matěj Kryštof Řešátko says:

Where can i buy this adapter? Do you have please link?

MatRdmCooper says:

I have the FL 58mm 1.2
the adapter does not fit 🙁
in your video the 55mm is flat at the back where the 58mm is half raised :/
any ideas what I can do?
my adapter is a fotodiox pro fd-ef

Allan Zepeda says:

The adapter has small glass optics. Does that mean your F1.4 is a F2.8?

Ronnie allen says:

Sound is very poor i will look somewhere else.

Joseph Musama says:

Hi do you need to program the chip to recognise the aperture settings of the lens? Thanks in advance for your reply?

Noe Romero says:

I’m getting an Canon T5. The lense says “EF-S”. So my question is, can I buy an adapter that says “FD to EF” and will it work? Or do I have to get one specifically that says “FD to EF-S”? I have two old canon lenses and I would love to be able to use them in the new camera.

Thanks in advance! I need help!

marzek says:

FD to EOS adapters suck, also Minolta MD to EOS, the best vintage lens mounts for Canon EOS are M42, Yashica/Contax and Olympus.

Trudy Almon says:

Awesome! Could not get my adapter to work until I watched this video. I did have to hold that “one-sided house” looking lever to the side and get the screw to the left of it (as you hold the lens with that on the bottom) in order to get the aperture ring on the lens to work. Thanks!

Joseph Musama says:

How come the 1.2 lens is recognised as a 1.4 lens?

artemorbid says:

Hello, great video, can these lenses be used on the new mirrorless cameras?


Hi! Any idea where to get this FD to EF AF Confirm Adaptor for Canon 5D Mark 1 Classic?

Omar Reina says:

Where can i buy this adapter? Do u have some link? I’m from Mexico

hk says:

Sir, this is a great demonstration, could you kindly tell us from where did you get that top quality lens adapter. thank you

Programmer Qn says:

I’m not a big fan of Canon FD mount.

Jemi-To Shumafuk says:

I cant focus on close objects with f/2.8 to f/8. Everything is just blurry. Why is that? Thanks.

Cheryl Meadows says:

You can buy the EF lens cheaper than what you are selling the FD lens for, that really doesn’t make sense.

Kenny says:

Nice video. Really shows the important things. The sound level is really low, but I can hear everything just fine once I wind up the sound volume to max. Thanks for making this clip. Very useful clip.

alae haddad says:

Nice video where did you both these original Canon Adapters, all I could find on the net are generic ?? Thanks

Salvadori Popadillo says:


Frank Martinez says:

Can you put a link to get the ADAPTER!

Max ime says:

Will it also focus to infinity?

Tonderayi Kanoz says:

Hie guys i have a Canon FD 50mm f1.4 SSC with an adaptor without glass. I can’t make the aperture to change just like you said. At 3:08 when you turn the adapter I wanna ask what happens to the lock screw on the adapter. Because mine when I move the adaptor ring to unlock, the screw is almost touching(5mm gap) a metal latch protruding from the lens. If I remove the adapter, put the f16 on the lens and move the latch 5mm to close the aperture, it doesn’t close an amount equivalent to f16.. maybe f11 only.

Benjamin Olenzek says:

I could barely hear you

Sheed says:

WHAT BRAND OF ADAPTER IS THIS!!! Literally all the comments are asking this with no answer. My guess is the person who manages this channel died. The contacts on that adapter are perfect and I’m hunting for it.

Woshitha Abeysekera says:

Can you put a link to get the Adapter

InsideDre Podcast says:

What kind of adapter would I need to connect this lens to a Canon?

chucubu says:

Thanks for the video. I’m using an adapter and a FD 35-105mm lens on my EOS. But when focusing I do not hear the confirmation beep like you. How do you enable that feature?

Carlo Mario says:

Good video.

José Pedro Filipe says:

My adapter doesn’t have a glass or a chip like yours. Is this normal?

Melle Haanen says:

What am I supposed to spend on one of those adapters? I can buy one from a trusted electronics store for €60 or I can get one out of China for €10.

LEGIN 6 says:

Thanks you are a good teacher

The Omega Agents HD says:

I bought an Canon zoom lens FD 70-210mm and the adapter you have, will it work?

auomauom says:

These lens have characteristic. Today’s lens are boring.

EZIC MEDIA FACTORY I Ezekiah Akande says:

i have this lens and the adaptor but the focal is very tiny, i mean the part that focus is very small/tiny, how can i solve the problem or what am i doing wrongly, pls i would need a reply as soon as possible, thanks

Zatoichiable says:

Is it possible to adapt it from fd to ef to m43?

John Zhou says:

The adapter has correction lens to extend focus distance, this added lens reduces the image quality, and cause the FD lens to loss focus on infinity.

Patrice Camatta says:

which adapter are those? I have a 60d to an fd50mm but still blur. I think my adaptor is not connecting properly. Can you help us with the information of the adapter? Thanks a lot.

Geraldo da Silva Coelho Filho says:

Com esse adaptador a lente passa a ser 1:1.8.

Ивет Орлинова says:

Very heplful, thanks. It’s good you show that FDn lens also work with the adapter.

Amy Zeng says:

I have a CANON FD 28mm F2.8 S.C., do you know what kind of adapter I have to use in order to fit for my canon t3i? This lens is from Japan. Thanks!

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