Canon FD 70-210mm F4 Review – A lot of lens for $50$

The Canon FD 70–210mm F4 is a vintage Full Frame telephoto zoom lens from the early 1980’s. I saw a mint condition one on Ebay for less than $50 and picked it up without a second thought. To my surprise this lens has a unique feature for a telephoto that’s made it the MOST versatile lens in my bag.


• FOTODIOX FD – NEX (E-Mount Sony):
• FOTODIOX FD – EOS-M (Canon):
• FOTODIOX FD – F (Nikon):
• FOTODIOX PRO FD – Micro 4/3:

• FOTODIOX M42 – E (Sony):
• FOTODIOX PRO M42 – F (Nikon):
• FOTODIOX PRO M42-Micro 4/3:

• SONY ZEISS 16-35mm:
• Canon 16-35mm F4:
• Canon 6DII:
• Rode Mic:
• MiniPod:
• Camera Bag:

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Tom Church says:

Great review as always Mark! Keep it up!

Tech Gear Talk says:

Fantastic video Mark. Incredible info and beautifully shot/edited. Well done!

Aperture says:

These vintage lenses will go up in value due to new Full Frame Mirrorless cameras. I’m holding onto the fast primes which will fetch alot of desirability.

Jim Durfee says:

Another great video!
That lens looks similar to my SMC Pentax 80-200mm.
Happy shootin’ 😉

ThomasPrl says:

really great video thanks mate !

DA productions INC says:

Really nice review Mark!

Tom Bryson says:

This is probably a silly question but is this lens radioactive? I know that some are but was just curious.

Fotodiox Inc says:

Great video!

Claudio Pianetto says:

Excellent video mark! This canon is on the way to my home now. I have a difficult question for you, wich is the best vintage wide angle ? What do you think about? Thanks Mark

Lincoln Riddle says:

I’ve been thinking about buying a vintage lens. Because, why not? Haha

RubDubDubENT says:

Don’t buy this lens it’s a waste of time. I own it, and it’s a glorified paperweight. You can only justify buying this lens if you’re trying to understand the different focal lengths, what they look like and the feel you get from the images produced. If that is not your goal, please look elsewhere. There are plenty of worthy substitutes at comparable prices.

I can go on about how you should look for prime lenses and how they will better satisfy in the long run, but since you’re watching this video, I’ll assume you’re probably committed to a telephoto lens so here goes.

My current favorite cheap telephoto lens ( at around $100 ) is the Minolta MD 35-70 f3.5. It’s fantastically sharp, has a macro option and the focal lengths are versatile enough to use in any situation. I purchased this early on in my vintage lens collection journey, and I still find that I carry it on every shoot and use it as frequently as any of my other (prime) lenses.
There are plenty of videos delving into how great these lenses are so don’t @ me bro, Just look up the lens and go from there.

Cristian Zaine says:

What about the vivitar series 1 70-210 3.5 (kiron)?

Cristian Lopez says:

What adapter were you using?

ajm92cr says:

Unreal video quality Mark! Looks like a fragment from a tv network show.

Great work, and thanks for the review, short, sweet and covering the important aspects!

Keep it up!


Well done Mark! Your videos are always inspiring, good job!

Chase says:

Dang it wish I would’ve seen this before I bought my new Tamron 70-210. Not that I don’t love that lens, but I mean for less than USD$40 on eBay…

Matt Bedsole says:

How did you know I was looking at this exact lens literally just yesterday

Unicorn One says:

Your content is unbelievable, thank you!

Luis Ansorena says:

Mark: I have one question. It’s not about this video. It’s about workflow. I hope it’s ok if I ask here. I edit using a 2015 MacBook Pro connected to a WD external hard disc (HDD), where I keep my footage. I don’t know if that’s the right way to do it. The thing is: this system worked pretty well for me with HD footage from my Canon G7x. But now i have a 4K camera and with bigger files the process takes ages. My question is: with a SDD external disc, would the process be faster? There are many videos out there about workflow, but they focus more on the backup process. Thank you so much in advance

CottageOnWheels says:

Hello Mark, I just sold a super mint lens like yours a few weeks ago on eBay to a Quebec city address. Just wondering if somehow you end up with my lens?
Like always great video…Cheers

Cristian Lopez says:

Better question, if I wanted to use this on my Rebel t5i what adapter would I have to purchase?

RoRo says:

Oh thanks Mark, great video yet again. I love your style. You are inspirational, so much so, I just bought a Canon FD 70-210 f4 in Melbourne, Australia. I have been trying to get a telephoto for my A7iii since I bought the camera but everything I stumble across is too much. I think I paid $10 more than you but I think I can manage that 🙂 Thanks again.

Lenard Kroj says:

Damn, those detail shots in front of your logo are awesome! 😮 I will search for this lens on ebay, I need something for macro and 50 bucks, sounds like a good deal 🙂

Aniv Khawaunju says:

this video convinced me to buy the lens. I got one that looked almost brand new and im loving it so far. I wanted a telephoto for landscapes but didn’t have the thousands to spend on sony lenses. This is sharp across all apertures and I love that its at f4 even at 210mm. compared to my old 55-210 sony, this lens is so much better.

Mik Milman says:

Loving your videos!

Sunny So Cal says:

Funny story : i work at sony i was day dreaming at my desk when my managers comes in and slams this on the desk with an old 35mm tamron lens lmao i was like what the hell !? He replies they’re all yours i was like okay it was awkward but im finally going to use it thanks to your review you were really informative I appreciate that workmanship i think i might subscribe

Black Warrior Lures says:

I like using the 70mm macro function to shoot by fly tying videos. I understand why some people might not like it but, man, it’s versatile. There isn’t a better deal out there.

Ghost Town Sentinel says:

Thanks for a comprehensive review of this lens. I snagged one for $19 USD on eBay within 5 minutes of watching this video. The lens was certified in excellent condition by a reputable camera dealer in the American South. Your test shots show this one to be formidably close in acuity, bokeh and excellence to the later versions of the 70-200mm USM f/4 L. I see why the pooch lunged to grab the lens out of your hand at the start of the video!

Logan Gilley says:

Have you tried the 200mm f4 Takumar lens? If so what are your thoughts?

Phil Jones65 says:

Grossly inferior lens to the Minolta 70-210mm F4

Peter Davies says:

Great video review! I picked up one of these lenses in 2002 for about $15 from a Tokyo junk store. It was in great condition and I used it a lot when I was still shooting film. I now use a Sony a3000 camera and it does well on that when I remember that I still have it.

Wilson Oshidipe says:

haha! yes! yes! you peaked my curiosity with those slick b-roll. Awesome review Mark!

Nazarii Sem says:

nice footage

Brooklyn Papii says:

Are the lens and adapter in the links both compatible with the Sony a7sii?

RL FILMS says:

What is the Variable ND Filter you used for this lens?

Westcountry Yokel - Numbtie Free TV says:

Ah wow I just found one of these to in my collection. lol

BassPlayerAvailable says:

The Amazon FD to EOS link is for EOS M mirrorless, not normal EOS DSLR. Do you have a link so they can be used with say a 5D, 200D etc? Also does using an adapter adjust the focal length at all do you know?

Drew Henderson says:

wow 4.4k you are killing it.

L.E. Miller says:

I love this production going about it like its a very rare, high end, experience 😀

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