Canon EOS R review: Brilliant mount but flawed 4K

The EOS R is Canon’s long-awaited entry into the professional full-frame mirrorless market. The EOS R brings a new lens mount and a host of technical improvements that could lead to incredible images, but confounding design decisions and sub-par video modes keep the EOS R from realizing its full potential.

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Shane Marashi says:

60fps is full frame in 1080p. Irresponsible reporting

teslar1 says:

Yawn !!!
Old news and way out of date. Tony used the slowest rated card 1000x instead of 2000x and it was fragmented to slower still. MF Bar can be usefully set to many functions which don’t impact the photo if accidentally triggered. Touch and drag can be set to absolute which means you don’t have to swipe multiple times. You quickly learn to touch the relative part of the screen to instantly focus there and you can re adjust with minor movements. You are ill informed and way behind in your review. Shockingly bad for a tech channel

Allan Sh says:

I am holding on to my Fuji X-T3 until 8K video mirrorless is available.

abhi. chunks says:

Night squad looking forward

Roland Kaiser says:

The xt3 only can write on one card in video mode.

Bobo Momo says:

Is Canon still alive?

Moaaz A. says:

Sony will always be the king of mirrorless system.

WhichLens says:

Does 4K mean that much today, or is it a utube gimmick ?
Modern Full Frame 1080p is equal or better than old cropy 4K .
Think twice before u buy an Fuji APSC sensor for video… what are u doing ? U have Full Frame…
Find one & try it… don’t buy frantically, good advice.

Alex Hein says:

Photography squad where you at?

glh says:

Consider using a mono/tripod. Really.

Lomar Yearwood says:


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