Canon EOS adapter for Sony NEX E mount lenses hands-on test review. Camera for Photography.

Canon lenses for Sony e-mount cameras: what is on the market?
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I was thinking to get some sort of adapter for my Sony Nex 7 (see reviews here) to be able mount Canon EOS lenses on it, I have a huge selection of them. After research I found that there are basically two options I have: manual focus adapters (simple screw-in lens mount, no electronic connection) for $15-40, or a serios lens adapter which supports auto-focus and aperture change for over $400.

You can see the whole range of adapters on the market on Amazon: Sony e-mount EOS adapters.

After I’ve done my research, I decided to go with EzFoto Pro (of course Pro! 🙂 Canon EOS lens adapter for Sony E-mount NEX cameras. It had built-in aperture which sometime works (see the video review), and I am quite happy with it.

I did not want to spend $400 for that super cool Metabones (what a name!) Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX Smart Adapter II. In general, I am not going to use those large Canon lenses on Sony Nex 7 extensively and need the adapter for an occasional use (think about “for fun”), and also I like the idea of having something 100% manual in my hands. It brings back the feeling from those good old days when I had my firs SLR, a “Soviet Camera” Zenith TTL. It was cool 🙂

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Aleksus Nemo says:

ПИЗДЕЦ, просто кошмарный акцент

Wira Aditama says:

can you use manual focus with autofocus adapter?

Bitingdesigns says:

Klasnoe review spasibo! Ya kupil 3 adapters all without electronic aperture control for my FS 100. Odel Nikkor 18-200 f3.5-5.6, poproboval in low light, huzhe nebivaet. zavtra dnem poprobuu.

Christopher Cabjuan says:

What level of focus peaking do you use? I’v been using High since when you look into the EVF you see less of the focus peaking than when using the LCD but when it’s set to high I come out with a higher throwaway rate.

angelisone says:

Nice reviews.

Can you tell us what microphone did you used for this video?

Miguel Granadillo says:

Andrea Pirlo? 🙂

Unnamed Player says:

сэнкс фор йор реую.

Raul Becerril says:

if you use zoom, you are disgusting

Zhorell Ski says:

Do u loose f-stop using an adapter?

Lu Lu says:

great vid Alex.  i shoot mainly canon dslr too and just picked up a NEX3n.  i googled for the adapter you mentioned and also found this on amazon:  Fotasy AMEA Canon EOS Lens.  are they the same thing?  cuz it’s around $40 range.  but how are they different from those that are around $18?  do the $18 range type also have the metal blades?

Video Maker says:

русский водка балалайка медведь

MrBridgeHouse says:

Your accent makes me cry.

Video Maker says:

какие ваши доказательства

Fuse911 says:

Excellent review! I learned much from you. Not sure where you are from, but your English is excellent. Thank you. Please keep up the good work. 

Photography World says:

I’m glad to see someone so dedicated to understanding and explaining these kinds of technologies and products.  

Jeff G says:

Enjoyed the video.  I have Sony A6000, NEX 5 and Nex 5T cameras using 55-210, 16 prime, 16-46 zoom.  I also use a 55 mm prime Minolta with NEX adapter.  I need a zoom lens which is stronger than the 55-210 aforementioned as it is not bringing me close enough when shooting sporting events.  I’m think 300 or 400 mm is the best.  I wanted to see if you can recommend a lens and adapter.  Thank you kindly.

Максим макаридин says:

Спасибо ! Долго думал по поводу адаптера теперь все сомнения развеяны 🙂

قيمز طلال 511 says:

good cam

Fuse911 says:

Sorry, I commented too soon. I hadn’t watched the whole video. I really appreciate your video presentation at the end. Excellent!. I’m considering buying an Nex 5 and I am researching using alternative lenses. Aside from the point of this, the audio is excellent. I am primarily a photographer, but I’m interested in video as well. Quite impressive, the audio. Thanks, Alex.

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