Canon EF-M 32mm f/1.4 STM lens review with samples

The latest Canon EF-M lens: the first in a long time, and the first with such a wide maximum aperture. Exciting! Let’s see how it performs.

Remember, as an EF-M lens, this lens will NOT work with digital SLR cameras.

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All pictures and footage shot by me on a Canon EOS M3 camera.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
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Diego Rivera says:

Second. My life is over. Bye.

Rajmund Schönberger says:

great review (again)!
How is it compared to the 22/2 ? Is it worth upgrading, or getting this one too? Also, what about a sigma 30/1,4 or the canon ef 35/2IS with an adapter? They are bigger and heavier, but in the same price range, and they are not that big, to ruin the eos m’s compact handling – i guess. It would be interesting to see a roundup comparison or a list about 35mm aps-c/mirrorless fast primes.

Reuben Halsey says:

Great review. Thanks.

Encore 4K says:

Canon still charge a lot for thier lenses!?

Sentieri Musicali - Mountain Photography says:

Very well done review as usual!
Canon and the same old story… nice lens no IS. They give us something but the they don’t give us what we really would like. It’s ok.

sandy sousa says:

thank you!! im thinking about buying this lens but i have been searching for a good video to watch before i make up my mind.

Nigel Chase says:

I look forward to your reviews, I’m looking for a telephoto lens but can’t decide help me please, I like the canon 70-300 is ii nano, I have a55-250stm, would I make sense to purchase 70-300 give me a recommendation please thanks.

Miguel Gallegos says:

Can you use vintage lenses on this camera?

Photoandcargeek says:

I am going to wait for my Viltrox EF-EOS M2 focal reducer/speedbooster to see how my 50 f1.4 does as a 56.5mm f1! Canon seems to be willing to invest more time and effort on the M cameras with their M50 which is a great little package at least for stills shooter and their patent for their own focal reducer. Canon apparently also has a patent for a soft focus EF to R adapter which is great because EF lenses are not optimised for mirrorless and their constant hunting/micro-adjusting is irritating! I hope they will also make a soft focus adapter for the M system.
I can’t wait to see the impact on the image quality of the focal reducer with my 50mm 1.4 and 24-70 2.8 L lenses … might also through the 85mm 1.8, my 20mm 2.8 (although I own the 22mm EF-M) and my Tokina 17mm f3.5. At £119 on Amazon this Viltrox is a no brainer I think.

grat2010 says:

Thanks for the review. With such limited EF-M glass, glad this gets a thumbs up from you.

Peter Cruz says:

It’s too expensive for me. I’m planning on getting an m50 and I would love this, but you can get the adapter and a 50mm 1.8 for less than half the price.

The Metal Butcher says:

This is the nifty fifty Canon needs. The actual 50mm F1.8 which I bought long ago due to the overwhelming amount of suggestions was a very poor choice. It’s too long for a lot of shots, full of optical problems wide open on aps-c, and once you stop it down enough it’s not that bright. This looks like a perfect 50mm F2 equivalent. Well done Canon.

sr21 says:

Great video, as for the lens around £500 price tag just doesn’t appeal to me. £500 could be spent better in my opinion.

Pieter de Wit says:

Ah, I’m impressed ! Thanks you so much for this review ! I thought it was way to expensive to just get and see what would happen, but I think I’ll actually consider spending the money 😀

GoodTravel says:

Great channel.

Shamil Chachba says:

Thank you so much for this review!

Strawberry Kiys says:

I wonder how much you would need to back up for the perspective distortion to disappear when shooting people. My guess is that if you have the head + torso in frame, you are already far enough for the distortion to disappear.

Gerard Ferry says:

less than 400 at eglobal if you hang around for the monthly 5 per cent off

Gino Foto says:

Very nice lens, EF-M definitely alive! 5*

Mr Hist says:

I wish there was a lens like this for Nikon dslr’s 😛

Nick Kentros says:

Been waiting for this one! Thanks!

Matthew Harry says:

Nice review. Just a shame canon hasn’t yet made anything like this for its aps-c dslrs.

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