Canon EF 85mm f/1.4 IS USM ‘L’ lens review with samples (Full-frame & APS-C)

Here we go with Canon’s latest 85mm lens – this time featuring image stabilization. Can its image quality keep up with the latest competitors, though?

All pictures taken by me on Canon 6D, EOS M3, and Sony a7R II cameras.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
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Learning guitar says:

why dont you add amazon or other shop affiliate links to buy those lenses? You would make some extra €€, and its fine by us all.

lazerman121 says:

Do you have plans to review Samyang’s latest 2 XP lenses? also looks like 2 Sony lenses are coming according to their teaser.

thomas tilk says:

Time to sit back and relax

airjaff says:

Canon fails again

Rodrigo P.C. says:

Awesome lens, and great review. Greetings from Brazil.

Jason Under The Sun says:

If you are staying with the EF mount, save your money and buy Sigma.

zzz zzz says:

That’s is a piece of glass that fell from heaven, in low pixel values also performs great, adapters are accessories to blame lol!
Nice review

Alexander Kouris says:

Chris I’m sure you’re excited for the 7 new XP Samyang lenses that are going to be released. The 10mm f/3.5 XP was announced a few days ago.

Ahmed Recon says:

WOW! canon did great Job with this awesome Lens!

Dee Yammy says:

WOW! You mean the stabilization Sony had for the last 2 years in their even cheap cameras… Got it.

Michal Slotwinski says:


Manh nguyen duc says:

Holy molly, Canon finally made a wide-aperture L lens with IS! Weird thing L lenses perform better on FF than APS-C bodies though.

Pritam Bagade says:

nice review but you missed out on showing IS performance of this lens as you usually show for other lenses in your videos

Its_Ezlan says:

Christopher, I’ve used this lens and the Sigma 85/1.4 Art on the Canon 5Ds and I have to admit that The sigma is that slightly Sharper, although I only Ever really stop down to a maximum of 3.5 as its my Main Portrait lens in the Studio

I sold the sigma for the canon
and now sold the Canon and Got the Sigma back

thank you for all the Videos you Produce, You are an indispensable Reviewer anI i always suggest & link your videos when people ask me about Camera equipment!

All the best!

Jaden Alexander says:

Been shooting with this lens since it came out and color and overall image quality that it gives is unlike anything I’ve seen. An incredible lens and worth the price.

Rizky Pratama says:

Thank you Christ, I’ve been waiting this review for quite a while.

I think I will switch to this from the Sigma Art soon. I’ve impractical experience with that ‘amazing’ lens.

Ashley Nadin says:

using in a sony is not a fair test

Soyon Barman says:


Durst says:

Thanks again for an honest review! Good work.
If you could rent a few 85mm lenses and do a comparison I think we’d all like one.

jagerardi says:

I think it a little unfair to blame a Canon lens for purple fringing when you’re using a Sony Camera with an adapter. Who’s to say it’s not the Sony and adapter causing the issue? It should be tested on a 5DS or DS-R for high MP tests, and then if still having fringing issues, so be it. I’ll even accede the sharpness to the Art lens, but I can’t agree with an adapted camera when doing a critical test.


Lucas Tan says:

i’ve never clicked on a video so fast

Noealz Photo says:

I have plenty of old “forgotten” lenses which are actual still pretty amazing : ) makes me want to go and make some videos about them too

Aldrin Detablan says:


Learning guitar says:

impressive results

Diego Rivera says:

First !!! Dammit!!

Gino Foto says:

Good, bud overpriced lens, 1559€… 🙁

Jake Gao says:

every other maker have ibis besides canon, they 1 lens that have stabilization lmfao, that is just sad

DSLR Rookie says:

Haven’t had a chance to see this yet – but so glad you’ve done this Chris. This one’s on my bucket list, I reckon.

Alexander Michels says:

2:45 you said “f8” but in the bottom left corner it says f4

sergtrav says:

Portrait lens like this doesn’t need the extra sharpness.

A.A. says:

Sharpness isn’t everything; none of your clients will notice. Atleast this thing nails down focus every time. Sigma’s focus inconsistency made me get rid of the art glass. The canon sure is A LOT faster aswell + IS.. much more practical.

Joaquim Gonsalves says:

Can’t wait for you to get an EOS RP or a used EOS R. Really want to see your results with the RF lenses. As a side note, I think the slightly lesser sharpness in this lens is why the new RF 85s do not come with IS.
From nitpicking on your video..I haven’t used this lens personally and I may find it plenty sharp for my use.

Dillon Frey says:

The Auto Focusing System on IS USM Lenses is Bar None Super Quick.

Random PhotoEnthusiast says:

after the new samyang 85 1.4 AF for canon you can do an 85 showdown!!!

Branko Mitić says:

This review cannot be further from the real-world usage of the lens. Nobody cares in real life about vignetting or sharpness in the corners. If you shot people you WANT dark fuzzy corners. Often you have to shoot with a distorted lens to make them less fat. Women are now used to 28mm from the iPhone they are not comfortable with pictures made with 85mm or 135mm lens.

In real life you will have 2-3x times more sharp pictures with Canon, then Sigma. Because you will get much, much more successful pictures thanks to the IS, better and faster autofocus. That is what counts on this lens and in real life. Not corner at f8.

Handheld video on both full frame and crop are a huge advantage of this lens and only this lens when it comes to short telephoto and large aperture.

You cannot ignore focus precision, mention speed in one sentence and bokeh in just a few of them. You have to change your methodology. People that watch your videos would think sharpness is the most important thing on the lens. And that is not the case.

Jules Correia Longboard says:

I’ve been waiting for tous video for a while, thanks !

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