Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM lens review with samples (Full-frame and APS-C)

Here we have a Canon lens that used to be a nice ultrawide angle option for film cameras, but now we’re in the digital age it isn’t particularly popular anymore. But that’s not to say it can’t be any good! Let’s take a look and see.

All pictures taken by me on Canon 6D and EOS M3 cameras.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
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karan chaudhary says:

Hi chris! Please review canon 85mm f1.4 IS next?

Achilleas Labrou says:

Canon has quite many lenses over 15 years old that are on sale. That is not very nice because the average shopper doesn’t know how old these lenses are.

Nam Đỗ says:

please review canon 135mm f2.8 soft focus

Phil Blackford says:

Once again, a great review, thanks Chris. I own this lens, and am prepared to live with its foibles. The one advantage this lens has over others at the same focal length is its size and weight. So it’s great for taking on hikes for landscapes. A very small niche! I realise that there are smaller/lighter options in the mirrorless/MFT world, but I’m not prepared to invest in a whole new system. Stopped down a little, sharpness is acceptable, in my books.

Vangelis Matos Medina says:

Finally. 😀

刘曦元 says:

Hi, Can you do a review for sigma 16mm F1.4, the one just released, please? Love your review

juhva says:

6:20 So you cannot shoot fireworks with this lens?

yakuto says:

Please do yongnou 85mm and 100mm

cardiacade says:

Love to see you do a review of the Sigma 500mm f/4 Sport, Chris.

James Hadley says:

I have a Tokina 19-35 f3.5 that i use on my A7 (adapted obviously) and the image quality seems far higher than this much more expensive lens. It’s really very sharp when you stop down to f5.6, it also only costs around £70 on ebay nowadays. Admittedly it’s not as fast and doesn’t autofocus on my A7, but i use it mostly for shooting landscapes so it’s not a big deal.

Mike Drifner says:

Third 🙂

Navarro Tan says:


Marcos Berumen says:

When are you going to review Sigma 14mm f/1.8 Art lens? :^((

Jacob Noori says:

Thanks, Chris!

shaikh HM says:


Diego Scheid says:

Have you ever tried the voigtlander 20mm 3.5 pancake or the canon 20-35mm 3.5-4.5? I would love to hear your take on those lenses, as I’m looking for a lightweight yet optically acceptable 20mm alternative on FF.

Hornwiesel says:

I love your channel 🙂

Mohammad Khan says:

Finally….. A lens review for canon DSLR…..highly appreciate…. Thanks

Brian Reubelt says:

So weird, I just picked one of these up and had it repaired. I would agree with your review.

canturgan says:

I use one for interiors, it’s fine.

silverleapers says:

The “Bob Ross” of lens review. Consider supporting him on Patreon, I do.

Daniel Ax says:

Speaking of 20mm lenses: I would love a review of the Samyang 20mm f/1.8!
It’s meant to be really sharp, but there are not many reviews of the lens. Kind of surprising, as it would probably be a great budget astro lens.

Fahad Murtaza says:

The construction is almost exactly like the 50mm macro lens from Canon.

German Laurie says:

Nice review as always :). Would like to see this on an APSC dslr without the adaptor if possible. I’ve found most FF lenses I’ve used on apsc without adaptor work fine with adaptor are often suffering on the corners. My experience is the adaptor is a bigger problem than the sensor size.

Foto4Max says:

Please do a review of the sony fe 85mm 1.8. it’s a fantastic bargain

dario harari says:

Please do the yongnuo 100mm f2!

Fahad Murtaza says:

third 🙂

Sliwka36 says:

It’s shame that we need to use adapter to our Canon mirroless cameras, that I believe is a big loss in quality of the picture. Hope Canon will serve few prime lenses on M series cameras…

Adrian Gray says:

That tamron 18-400 takes a really long time 😀 there are so many reviews on youtube already, but none of them are that professional. Tell them you’re Christopher Frost from youtube 😀 maybe they’ll let you get it faster.

MrRapala91 says:


Andrew Montague says:

A brave choice of review! As a beginner APS-C owner this is certainly not for me but I always find your reviews interesting and quite relaxing. ☺️

protoman1214 says:

I got this lens for a great price. Bought off a man selling his fathers collection along with a canon 10d, 24-85mm usm and this 20mm usm with the canon intervalometer remote control for 250 us dollars.

I do remember reading somewhere that there was something special in this lens that makes it perform poorly on aps-c sensors. Like you said in the review… it was meant for full frame.

killer ninja says:

why turn off CA and vignetting correction? it would be better to see the lens at its original performance. I also seem to notice that camera corrections settings are quite inconsistent across most of your tests?

Ultrarmx says:

Finally made the jump to FF and the best decision I made. Most FF EF lenses are not made for crop sensor. This is one great example. Ty for your reviews. As always very informative. Will you be doing a review on the new 85mm 1.4L?

Michael Abraham says:

I enjoyed the review. I had this lens many years ago with my original Canon 5D. At this time with that camera it served me well. At that time the options weren’t that great but it is interesting to see how it compares to lenses today.
Like the 50mm 1.4 this is a lens that definitely deserves update – at least in my mind.

Garry Dyer says:

Thanks Christopher , i have been looking forward to a review of this lens for a long time just to see what you think . I own one and like it but like you say it is a bit pricey for an old timer . many thanks

Doggy Ozawwa says:

Chriss can you review canon ef 70-200mm f/2.8 l is ii usm pleasee

justin holding says:

Howdy Christopher, do you shoot jpeg in your videos?

Garnett Leary says:

I’ve got the older version and love it for landscape.

Paul Kretz says:

*Chris* , what would you say about using it for APS-C *vlogging* ? Nice size, fast aperture, wide angle… And USM must be fine for face-tracking with modern cameras. E.g., would it decently compare to the pancakes of the same aperture?

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