Canon 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens review and comparison – the newest kit lens!

Canon have (once again) updated their kit lens for APS-C digital SLR cameras. Immediately you can see a difference in size and maximum aperture – are there any other differences?

All pictures taken by me on a Canon EOS M3 camera (footage of the lens is taken with a Sony a6300)

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
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Abdullah Khan says:

i burst out laughing at that aside

Swaroop Bhonde says:

Thank you soooooo much for the beautiful review and comparison, Chris!

xn67 says:

Video Idea. Maybe you could do a video for best hiking/walking around zoom lens? Took my 24-70 f2.8L MKII and 5DMK3 for a 12km walk… forget that. What’s the best quality zoom lens you’ve found that weighs the least? I also have a 80D.

Cleffa168 says:

If I already have the Sigma 18-35/1.8, should I get this lens along as a kit? Thanks for reviewing these budget lenses!

Zaber Ansary says:

Please review the Canon 70-300 is II usm and Tamron 18-400 when it comes out

JonasTheKing says:

Could you maybe do a comparison between the Sigma 70-200 2.8 OS and the Canon 70-200 2.8L IS II?

Seth Cooley says:

Haha loved the fan shoutout

jasvirdhiman81 says:


Rage Studios says:

when are you gonna switch to Sony like the rest of the world?

Justus Govaert says:

do not buy the new version! the old version can focus closer and is probably cheaper. also they are both small


I’d choose the newer kit lens in every comparison shot but I have the older one, which isn’t a good thing. 50mm 1.8 was a better choice for my merger needs. I’m adding a 24mm 2.8. I don’t think my kit lens will see the light of day however having IS is desirable.

Lord Toranaga says:

thank you for all your good work.

masterxyr says:

Hi Chris or anyone who can answer. Are the pictures from your tests- for sharpening barrel distortion etc- jpgs, raws, and do you do any processing?

GreaterLeo - says:

i have a old 18-55 lens from my moms old camera that can not film should i get a 750d with a kit lens or get the 70d (only body) and take my moms kit lens?

Juan Pablo Ayala (Filmmaker) says:

You have a beautiful sense of humor 😀

redtails says:

In my opinion, if Canon supplied the 50mm or 35mm f/1.8 as their kit lens (which was the case in most film cameras of the past), there likely would be very little interest in this lens as it’s a do-everything-mediocre lens. Also, I think beginning photographers would feel a lot more rewarded by the photos, as I find that pictures shot with the 18-55 lens just end up looking like cellphone photos where pretty much everything is in focus and there’s no subject isolation at all

Marc P. says:

Hi Chris,

i appreciate the 1:1 comparsion from the older and current 18-55 STM, thanks for doing this video. I’d get this new STM for my oldie, but goldie 30D or 40D.

But: don’t bash the 16-50 PZ Sony, it’s 1st (look into the dpreview forum for 1:1 comparsion pictures) better or -equal to the “Sony Zeiss” 16-70/F4, and also it was being designed long ago, for max. 16 MP (Sony NEX-6, for instance) and not for 20, or current 24 MP APS-C Sony Cameras, therefore, a Mk. II Version is badly needed.

I’ve shot many pictures with the PZ 16-50, it’s *NOT* that bad as Reviews say (some), and it does also feature some kind of 3D Pop. I’ve made some nice shots with that little Zoom Lens. The Canon 18-55 STM is no comparsion, because it doesn’t have 24mm FF-equivalent Wideangle, Canon APS-C is x1.6 Cropfactor, so 18mm are 29mm, not really Wideangle, and far from true 24mm. So much about this.

Made with the Sony 16-50 PZ & NEX-6:

Keep up the good work! 🙂


Lucifer Morningstar says:

Hey Christopher, are you going to review the new sigma lenses?

John jon says:

I see someone’s mantel is dusty so they may be cheap lenses but they work….. 😉

Jaime Almeida says:

This lens is Canon saying we should spend more money on buying fast lenses…

Jim Mauch says:

I’ll be happier with my Sigma 17×50, f/2.8. Even though an older lens the Sigma does costs a little more but it’s still worth it. Thanks for pointing out that lens to me.

aoe441 says:

Chris, I have a question.. Which another channels that you know, talk about lenses and reviews as you do? But oriented on Nikon. I love your videos and your accent, grettings from México.

acalthu says:

This new lens has made the older lens much cheaper.

Julien Vollweiter says:

I love your videos and the fact that you’re using your Canon M3 from time to time. I bought this camera as my first “decent” one and can’t decide wether to keep it or go for a 750D. The form factor and everything is nice, but it sucks that i need an adapter for EF-S lenses and the “missing” viewfinder bothers me. How come you use it even though you have way nicer cameras?
Anyways, thanks for all the videos, they’re great! Especially the intro is so nice and calm 😀

fun33osun says:

Kfir MVP !!!

Beasti Boy says:

the corners of the new stm are so bad compared to my old canon 18-55 is II

496nicola says:

ciao, 24mm è F4 o F4,5 ?

Angel Avila says:

Kfir really dropped the ball on this one.

meDawdles says:

Best reviews! Thanks.

BPLOL says:

Sonic FTW

4x4forlyfe says:

Chris, I value your reviews more than anyone else. You do such a fantastic job and answer every question I ever have. Please keep up your channel and never stop. Thanks again!

Azizi A says:

Hi Christ, love all your video, calm & clear voice unlike others who screaming or mumbling… Keep on the good work… cheers

Paul Stevenson says:

Muzak – far too distracting.

I’m out!

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