Best Lenses for Canon Mirrorless Cameras (Canon M Lenses)

What are the best lenses for Canon M series cameras? This video reviews 5 of the best Canon EF-M lenses and accessories! ***** Watch other videos in our budget YouTube equipment series here:

**** Show Notes, Video Gear List and Resources ****

1. Canon EF-M 15-45mm (Silver)

2. Canon EF-M 22mm f2

3. Canon EF-M 11-22mm

4. Canon EOS M Mount Adapter (Used on Amazon for around $100)

*Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Auto Adapter (I have not tested this — but it has good reviews)

5. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens (This lens requires an adapter to work on Canon M Series cameras)

6. ProMaster 52mm Digital HGX Variable ND Filter (This is the higher quality version — the have a version that is around $40 also)

* 49-52MM Step-Up Ring

* 43mm-52mm Fotodiox Metal Step Up Ring Filter

VIDEO — Why You Need ND Filters for Shooting Video (ND Filters Explained)

7. Rokinon 12mm F2.0 (Manuel Focus Lens)

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**** About This Video ****
In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media reviews the best canon m series lenses. These canon ef m lenses will work on the Canon M100, M6 and new Canon M50. If you are looking for canon m lenses, check out this video. The best lens for canon mirrorless are hard to find, because they have not made many lenses yet, but in this video Sean covers the best canon m lenses for 2018. Click play to watch the best canon ef-m lens video. Specifically you learn about the best lenses for canon m50, the best lenses for canon m6, the best lenses for canon m5, the best lenses for canon m3, and the best canon ef m lenses overall. Check it out!

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apislapis says:

Of course, the other benefit of putting a filter on the front of your lens is it offers some protection against damaging the lens. Lenses may be expensive, filters not so.

Ginger Chung says:

I just bought the Canon SL2. Looking for an extra lens.

Humberto Nuñez says:

Love your videos! I think I’m gonna finally get the m50.

tlc says:

Hi, is Canon EF-M 22mm f2 good for shooting milkyway?

Roger Underhill says:

I chose the 18-150 kit lens and added the 11-22 to cover all bases on the M6. Then I got the adapter to give faster options.

NYN2K says:

The Canon eos r is out & rp is coming soon what alternative lens are there besides canon lens for the rf mount? Thanks.

renz caballero says:

Hello i recently purchase a canon m50 im wondering which is better or value for the money. The efm 22mm or the new 32 mm 1.4? I mostly do portrait photograpy or street photography.

Jenya Lab says:

My favourite is ef 40mm, f2.8 through the adapter.
I had 22 mm, but I sold it. 40 is much better for portraits.
And for street, nature fotography better to use 15-45, so 22 is useless.
Also I bought an adapter to my Minolta Rokkor 100 2.5.
Today had a test a I was really appreciate that this camera is showing my in different colours where the focus is.
It is cerry cool.

Chari Wilder says:

Really appreciate your vid. I’m a beginner vlogger and am using my iPhone and want to move up a notch. Been thinking of getting an M50.

Tyler 2K says:

What’s the best for unboxing videos?? With the camera on a tripod?

Serg Lu says:

Based on the adapter description it doesn’t alter focal length of the lens when you put regular EF lens to ef-m mount. Please, correct me if I’m wrong?

tej namburu says:

Hi ur videos very helpful, i have a situation i bought canon m50 with 15-45 mm kit lens and planning to order some extra lens ( 50mm 1.8f ,22mm 2f & 11-22mm f/4-5.6 is stm ), and same time i need to buy an adapter for 50mm 1.8f instead of buying just eos m adapter is it good buy viltrox speed booster (0.71*focal reducer) or do i have to buy both and second point which lens i should i buy 50mm and 22mm any one of them or both. third point how about 11 -22 mm lens is it necessary to buy coz main intention for this camera for recording my cooking videos, good photography and frequent traveler. i really dont have much knowledge on lens & cameras previously i used my iphone of all needs. Thanks in Advance and suggest and guide me with my request above

Petrolhead says:

I am torn between the M5 and M50. To me the M5 looks much better quality and I like the extra dials on the top. Should I stick with getting the M5 or go with the m50 and if so why

Ali Mellado says:

I got the Canon M50, do you know which lens is best for this camera to do landscape photography?

alex19 says:

Best lens for sit down videos? For example a beauty/makeup channel. What lens would you recommend?
Camera canon m50

HatethisplaceX says:

Hey, I have an Canon eosm100. I have a 55-200 lens and a 15-45 lens. But my trouble is with the small lens I can’t zoom in as far as I want as for photographing birds as an example. And with the big lens I can’t make photos of things close to me so I’m constantly switching lenses, what is a better option as a lens to use? Thanks a bunch for the video I find lenses very complicated because there is so much out there

Andrew Felsher says:

Are there any power zoom lenses avail?

Weegee Marzo says:

Is it worth to use 85mm fullframe lens on a Canon M10 for filmaking?.. big thanks

Clix Digital says:

which lance best for wedding video shoot with m50 camera.

SpecTechular Gadgets says:

This was a very detailed video!! Thank you so much for the information. I finally upgraded from using my iPhone to record video. You’re awesome!

its3quiet says:

Does anyone know if they make an 18-135mm lens for the M6?

phlp .trashcamera says:

the robinson lens has actually a AF version which costs about 200 bucks more

XRJ Romo says:

zup Sean! I’m a fitness vlogger, im using m50,, i shoot vlogs and workout edits, what lens should i use? is sigma 18-35 suits m50 for vlogging and workout edit? thankyou!

Sylvester Starford Sy says:

what is better Canon EF-M 22mm? or get a Canon EF-EOS M Mount Adapter and get a 50mm f1.8?

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