Best (Fast) 50mm APSC-Lens for Sony Mirrorless? – Kamlan 50mm F1.1 APS-C Review on Sony a6000 & a9

I test the Sony E-Mount, Kamlan 50mm f1.1 APS-C. I do an initial review. Check this link to find it online:

Is it the best fast 50mm lens for Sony E-Mount? The bokeh also produced from the lens is something you’ll have to decide..

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About Video:
That1cameraguy presents in this video a sony mirrorless lens, that from Kamlan, that is a fast 50mm f1.1 lens. This is a sony a6000 lenses, but it can be a little soft as shown in the video.


Vincent Tai says:

Meike 12mm Vs samyang 12mm ?

Jahmal H says:

I was using this lens last night when I was doing some street photography and the shots came out pretty darn good. It might take you awhile to find the sweet spots in certain lighting conditions but when you do, you can definitely get some nice shots ! I personally would recommend!

Gener Al Padre says:

Natawa ako sa malunggay! Hahaha

Rattikorn Taesomboon says:


Kai Liu says:

I think can definately work as a full frame lens in video mode with 1.2x clear image zoom.

J an says:

Watching Christopher Frost lately eh? 😀

pierre pouget says:

you’re right in only 1 point:yes,this is a novelty lens! and i’m going to tell you for what and whom: this is a clickless aperture ring,center sharp/edges blurry,full blurry background at 1.1,kind of LENSBABY lens for US hipsters video FILM makers,and we luv’ it,specially at this price …now you know;

Jackson Dasilva says:

I was looking at the Kamlan lens yesterday. I seemed like a good lens, especially when I saw the guy use it for underwater photos due to it’s f/1.1 aperture. But, as they say, “wanting is not the same as reality”. I’ll pass on this one…I’m happy with my Sony 50mm FE f/1.8 on my a6000. My next lens will be the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN. Then the 12mm Rokinon and finally the Sony 18-250mm. Thanks for your videos!

Duncan Dimanche says:

I just got mine a week ago ! love it !

It’s a bit stiff in certain areas on the focusing ring though.. yours too ?

Ps you were at ISO 25600…. no wonder why you had to bump the shutter so high 😉

Ps I live in Paris if you need a place to crash hit me up

Ayoola Boyejo says:

Thanks for the good review.
I don’t think this kind of lens is meant for stills, it is built for video work with the de-clicked aperture. Having the flexibility of going as wide as F1.1 will really be good when shooting a short film, it’s not always all about the sharpness. I have a Konica Minolta 50mm F1.7 MD lens that I got for $37 off KEH and I find it really useful for video where you can shift focus and produce that pleasant blurry background. It’s not always about the sharpness.

Sagan Android says:

This a fast lens. Showing us daylight samples doesn’t address why people often consider a fast lens.
Maybe show us some night photos if you want a useful review of a F1.1 lens. Maybe lock an A6000 at ISO 1000 and see how long it takes to get a decent image at f1.1., 1.2, 1.4, and so on. A human subject is also super useful if you want a useful review.

Styrofoam cups have porous surface so the ink edges are rarely sharp. White cup on a sunny day with faded ink is not going to tell us much about this lens. You need a sharp contrasty object, and a human model as a point of comparison for sharpness (e.g., soft skin is good; will the eyes be sharp enough between f1.1 and f2?).

You jump from rating sharpness at f1.1 to f2. You don’t report anything inbetween like 1.2, 1.4, 1.7, 1.8. Why is this?

I would like to see technically solid comparisons of the Kamlan vs Meike at f2 (not to mention other fast lenses you have). Subjective isn’t useful. How does it compare to the popular Minolta 50mm f1.7?

A budget conscious user would want to see how this works on an A6000 not an A9.

4:44 onward You show photos but omit ISO and F stop info. Please to fix (yes, I know it was 1.1 but not everyone will). The gap you find at the mount is an issue. Does it mate better on the A9?

2:40 you never spell out why you used the A9. This lens is not going to be used in the daytime by most users. So why test a fast lens in harsh light and then switch to a faster exposure? Just wait until night.

Sen Madrona says:

how much did it cost you? does it include shipping fee?

Matthew Huizing says:

I’ll recommend the $50 Fotasy 50mm F1.8 (5018E). It is better than my Sony DT 50mm F1.8 and Minolta AF 50mm F1.4, and those are better than the Rokkors.

pinkeye00 says:

How lame is this …. posts a title that says “Review” … yet says it’s subjective to YOU, and doesn’t provide any comparison data … and does a real crap job of real world results. This should be a click-bait fail video.

Flo Dahm says:

check out the Samyang 50mm f/1.2 AS UMC CS – probably the best manual focus 50 on the market (under 1k) with great optics, butter smooth focus and, nearly no CA and tack sharp! Stopped down to f/2.8 it actually beats my EF 100 2.8 L IS USM macro

Howie Mudge Photography says:

I think for the price this is a no brainer if you don’t mind manual focus. Where else are you going to get a F/1.1 for this price?

Jared Skarda says:

Based on this video it seems the extra hundred I paid for the Sony 50mm 1.8 was well worth it and not just for the AF features, but image quality as well. I really have little use to shoot at 1.1

Μάνος Πετράκης says:

Please test a6000 with fe 28mm f2

Kindersama says:

What about the Samyang 50/1.2? (I know it’s more expensive…)

Simon Leung says:

Think I will stick with Christopher Frost for lens reviews. I understand you’re doing your thang, but I didn’t get much out of your reviewing style. Sampling 10mp from crop mode is very misleading when all a6xxx series have 24mp sensors.
In case anyone is even considering this lens for its speed, save your moner for a focal reducer. I use the MB Ultra with Sigma 50mm Art to great effect, but there are much cheaper combinations out there.

pinkeye00 says:

Ahhhh ok …. your a tech-whore. You don’t do reviews, you do bullet point spec sheet reading. Ok ….. I get you now.

Elvin Beybutov says:

Hi, whether this lens will approach for canon 7d?

omardd72 says:

Hey brother Question did doing any sharpening post work help any?

Don Dan says:

Please change the title, people get older lenses that are decent

Jireh Tay says:

I have a question. I am currently filming with my a6000. However, my 1080p wouldnt seem as sharp as some other 1080p ive seen on youtube. Is filming in 4k and downscaling to 1080p what helped the clarity? correct me if i am wrong, but I thought it doesn’t make any difference if 4k is donwscaled in 1080p and watched on a display that doesn;t hv 4k capabilites. Is that is the case, is it my export problem? I film in AVCHD on my a6000 and transcode it with clipwrap to PRORES HQ, and edit it in FCPX. Are there anything which I am missing? I would love a reply and guidance! Thank you!

theizza68 says:

You couldn’t wait till it was dark outside?

pinkeye00 says:

Why are you doing a video about on a bokeh / blur lens @1.1 and all you fucking talking about is sharpness??? Jesus….

Tunca Badas says:

I bought the lens for 125$. For that price lens is amazing. I have A7RII. With Crop option it still has 25-30mpix and really for that money it is a good lens. I have 25mm Batis which i use always on street photography and now this Kamlan is 75mm and really good for my portraits which i dont shot all the time and really l dont understand why people loves this 50mm. My favorite lens is 35mm because really it is good for all. Regarding this Kamlan 1.1 it is small, light weight and good looking on A7Rii and for 10-20 shots in a day it is a good lens for 125$. I am 100% sure it is much better on 6300 or 6500 crop sensor. Built quality is really amazing. Lens is OK for that money. Btw video and review sucks.

NicSasha says:

bokAh, my ears are bleading :(((((((((

Stefan Kamer says:

I’m really not liking the recent misleading and click-baity titles you’ve been putting on your videos man. In general you’ve got great content, but when I’m being selective of what videos I want to watch in the limited time I have, the last thing I want is to get a video that ends up completely different from the title.

In this case, the misleading bit is the concept of saying “Best (Fast) ….. Lens?”, But then proceeding to basically say you weren’t a fan. Especially when no one says this is the best lens in that category. I know you posed that title as a question, but that does not excuse it. Fact is, a question like that is only valid if a product is actually capable of being recognized as such.

You don’t need a misleading title to get me to watch your videos. But using misleading titles is making me want to unsubscribe. Your choice on how you want to run your own YouTube channel, but personally, I don’t think being dishonest is the right way to go.

Don’t ride the YouTube trend of using misleading titles just because the statistics support it. Of course the numbers would support it. Doesn’t mean it’s a good statistic to follow.

Anyway, I don’t expect you to read this or even give a shit about what I say because literally every single person who has said this to you before, you simply dodged the comment and only answered the other parts of their comment, or used copouts such as “trying something different.”

Shiznutsz says:

The 50mm f/1.1 I’m not really that interested in. The 55mm f/1.2 however is a proven concept formula, like the Tomioka versions are stick rocking good ca$h on the 2nd hand market. There’s also a 85mm which must be sweet for portraits as well.

Dave Melges says:

I’m not trying to be mean, but c’mon….why compare sharpness if you’re not going to tripod the camera and do it right?

This is an f1.1 lens. People buy it for two things, low light and bokeh. We need to know if it’s sharp at 1.1…….NO OTHER F STOP REALLY MATTERS, because anyone with any common sense is going to buy a different lens if they have to shoot this lens at f2. Compare this lens at f1.1 to the Sony 50f1.8 for sharpness…..and if you have to, use the Meike too, but do it right, with a tripod and a timer.

And honestly, a9 shooters won’t be buying this lens. So test it on the right camera, the a6000. If it’s bright outside, wait until it’s NOT bright outside.

I appreciate the effort, but if you’re going to do this kind of thing, why not step up and do it right?

And for the love of gawd, write down your conclusion and read it. You rambled goofily for 2 minutes saying Meike like 16 times.

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