Best Canon Lens to Sony Adapters

The best adapters for using Canon lenses on a Sony Camera. Canon to Sony adapter. You can put your Canon EF lens mount lenses on any Sony camera body with an E Mount using one of these lens adapters. We take a look at the best Canon lens to Sony adapters and I explain the pros and cons of each adapter. Many videographers have made the switch from Canon to Sony and don’t want to buy all new glass. Buying a cheap adapter instead is the best way to keep using you old lenses.

These lens adapters work on many Sony camera bodies likes the Sony a7s, a7sii, a7r series, a6500, a6300, a6000, a7, etc.
Get the adapters for yourself and try them out!

Fotasy Canon EOS EF Lens to Sony E-Mount NEX Camera

Commlite Auto-Focus Mount Adapter EF-NEX for Canon EF to Sony NEX Mount

Vizelex ND Throttle Lens Mount Adapter

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Gear I use for my videos:

Sony a7s
Sony a6500
DJI Phantom 3 Pro

Rokinon 14mm
Rokinon 50mm
Sony 35mm
Tamron 24-70
Tamron 70-200

Rode Videomic Pro
Rodelink Wireless Lavs
Rode NT1A

Neewer Portable LED
Neewer 660 LED Light Panels

Camera Stabilization:
Zhiyun Crane V2
Manfrotto Monopod
Manfrotto Tripod
iFootage Shark Slider

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Ricky Maningas says:

Hi nice review just starting out bought a used sony a7 with not a lot of budget I was wondering if the commlite adapter will work with the yongnou lenses thanks subscribe

sanafer mufakir says:

You forget the SIGMA MC-11 Adapter this is the best

Ata Lipsos says:

Thanks! Great video! I just preordered a Sony A7iii. Actually I´m still using the Canon 80d with EF-S (APC) lenses, I have one EF (Fullformat) too. Which adapter should I buy? ( I don´t know yet, which native lens I should buy for the Sony and first I want to make some test with the existing lenses. Any suggestions?)

Andrew Denis says:

Great recommendations.
One thing though, it really depends on which SONY camera. The inability to get great AF and fast, stabilized shooting with adapted glass is no longer an issue with the latest hardware and firmware in the A7 III and the A7R III. They work as well as the native do in terms of AF and stabilization. In fact, some have found better performance and resolution with the Canon lenses (e.g. the 85 1.2 L2, the 200mm 2.0 L2 and the 300mm 2.8 L2 are ones I know for sure, and I hear others have found this as well with other lenses). So, canon glass can now work as well, and sometimes provide better than the native performance in terms of focus and related aspects.
However, it does take the right adapter, of which I only have experience with the EF to E Metabones (the mark 5). I have heard others have had a similar experience with the Aputure, although I have only personally used Aputure for MFT to EF, so I can’t say about that brand for sure.
This was not the case with the A7R II and the A7S II series, and I have not worked with the A9, so I cannot say. However, I do not think I am alone in saying that the A7 III will be a game changer for SONY in enabling people who have significant investments in great Canon glass to get the benefits of the latest SONY cams.

Check it out for yourself, as I would love to hear your assessment of this.

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