BEST $50 Lens? Yongnuo 50mm Review!

Is a DSLR Prime Lens for only $50 even worth it??

Yongnuo 50mm:
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malayneum says:

now what is the best body combo i can use for great portraiture?

Brad Snyder says:

It is a great lens especially for the price. Great job man!

War Trophies says:

Good job kid. Impressive.

Wonderstruck Films says:

its the only lens i can afford as i am just starting out to accumulate my gears. im shooting for other people before. i have some save the date films in my channel. feel free to criticize them so i can get better. thanks!

C87 Films says:

Great job. I am still debating on purchasing this lens. For the most part. It seems to be a get what you. Pay for type of thing.

ZiWei Fu says:

Great quality content. Subbed.


omg the quality of your videos.. its so crisp.. can you recommend me a good cheap lens for reviwing stuff like phones/computer components, and etc.. im using t5i


keep up nice video

MrMediaRig says:

yes it is 50 dollars in amazon and but if it has to ship to india, price becomes 75 dollars..can u help me ship this to India at a cheaper price?I can give u extra cash for that

Random Eggplant says:

you’re the only one who answered the question what i should buy for my first lens upgrade that’s worth it. thank you for this video!

Gerber Charles says:

Awesome video I just bought my first DSLR camera and I was looking for a prime lens thank you so much for this review

Tech Everything says:

Is this only for Cannon dlsr cameras +Justin Kwan

chinelo betserai says:

great video man

Sputz3 says:

You look very upset and serious wile doing this review.

Asher Films says:

“I have to take extra precautions to make sure this is safe”… puts it in a tree.

Harrison Broadbent says:

hey as someone looking to start on yt and learning about filming and lenses and all that stuff this was a really cool video to watch!

Blake Griffin says:

good job at first when I saw your face I thought you are not serious haha anyways tnx buddy

reda boucetta says:

you are not kids you are a legend hhh thank you for this review

Tech n'More says:

Great video man!

Luke Bottom says:

Great video dude

Tanbir Singh says:

You sir deserve more subscribers

RJ Tech HD says:

i got to pickup these lens , gr8 video Justin !

TechBase says:

for $50 that thing is amazing, wish the was such a lens on the MFT mount, love my Panasonic cameras but the is no such budget lens for them, the budget lenes start around $200

Louie Moreno says:

how do I connect it to a Canon Rebel

Sakif Zaman says:

Damn son thats boomb

Whole Lotta Rosie says:

you are really good 🙂

Etech says:

H1 brought a really big audio difference. Shots were great and it’s a good lens for the price

Paulo Nascimento says:

Dope video Justin!

n0limus says:

You need more subs!

joe joeman says:

great review/presentation, thanks!

tekrevz says:

Yo man i fuck wid your channel, you have really good quality btw whats that font it the thumbnail it’s dope.

CheckTheTech says:

great video

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