A Tiny Lens? Interesting Results– Pixco 25mm f1.4 CCTV Lens Review (E-Mount Adapted for Photography)

I test out the Pixco 25mm f1.4 CCTV Lens. You’ll be surprised by the results. Link: http://geni.us/KBNK

I decided to grab the Pixco lens, the 25mm f1.4 on a whim. I didn’t really think it was going to be any good. I would see it pop up in Amazon. It was under $30 so I just went for it. I was even sure if it was going to work. I was very surprised by the resulting images I go.

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Hodgepodge says:

You’ve convinced me!

ricardo fragoso says:

no it’s not a screw cap. I learned the same way.., hahahaha

alan marino says:

You can zoom past the vignetting in video mode using Clear Image Zoom.

CoriolisAffectment says:

Pretty cool! Nice little bit of kit for your toolbox. Perfect for little asides or interstitial clips! Thanks!

GilbertTV says:

the video footage of you looked pretty cool

David Flaiz says:

The great North American eclipse in two weeks. How about a video on photographing the sun/eclipse? I’m planning to try with my a6000, 55-210mm lens, and a solar filter, but any tips would be appreciated.

Siddharth says:

Reminds me of Petzval lens.. although huge price difference 😉

MrKdr500 says:

How can you still call yourself that1cameraguy when you clearly have more than one camera? misleading :p

Mark Davenport says:

You can simply use your stock lens and using PICMonkey, get the same sort of results but with a much better and sharper starting point… Just my 2cents

Marco, Dongwook Seo says:

thanks for the meike 50mm and this! now I have enjoyed the meike photos waiting for the another one!

Gabor Lehocky says:

I have this glass, and i love how much fun you can have with a cheap lens. It is not sharp, and neither easy to use but it is a hell lot of a fun to shoot with.

Rory I says:

could you do a comparison of the 25mm and the Fujian 35mm which seems to be more popular?

Onni H. says:

the fujian 35mm f 1.7 is also a nice lens for only 20€

Jay Em says:

Should i get the sony a7 or the sony a6300?

Frank Donnino says:

Can you post the link to your video on manual focusing? When you pointed up nothing was there.

Hector De Jesus says:

The 25 is more for a 4/3 but I like the ring it’s makes photos pop. The 35 CCTV lens works grate as well and same price

Francisco Alexander says:

If I may ask, does the unique vignetting occur only at it’s widest aperture or across all stops?

lazerman121 says:

COOL I love the Swirly Bokeh. Been Wanting a lens With Swirly for APS-C ever senc I saw the Helios 44-2 Review from Christopher Frost.

Sami Pekkarinen says:

Looks like rebranded Fujian lens. Fujian 35mm 1.7 is actually quite usable on Sony emount.

switpotato rhyss says:

you dont do much for a6300. is it ok to do the same settings you did for 6000 to a 6300?

Mohamed Zak Assad says:

Hahhahahahah that’s funny xD

J Koh says:

I kinda like the look and feel of the image

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