A filmmaker’s review of the Vizelex ND Throttle lens adapter

Vizelex ND Throttle Amazon: http://amzn.to/2kIsNw1
Way back in December of 2015 when I posted my review of the Sony A7Sii (and subsequently started vlogging about reviews, gear, etc.), I mentioned that I had ordered a revolutionary new lens adapter: the Vizelex ND Throttle. Many of you began asking for a my thoughts on this adapter, and I promised in my replies that I would post one “soon.” Well, soon ended up being over one year later, but I’m pleased to announce that my video review of the Vizelex ND Throttle Lens Adapter is finally here!

Over the past 9 years of creating videos, I have amassed quite a collection of lens adapters for my cameras. Since switching to Sony E-mount in 2012, this number has grown considerably. Because of the shallow flange distance of the Sony E-Mount camera system, it is incredibly exciting to see just how many lenses can be paired with my Sony camera bodies. Of my adapters, I have Nikon lenses to Canon cameras, Canon to Sony, Nikon to Sony, electronic adapters, manual adapters, Speed Boosters, and now: adapters with variable ND filters built right into the adapter itself. I love that we are continuously seeing the miniaturization of technology, and I hope to soon see even more nifty features crammed into lens adapters in the future.

In the video, I specifically review the Nikon lens to Sony E-Mount version of the ND Throttle, and give my thoughts on the construction, ND visual quality, color cast, sharpness, and vignetting. I also give all my reasons for why I prefer to use an ND filter when filming, as well as some recommendations for how to get the best performance from this adapter. I hope you enjoy me rambling for 20-ish minutes about the finer points of ND filtration. 🙂

Note: Back in the Summer of 2016, Fotodiox released a Canon lens to E-Mount version of the adapter, but I haven’t had the chance to test it yet, so I have kept my review focused on the Nikon mount version. The build quality appears to be similar, so if you are considering purchasing one of the other lens mount adapter versions, this review should still be very helpful to you.


Vizelex ND Throttle Amazon: http://amzn.to/2kIsNw1
Vizelex ND Throttle B&H: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1152649-REG/fotodiox_vzlx_thrtl_nikg_nex_pro_vizelex_pro_nd_throttle.html/BI/7258/KBID/7778/DFF/d10-v21-t1-x639195
Sony A7Sii: http://amzn.to/2jKIktx
Fotodiox Pro Nikon to Sony Adapter: http://amzn.to/2jKxPGk
Sigma Art 24mm: http://amzn.to/2kKzs8R
Sigma Art 50mm: http://amzn.to/2kKBQMC
Xume Adapters: http://amzn.to/2kjXF4F

Ethics Statement: This is an entirely independent review. SKB did not pay me to create this video, I didn’t receive this case for free, or receive any other compensation. I’m a fan of this case and after six months of use I really wanted to make a review about it.

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Sam Lamberts says:

Hi Matt, I want to invest Zeiss lenses and the first one will be the 55mm 1.8 Sonnar, is there any variable nd you can suggest, which wouldn’t ruin too much quality of that lens?

Michael Komorous says:

Bearded Miss America….Nice!

Not An Englishman says:

Is there such a thing as an E-mount variable ND filter that isn’t a lens adapter but merely a filter that you can screw directly onto your Sony camera and then screw the Sony lens onto that?
I have a Sony camera and Sony lenses but they’re all different sizes so it would be perfect to have an ND ‘adapter’ for those.


Dakoolguy111 says:

hey Matt! im getting ready to pull the trigger and get an a7s2 to use with my nikon array of lenses. Would you mind directing me which adapter is better? I am comparing the Fotodiox adapter you have in the description of this video, vs this Fotodiox adapter: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1244712-REG/fotodiox_nik_g_nex_dlx_nikon_f_g_type_lens.html#qa

Gurbir Nakhwal says:

Phoebe was right after all, there is such a thing as the left philange!

thomas schmidt says:

Hi Matt. Love your vids. You are one funny dude! 😀
Anyway. do you know if there Is any adapter “Focal reducer adapters” on the market that doesent mess up the focus tracking on a Sony A mount and a EF/Tamron lens AND any thoughts on the focal reducer adapters? I know its a tricky question. Thanx for your time and vids! 🙂

BaronLeMew Productions says:

i got a ndboner

Vishweshwar Kandalgaonkar says:

Nice presentation, thanks for sharing

Jonathan Laporte says:

What lens are you using the most? Native Sony lens are expensive for what they are, but there autofocus are unmatched. Do you use AF alot?

Perri Meracelli says:

Hi, I have a Sony FE PZ 28-135mm f/4 G, can I mount a “permanent ND filter bethwen cam and lens ? I have a ND fileter for the fromt, but its unconvenient .

Firehouse Creative says:

Just ordered this thing for the A7sii Im about to get… you had me at “no more buying multiple ND filters for different lens diameters”.

Steven Vaughan says:

PUBERTY!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. YES. But I love your reviews dude. Great job!

Lee Rodgers says:

If using a native EF-mount lens, this is like a macro ring … you lose infinity but it reduces the minimum focal distance.

Thom Hamilton says:

I always was curious what Freddie Savage Jr got up to after the Wonder Years. In all seriousness, great channel and that for the time with all the tips.

Peter Kitcatt says:

Your fav Camera setting for the Mavic would be cool! Which look, codec etc 🙂

Robert Brown says:


Blue Calm Productions says:

Always on point, Matt. Still one of the best channels for this type of gear.

Kyle Hunt says:

I want your review of the Mavic and I want it yesterday.

Major Motion Pictures says:

Hey Matt what’s ur take on the Rokinon Cine lenses? Have u ever tried them? Would you recommend them?

Michael Myers says:

Yeah. Review the Mayahvic!

geo pouros says:

Love your videos dude!!!
Let me ask
Witch adaptor ( except medabone ) you recommend ?
I what 24mm lens ( no need to sell my kidney lol ) you recommend

magnat7 says:

Nice on, as always. Please make a video about Xume Addapters 😀

Mr. Greenwood says:

“sunglasses for your camera” is how I always describe ND filters to people too

simon gentry says:

no getting around it – adapters rock!

Timothy Muza says:

I wish I had seen this before my last trip! Such a cool ND/lens adapter, Thanks Matt 🙂

이병희 says:

hello Matt, great clip! I am wondering that this adapter can be used for Nikon F Mount( old vintage lens).

django freeman says:

nice to see someone who knows what there talking about. subbed.

Егор Губарев says:

What do u recommend me if i dont have IBIS in my camera? go and buy native stabilize lenses? (wanna sigma 30 1.4 for sony e!!!)

Dan Mortimer says:

Nice review. Why did you put the secret word in? Hidden in the beard?!?

Pablo Mejia says:

Hey Matt! I use the fotodiox canon adapter and when switching from dial modes, the camera freezes and I have to reconnect the lens. Which canon adaptors are you using and are you experiencing any bugs?

abaswilderness says:

You are one entertaining mofo. Lol! Love your videos buddy.

Major Motion Pictures says:

How do you know what aperture you’re at without the T marking values?

Jason Hartstein says:

i noticed that theres no support on the adapter~ is that a concern?

Conner K Ward says:

what lenses do you use with it? if its the sigma ARTs do you get manual aperture with this adapter?

Scott Patrick says:

lowest ND is TOO DARK TO USE as an all around adapter. Its only good in certain situations. DON”T BUY THIS IF IT IS YOUR ONLY ADAPTER…

lauza247 says:

your videos are waay to long! too much rambling, just cut the chase and get in to the nitty gritty bro.

My Gmail says:

Jump to 2:35 to the actual review start

JustAnotherBlackGuy says:

Hey Matt, great video! Been subscribed to your channel for a few months now. I was just wondering, if you’d be able to recommend a Nikon to Sony adaptor that has auto focus capabilities. Cheers!

McCrea Media says:


Sven Life says:

Just curious. Why did you put black tape over “Sony” and “A7s” on your camra?

Fábio Pires says:

Lol , poor mavic 🙁
Nice videos, thanks 😉

Firehouse Creative says:

“PUBERTY” hahahahah

Green Light media says:

Nice review Matt ! one question , What kind of regular variable ND Filters that goes on the front of the lens do u recommend that i can use with the Sony A7s 2 while i’m shooting with S-log 2 or S-log 3 in day light , Because i’ve heard that the minimum Iso in this case would be 1600 , price range is under 800 $ or below , Thank you

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