25MM f1.4 CCTV C Mount Lens Review. Get the Film Look with a Cheap Lens

25mm f1.4 CCTV lens review. Get the ‘film look’ with a cheap lens. I buy a cheap C mount CCTV lens on eBay and experiment with it to achieve a filmic look using a Panasonic GH4 camera. The lens at its widest aperture is f1.4 and creates a dreamy, filmic appearance with excellent bokeh. It is a fully manual lens and comes with extension tubes to achieve macro images plus an appropriate camera mount adaptor – in my case micro four thirds.


Filmed with a Panasonic GH4. Intro and conclusion filmed using a Lumix 14-140mm lens, all other video recorded on the CCTV lens. Edited in iMovie. Rode Videomic Pro.

At the end of the video I apply a 3.0 Superwide cinema mask in post to create the illusion of cinematic style on a tiny budget.

Get the film look with this lens https://youtu.be/dq9RNV-usfc


John Nevin says:

What a great little lens, great background sound ,love it

rubs troll says:

That was very good,your shooting and editing is in very good taste.I wonder what the modification to the adapter that might be and if I’d be up to the task…Maybe you’ve already answered this question below but you got lots of comments…Anyway,thanks for the video.

Andrew Finley says:

Wow… love your style man truly great video

p shorten says:

Mick, my adapter ring does not work well. Can you describe how you fixed yours? I’m not mechanical but if I can describe to my hubby, well, he can fix just about anything. I just don’t know how to tell him what’s wrong with the darn thing.
Great video!

Mentis Tobargain says:

Hi, get Computar 25mm F1.3 1″ Sensor Lens. Wayyy better than fujinon !!! ebay $25

Social Monkey says:

Bro, that lens made my eyes cross, how do I get them to go back to normal? My eyes are perma-crossed dawg, help!

superdupper hayseedfarmboy says:

i was wondering what size format these fill, without crop or doubling , im looking at cosmicar’s but im not giving 50 to 100 dollar for a adapted manual lens when i can spend another 100$ with no loss of features(18mm nikkor) are these 1/2 or 2/3 or are they made to fill a 16mm format, because the price is good, but if they vignette not so much, nice looking video by the way , was really for raw foot

silver lord films says:

will it fit on my g7

nerdCORE says:

I bought this for my canon 60d and i cannot get the focus to change at all. Just complete blur. What am I doing wrong?

Yakuza says:

4k downscaled to 1080p is superb over 1080p native (E-M10 user here :I)

MrAkihiros says:

Superbe images. Congrats.

B E says:

0:21 this is my new favorite thing!

Fantastic review by the way! 🙂

Ehul Media says:

any compatible lens adapter for using this lens upon canon eos 550 D??

Hisham Misri says:

Good Job Mick, I love your video!
Hisham, Malaysia

Ti To says:

Great review!

Just got the 35mm version for my GH3 and for thirty bucks I couldn’t be happier. The focus ring on the 35mm is at the end of the lens so focusing is a breeze

In low light at night it’s awesome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF01u6LxOhE

Aren’t those William Powell shotguns worth a small fortune?

Mizad Funkzion Entertainment says:

Dope!!! Ordering mines now for the Panasonic G7

Steve M. says:

I had no idea a C Mount lens could achieve this high of quality! I pretty much adapt everything to my Fuji’s for shooting video, so after watching this video, I absolutely bought one! The one I bought is for a APS-C sensor, 25mm f1.4 with Fuji adapter, and two macro extensions. This should be fun!

hizzband_photoworks says:

hi, have this lens once, used on panasonic lumix gf2, but the result shows vignette..but on your video seems there are no vignette, are you cropping the video? thanks

Kurrupted Data - The Herd says:

Whats the backround song???? Sounds like Al Green – Love and Happiness (Remix)

Zach Ahmad says:

Did they produce for e-mount now?

Enzo says:

Very nice review and shots, I’m pleased to discover your channel!

Archontasius says:

if used on apsc cameras, will it creates a dark vignette on the corners?

Akcaya says:

at first i was interested in listening to the lens review but then i forgot it all when i saw your William Powell. beautiful

NightHawkInLight says:

I’ve owned one of these lenses for years so I’m not sure what prompted me to click on a review but I’m glad I did. Excellent video, great shots and a fun watch.

What NOW says:

Excellent video!!!

Sleepy Shorts says:

This has to be the sleekest lens review video ever made – way to sell a lens!


works in nx500?thanks

HIBARNITA Hero says:

please upload video for setup the lens with canon m3

sgfreak96 says:

Mick, noticing some of the shots have sort of a radial warp to them. The up close shots are incredible, wide shots, like at 1:11 or like at 2:51 have that sort of peep hole rounded look. Any way to combat that? Either way, awesome cheap lens!


going this lens for lumix g70? And have the 25mm vignating?

Jan Laurenz says:


Dilly Delight says:

The most beautiful video review I’ve ever seen.

Rio Rio Abdullah says:

I am your 1000st subscriber! Love your video

William Hord says:

For an older guy damn do you have style.

Oberhausen says:

Wow Mick, this has got to be one of the finest reviews I’ve seen.

David Philp says:

Great video review and footage! Just found your channel today. You earned a sub!

vmkmshort arts says:

really cool brother

Str8poisin tv says:

that lens has a unique look to it wow i think im going to pick one up for my a6300

What NOW says:

My lens arrived yesterday and you have made me feel very good about my purchase. I look forward to getting the most from this lens as you have.

Jeff Wang says:

thank you very much! interesting lens

Sean King says:

Absolutely great review I ordered it today and was just wondering how do avoid that swirlish edges?

Techie Atul says:

hey nice video man, i have also tried out this lens on my camera and it worked really well…Thanks:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H99UPh4k3L4

Naqeeb Elyahya says:

Nice vids Mr. Grewcock! I just bought a 35mm cctv lens for my epl6 but still practice on it. It’s nice lens for price!

Diego Deras says:

Does the wide aperture work well for low light? I’m interested in doing wide angle city lights and crowds with this lense. Thank you!

Nate's Film Tutorials says:

Amazing Video! Gave it a like! Enjoyed the music and review. 🙂

Pavan Kumar says:

Lovely review! Will buy one to use on my A6000.. thank you 🙂

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