25mm F/1.4 C Mount Lens Review (BMPCC)

GET THIS LENS HERE: http://amzn.to/1nJPADz
A review of one of those CCTV C mount lenses that are EVERYWHERE. Test shots where filmed using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera attached to a monopod/boompole and graded using premiere. THIS LENS WILL NOT WORK ON APS-C SENSORS. THAT MEANS IS WILL NOT WORK ON SONY A6000, A6300, A6500, OR ANY CANON CAMERA. IT WILL ALSO ONLY WORK ON MICRO 4/3 CAMERAS IF THEY ARE SET IN CROP MODE.


Micky G says:

So doing the crop factor for BMCPP (2x) it would be equivalent to 50mm F/2.8 lens (on the BMCPP ) ??

bondny says:

Hi..i just bought the same lens for my pentax q10 but its very impossible to focus . help please…

Panu Malkasilta says:

Have you cropped the video?

yula paluy says:

thanks much for this review! do you happen to still have the lens and know what the filter thread is?

hyder zaryaab says:

Hello i got that lens today, but when i am taking pictures, a goal circle appear in view finder, how i remove that circle?

Raffaele Ambroselli says:

Does c-mount lenses like this have problem of vignetting on panasonic G6? thank you ( and sorry for my bad english) 

Jean-François Joubert says:


ciouson says:

can i share with me raw  test ?

Quark Trading says:

Hi, I just bought this c-mount lens, totally love your video. Can you tell me the title of the background music? Thanks!

Israel Laboy says:

Can this be used on full sensor camera

Pablo Mauricio says:

Feels good with my olympus omd em-10. Recomended for patient people.

samyi36 says:

Awesome review ! Great bohek for this lens, I’m going to buy one for my em10.
But I have question about the crop factor to M43 camera, does the 25mm CCTV equivalent to 50mm in Full Frame?

PierreKiwiz says:

You’re saying that the minimum focus distance Is too far, but in fact if you screw on these 2 ”extenders” to the mount you get a closer focus distance, almost macro

Raphael Dussud says:

Really nice review. Looking forward for more 😉

Jane Lee says:

Can it be used on gf2?

MeDallion Motion Pictures says:

Still the best review of this 25mm cctv lens. great pros and cons info. over all depending on what the shooter is needing this lens for it extremely serves the purpose of “that real cinema look” coming straight from the lens. Daniel is correct these cctv lense are a must have for M3/4 users.

Tim E says:

great review. a minimum focus distance of 25cm is very good when you are used to 0.7 – 1m 😀

Bdmason10 says:

wait im confused, it wont focus unless you are 25 CENTIMETERS away from it? but i saw it focus on stuff that was kinda far away pls help me

B.L Thackrey says:

My friend got kicked out using his dslr …. whereas I managed convince my way with my “happy snap , toy camera” . haha love the BMPCC… making cinema quality movies has never been so kick ass invisible .

Tiago Lourenço says:

Great Lens! I have the 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. All excellent for the prise. I recommend the 35mm, the best of the 3. But all are great for different occasions.

Computing.Sound says:

Have you got any experience with the “Black 25mm f1.4 for APS-C” you can find on Amazon?

Marko Jyrgen says:

is there a way to get it on my eos760d… ???

Eugene Vlogs says:

Awesome lens, thanks for review, and it is only $20 from China already came with M43 adapter.

ZequiHouse HD says:

By far best and most complete review I’ve seen from this lens, I really like it, even when it vignettes a lot in my APS C sensor camera, still usable after cropped in post, most fast lenses are not cheap or less than 50mm, considering the price this is awesome! Does this vignette in your black Magic?

apaar jain says:

hi, is there review on sony a6000 for the same lens

Marko Jyrgen says:

is there a way to get it on my eos760d… ???

sanket sarkar says:

I am planning to use these on my Nikon 1 cam. I am not new to cameras but getting my first stand-alone camera 😛 so i was reading about crop factors.. so can you tell me if on a Nikon 1 camera with CX sensor, will I get 25mm focal length with this les or is it 2.7x like we do conversion for full frame to CX sensor.

Hodgepodge says:

So not worth it at all

Dwight Stewart says:

thanks for sharing

TheBear JamesBear says:

What camera did you use for the video? Ok, I see that you have a Black Magic. My cctv 25mm f1.4 has a slight dark ring vignette around the edges. Is that normal?

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