What is a Fisheye Lens?

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traydoestrixs ™ says:

subscribe to my account if you like skating thanks.

Paul Brogden says:

i have a question i got a camcorder with a thread  of 40.5mm know I am trying to get myself a very wide angel lens for it my camcorder is sanyo xacti hd2000  my question is this i could get a step down ring and fit a 37mm fish eye lens would this work or do you need a bigger lens? than my filter ring of 40.5 any advice would be helpful the wide ange is for close up video not distance.

Braden Faulkenberry says:

I’m looking for a good fisheye lens for skate photography I’ve got a canon eos rebel xs. Any good recommendations? My budget is sub $300

kee mack says:

Does anyone else see his microwave in the background

Amit Salunke says:

Great explanation. Thanks .

joseph gonzalez says:

like to see nikon lenses

esedef says:

ITS CALLED VIGNETTING Its not the inside of the LENS

Afnan Shabib says:

I really enjoyed your review. Keep up the good work!

daredevil7442 says:

Good explanation and here’s another question, what’s the difference between a $1500 lens like you just demonstrated compared to a $200 Rokinon 8mm ultra wide lens f/3.5? Doesn’t look like the quality is that much of a difference or what am I not seeing that a professional sees?

Steve Barham says:

I’d like to know what the diference id between a .20X Fisheye and a .35X Fisheye lens are there any pictures showing the difference. Basically, I need to know which to Buy! (These are adaptors i’m talking about not actual lenses

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ImprovisedSurvival says:

Excellent review.

Himanshu Chanchal says:

How you manage to purchase so costly gadgets?

Carlos Castro says:


Martin Ivanov says:

I am searching for cheap fish eye for cannon 600D to film skating

sandstorm725 says:

Hey can u do a review of the Cannon 1DC….. and if u can do a explain video about NAS

Sam Nub says:

yo how the fuck did i stumble upon this retro mkbhd haha

Thomas Doran says:

What’s wrong with the microwave in the background lol

Euforikk says:

That’s so lol.
I was looking for the 8-15mm fisheye from Canon, and a video from You appeared even if 6 year old video. LMAO
Thanks man! 😉

Hope Jr. says:

Dat fps tho

Andrew Yoo says:


Eric Chin says:

Great info, how about some of the Samsung Nx1100 lenses and filters?

Mark Abbott says:

hey, can you do a video on the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Lens?!
Thx, I would really appreciate it!

Rebranded04 says:

INSIDE the camera holy crap.

Buck Lee says:

dayum yo @2:28 scared the fU#k out of me my bra.

Alex Lubbers says:

WOMP WOMP i bought a fisheye lens i made a rap video with a couple of friends! it goes WOMP WOMP

Nikhil Sunat says:

who’s watching this now

Julian Hall says:

What’s the camera you use for the bits when you’re sitting down and talking?

Thi Son says:

review the olympus fcon-t01 please!

Vyas Chady says:

You are awesome, all your videos are extremely educational.

KiKi Carr says:

omg love ur channel! hey can i ask u something? in your opinion who has better quality lens, canon or sigma?

Ben Jones says:

It is inside the lens you silly.

VideoVibeKev says:

Check out this photographer who has been shooting mostly with a fisheye lens. https://instagram.com/x.markstheshot/

Ryan Holloway says:

Your microwave is having a seizure…

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