What is a Fisheye lens? (feat. Nikkor AF DX Fisheye 10.5mm f/2.8 ED)

Last time we took a look at what a Tilt-shift lens is, this time we’re answering the question: what is a fisheye? Lens, that is. Watch the video for a DigitalRev explanation.

Pricing Reference
Nikkor AF DX Fisheye 10.5mm f/2.8 ED: http://www.digitalrev.com/product/nikon-nikkor-af-10-5mm/NTE_A

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Casey Sanders says:

ND filters can make the colors look better, CFL filters are essentially polarizing filters. FDL filters can make pictures look better in under halogen based lights. UV filters are quite useless and just serve as lens protectors.

B1G B0SS says:

Waughmp Waughmp

Hannah Banana says:


Hannah Banana says:

I have this lens. I have special needs? 😛

dubsteppwarrior says:

Open a skateboard magazine and you can see some amazing use of when fish lens is being used

Nino's Endless Vlogs says:

is it good for vlogging?

Quadcopter Crazy says:

I disagree that its a special lens for special people, you can use it like a proper wide angle lens. I have a lot of nice photos without distortion.

louis defunes says:

hello Kai,
i know this video is a long time ago, but i wanna ask you something.
Do you realy need autofocus on a fish-eye or wide-angle lens?
Maybe a stupid question..

ImADotify says:

1:40 canon lens, nikon strap, drtv you did it again.

FLuXGriZzly says:

he was so quick you didn’t see.

KrabbyOne1 says:

I’m using this one and I really enjoy it 🙂 But now I don’t know which lens I want next :O 😀

La'Vonte Clark says:


Ari Rinaldi Nugraha says:

Why you hate nikon so much :@

iliden strmrege says:

should I get something like the samyang 8mm or save up some extra bucks for a canon 8-15 FE lens? (around $800 used)

Kasar Farid says:

Compare Fisheyes Lenses, Sigma,Canon Vs Rokinon 8mm 

Biswaroop Maiti says:

sounds like a fake Brit accent.

TheKawassaki says:

199 999 views LOL

Sean Hayes says:

Where can you buy an iphone fisheye lens? Anyone please help!

Michael Wenye Li says:

what does nd filters and other filters do???

fancdz says:

crazy skate spot!

sinosoutherner says:

Too bad that you couldn’t show some of Henri Cartier-Bresson.  But i understand that you would probably have to pay $$$$ to whoever owns them.  Yeah, Hong Kong is one the world’s best places for street photography.  Like I got a photo of Martin Lee going on his morning walk on the peak.  Where else can you do that? My problem is I always feel like I’m invading people’s space.  So my 80mm -200mm is my favorite lens. But good point.  Jazz vs.  Classical.  Street photography vs.  pre visualized photography.  (I have two tripods).  🙂

BaddaBigBoom says:

I had a personal self to self …bet that the word “fisheyeness” would be said in this video – very disappointed 🙁

WNC says:

I have Nikon D5200 and I want to wide lens for filming so which one should I buy Nikon or third parties lens

Tyler McDanel says:

I am a special needs photographer…ahhhhh

Danijel L says:

The guy at 3.08 must be thinking: this idiot is about to commit suicide!

87boombox says:

You must be new here?

flo richi says:

@Ollie McAuliffe they are using this lens on the d7000 in this vid.

Chuchón says:

1:40 Nikon strap, Canon lens.

Xero Kira says:

Actually, he did a 0 Shin splint. 360 would mean he spins all the way around and back to his original position. But oh … ya … I see what you did there … funny …

Jonathan Batihk says:

that dog…

Abdulrahman saeed says:

does it work on Nikon d3200?

Omar Abbas says:

get a micro 105mm macro or a 70-200 f/2.8

Hiba J says:

no it doesnt o.0

SteezyTeej says:

“Pinkon” haha

Thomas Latcham says:

I own a Canon EOS 5 film SLR but I’m getting a Nikon D3200. I still think the old Canon will win hands down. It’s film. Come on.

LuckyTheWolfGaming says:

Pinkon why u paint nikon lense

Diogo Bulhosa says:

does this have autofocus??

rio rawlings says:

what is the cheapest canon 400mm lens

Brenton Weaver says:

How will sensor cropping effect the image??? I only an canon 600d 🙁 so my lens crop is 1.6 Will I be losing all of that extra angle?

DebitelGR says:

ellada kai dw? ti na pw!!

leslie dean brown says:

I thought I would hate fisheyes. I got a cheap-o samyang & it has turned out to be one of my favourite lenses… also got me used to manual focusing (everything is in focus for the most part anyway, dof is so big). 

Head0Crack says:

Dafuq! that ship is going to crash!

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