Universal Clip Lens (Fisheye/ Wide-angle/ Macro Lens) for cellphone Review – Test by iPhone 6

How the smartphone clip lenses work? Do they real enhance the camera as they said? We do the tests by iPhone 6. Different pictures took by iPhone 6 with Fisheye, Wide-angle and Macro Lens. You will see the difference. Get the Universal 3 in 1 Clip Lens at http://bit.ly/1OOP0yZ .
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Mustafa Mohammed says:

This is very waste lens. I will try with my mi 4a phone. pictures are blur coming.

Jonathan - says:

Why is my macro lens blurry?

Sammy McClelland says:

Do you know if this will work on the Samsung Galaxy J3?

KA TV says:

Please watch my review of Japan wide angle lens for iphone and android 🙂

jayesh vd vd says:

is this works on samsung Galaxy j2

benefactionhindrance says:

Does it have to seat right up against the camera? You know for us normal people that use phone cases, that wouldn’t allow the lens to seat up against the camera lens.

Smith John says:

What is the name of the brand?

Ren Blair says:

Will it work for iPod 6

hernanc says:

At 1:34 come on! You didn’t even try to get a decent image? Is this a paid ad? Don’t get me wrong I know lens are needed for macro photos but you can do better than what you did. Thanks!

Mohd Ashraf says:

i buy 3 for less than $2 haha


is my fucking fise eye

Technical Paras says:

please help me my wide angle and macro lens are very blurry what to do

Kushal Vyas says:

can anyone plz tell me does this camera lens can able to blur the background?

Noonie. says:

So can someone explain why tf my wide one is blurry

Hr Raval says:

i wont shoot vidio…


it’s kinda blur in real life

Senths says:

Can people with Samsung use it

iSoldMyXbox1 says:


Hari pun says:

hey ! does it improve my photo quality after putting on the lenses

G Mahesh says:

Areo ,give a link to purchase that lense in any online shopping

Dan Son says:

I’ll give you a tip: filing in 16:9 not 9:16 and you dont neet these fisheye

L-Drago, Destructor Legend says:

If i use it with lg g3 isnt the clip gonna hide the mic? The camera has a strange position..

Kristen Owen says:

So I bought some from MOBILE Photo studio and mine are super blurry

Keldi Cela says:

Hey which lens will give me like a GoPro effect? Thank you and excellent video!

Hazrah Nabila says:

itu belinya dimana selain di online shop

Chaitanya Jadhav says:

can we use this lens for selfie…?

Feargal Ó Gadhra says:

Hi +Wit Rigs do you know how to reassemble the fisheye lens components correctly? Mine popped apart when I tried to unscrew the fisheye from its holder..

Denise Abadies says:

When I try to use the fisheye lens it’s blurry/not focused, what do I do?

Rotten Banana 69 says:

what is this song called?

DJames Byington says:

Will it work on the LG Stylo 2?

Zachery Harrell says:


adam fendri says:

if you want a cheap alternative get this. it’s really great. trust me. plus it’s just under 3$

Hr Raval says:

moto e2 lence available??u want shoot vidio and out focus in video…

poeei kyaw says:

Hey which lens is the most suitable for shooting a quality YouTube video?

Christopher Sneisen says:

Does this one work on the 7 plus?

Sothbeachboy 21 says:

Cringe asf

itzeltrues123 says:

Where I buy one????

Hans Jutton says:

hey Wit Rigs do you think this would work on an lg g4?
great video!

Alan Alvarez says:

Who is here because they didn’t know what a fish lens was and is receiving it for Ultra Music Festival

Mohd Ashraf says:

for the wide angle , you need to put it on top of macro lense

Paresh Sawale says:

will it fit on s6 edge?

k10mndo says:

will this work with front cam?

E.Escobar1 says:

one piece

Skyleigh Kim says:

Does it works in Oppo?

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