The Best Budget Camera Lens for iPhone X: Olloclip Review

Olloclip’s lenses now work on the iPhone X! Picking up the box set gives you a 15X macro lens for those close up shots, a super-wide for impressive landscapes or group-encompassing selfies, and a fisheye for stylistic captures!

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ragordy says:

Meh…another crappy/plastic fisheye lens combo. There is a market for a stronger telephoto lens—5X or more. Where’s that video AI?

Nakia Johnson says:

Moment lenses are better

minimalfun says:

I am a pro Photographer and I point out a few things, Olloclip is one of the best options out there BUT the problem is not with Olloclip but with how iPhone Lenses line up with any other 3rd party lens, you ll see a lot of chromatic aberration, blurriness and noise, its OK if you are shooting family photos or such but nothing more than that.

Oliver Bose says:

Thanks bunches for this great video again. Way to go!

zzmax23 says:

Best budget camera lenses? Shit cost $100 wth

Douglas Robertson says:

I have this system and overall I quite like it. I also have their case for the iPhone X, but the plastic edge material is so hard, the sleep/wake button and volume buttons lose their tactile click and become very mushy after you put on the case

Pranav Chaparala says:

Great @AppleInsider Frequent Videos Daily

joshx413 says:

Budget?!? It’s $99! That’s NOT what people associate with budget.

Miguel Juarez says:

Hello but who ever made this is amazing

Er Sl says:

I just want to take pix like @ xcanadian does on instagram.
Will this kit work with existing case?

flixafox says:

99 Bucks and no Tele? Cmon!

Kuipo says:

One problem I have with 3rd party camera lenses on the iPhone X (I think this happens with all of them, not just this company’s) is that the mic is placed right next to the lens so if you put on one of these larger lenses, you will have to use a 3rd party mic as well since the sound will be completely muffled by the lens.

Neil Pule says:

Can you use it with Dji gimbal?

Riophae Lee says:

Though I don’t consider the price is cheap, the image quality of this lens is really incredible. I have been totally shocked when you show how it works!

PMX says:

At 6:19 you said that Sandmarc requires a case, but on their website every lens includes a case AND a clip, so you don’t have to use the case if you don’t want to (although it’s probably more secure to use the case).

Bee Cee says:

For $100 A Moment Lens is a MUCH better choice than this.
Good review though.

olloclip says:

Hi AppleInsider, thanks so much for the great honest review. We just wanted to point out a couple quick things. We do offer olloclip-ready phone cases on our website that are compatible with our lens systems. Also, while we are the only lens system that addresses both front and rear cameras, FaceID will work if you are using the iPhone X system with the front lens removed (lens over the rear camera only). Happy shooting!

bkr111 says:

I rather pay for a case with each upgrade in the phone body rather than buying new lenses. Big downside of olloclip lenses. Every time the iphone changes you have to buy new lenses. I recommend Moment or Sandmarc.

ashraf ali says:


DragonTechRoyale4k says:

Budget? It’s costs 100$!

emgee65 says:

Just for iPhone X ? Would l have to throw it out when l upgrade my iPhone?

Sam5n0w says:

Good one but I’m in love with my Rhinoshield set-up.

Das Piper says:

Sorry, but I’m already invested in Rhinoshield Products.

KeeKee388 LDS says:

I think really good quality lens for the price. Three lenses, easy carry case & cover to protect the lens. I had to watch the tutorial so I could get the full benefit for use of the lens but great price 3 lens for less than 100. Also who wants to go hiking with your 35mm case, extra lens — this is so much easier… Thanks so much Olloclip!! And a handy stand to do videos, group pics with the wide angle. So handy with the carrier!!

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