Samyang 8mm Fisheye Lens Review with samples

Samyang (or Rokinon, Opteka, Walimex etc) f3.5 camera lens review


kshearer98 says:

The Sizzler was my favorite ride when I was little!

Marc Pitchot Arbalat says:

Hi Chris, I’m doubting about this one and the
Opteka 6.5mm f/3.5, could you gimme some advice? thanks!


this lens is compatible with canon 700d/T5i ?

Rudy Effendy says:

Can I use for nikon full frame body??

Milan Svitek says:

I don’t understand why people insist that no AF on this lens is a tradeoff: ITS A FISHEYE! Even at f/3.5 you have a HUGE depth of field!

Luis Cañamar - MediaBros says:

i’ll be getting this along with a canon 6d full frame for taking 360° panoramas 🙂 thanks for the review!

bernhardtsen74 says:

I gave the 85mm f1.4 to my littlebrother last year!
I will be buying this fisheye but not for myself but for a girl I know who uses sony!!

Tim Dennell Photography says:

Thanks for the review, really useful.

Ahmed Irfan says:

If you could share the link of the item where it is located or the website you bought it from that would really helpful.

endurabo says:

hello , 
wanted to know if this is compatible with the canon EOS 70D series of camera


Smokey Media says:

does it work on Canon 5D Mark II ? can anybody tell me please ?

Johara says:

Amazing video. Since you’re an expert on camera lenses what do you think is the beast canon lens for star trail and milky way pictures?

Wieger Dam says:

Next month im buying mine! I just love the fisheye effect!

flow vb says:

Good vid

Jenn Aquino says:

got mine yesterday and got lots of awesome shots for band photography 😀

Rockwood Joe says:

Awesome lens for action video (focus free). There is no excuse not to buy one, unless you’re a brand snob. As good as the Nikon 10.5mm fish, but for less than half price! See my video review…

Alfie Winter Productions says:

what website can i get it from? (uk)

Philip Fletcher says:

The Nikon (only) version has AE connections which lets you control the aperture with the camera.

great guys says:

great review video, what country is this. thank you

Mark Wagner says:

addicted, I feel this lens is good but I have moved on to mirrorless micro four thirds camera, Panasonic lumix G7 and I already have 5 lenses for it. But the lens you are referring to is an excellent choice. I used it to shoot a video for a friend and it was great.

Jairus Martinez says:

Yes it can

Geng Chen says:

Thank you so much for the review. It answers many of my concerns on the lens and made me made up my mind to get one.

Victor Of Astora says:

Great video!

Eddie Tang says:

Great review!

mike salomon says:

Hi Chris, first off thank you for all your videos. Do you know if this lens can mount on a canon 6d? because they listed as a lens for aps-c.

Skaterfoto says:

Nice man. Great review! 🙂

Michael Desjardins says:

Fun video Christopher, I enjoyed that.

Simone Rigamonti says:

i’ve just bought this lens (branded opteka) and i think the focus ring have some problem, from 0.3 m to 0.5 the ring is not fluid and it sound scratchy, after 0.5 is completely different, really smooth and fluid.
Does your lens do the same?

Hemant Joshi says:

should i buy 8mm 2.8 fish eye for my Sony camera ?? as 3.5 mm is hardly seen ? i think 3.5mm is discontinued model is there any difference in image quality

rondhole says:

The build quality of SAMYANG lens are all weak internally.  HOld by cheap plastic, small screws, and glue. The shell feel so solid since the modular design.  The fail rate of SAMYANG are high, really high. Roger Cicala in tear them down and no surprise from the statistic number of failure Samyang lens

Serdar Sarı says:

good review dude thanks!

iliden strmrege says:

got this used in almost mint condition for $120!

Steve White says:

Hi Chris, you have now become my ‘go to’ man for for all lenses. Thank you for the information and I dig the piano jazz!
I was wondering is this lens the same as the Kelda 8mm fisheye I was using on the weekend. It looks the same. About $150 cheaper.

Anthony Wan says:

Love the review. So true about getting an ultrawide and the story changes. You can pretty go around all the place you have been and produce a whole new set of photos with the new lens!

I have been on the SEL16F28 with the 0.75x ultrawide adapter attached virtually all the time. I might consider this or the 12mm.

alexlovesjapan says:

Hey cool vid! I just got the 8mm today and love it. I contemplating getting the 12mm version too. What would be the advantage of getting the 12mm if you already have the 8mm?

ronnie tjikoeri says:

can you also review a 15mm fisheye if you can get your hands on one

ARH Gaming says:

that’s a rokinon lens

Eric van Eupen says:

Excellent review. Many thanks!

Take It To Cort says:

Nice video man! Just subscribed!

Tomáš Čerkala says:

Thank you for an excellent review, lens looks really good!

AgonizedCandle says:

Great review, I was wondering why my shots were coming out so soft. It was because I was shooting at 3.5.

Andrew Xorenis says:

this lens is a crap 🙁 unfortunatly. i use it
thanks for shearing

Marcus Dorsey says:

I couldn’t have said it any better. I’ve had this lens for about 3 years now, and I am absolutely blown away by how sharp the images come out of it; especially when you consider the price. I absolutely love this lens, and would recommend any photographer looking for a fun walk-around lens (with an APS-C camera) to get one!
I’m looking to purchase a 14mm lens from Rokinon. From the test footage I’ve seen from it, I feel I won’t be let down by that one as well. 🙂

Mike Gerasimov says:

Very-very good rewiev! Greate thanks! Nice and clever.

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