Samyang 8mm f/3.5 (Hood Detachable (HD)) Fisheye lens review with samples (APS-C and full-frame)

Here’s another interesting Samyang lens. Can this relatively inexpensive and very nicely built fisheye lens stand up to optical scrutiny? And how does this Hood Detachable version perform on a full-frame camera?

Remember, Samyang lenses are sometime sold under the names ‘Rokinon’ and ‘Walimex’.

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All pictures and footage taken by me on Canon 6D and 70D cameras.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


mario cristobal collado aviles says:

Hello Christopher, Between this and the sigma 10 mm 2.8, which one would you recommend?

Motret Gaya Bebas says:

hi sir, greeting from Indonesia
i’m your big fans
when I looking for a good lenses
i always watch your video
do you prefer this lens for my apcs eos 80d.?
or something else. ?
thanks a lot sir.
sorry for my English

Luis Rivera Photo says:

Hello, what difference has the golden line of the parasol? Better picture quality? Thank you.

Declan Pedro says:

Hi Cris, I love your reviews, congrats! I’m thinking of buying the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM, because a travel a lot, and this lens is quite light ans small for a telezoom… Can you review it? That would be super…My best RgdsDeclan PedroPortugal

Victor Shikhman says:

Are there options for manual, wide aperture, wide angle EF-S/EF-mount lenses that are not fish-eye?

Jacob Skelton Media says:

would this work on a canon 700d

paolo pescatori says:

Very nice video.
I didn’t understand if, without the shield, it becomes a circular fisheye on a full frame (D700 Nikon) and it can be mounted either on Aps-C or FF cameras

ultort says:

Nice lens. If someone is wondering about the weight: 435g

dopamining says:

great vid, as usual. Thanks!

LiudasBar says:

Samyang 8mm f/3.5 at 3.5 image quality is very bad 🙁

James Teo says:

Hi Chris, what is the best value for money fisheye lens you would recommend for an APSC camera?

Marco Polo says:

would you suggest this lens for night photography? or should I go for the 10mm 2.8? thanks!!!!!!

G Pierson says:

other 8mm that look identical(besides Rokinon) Bower, Pro-Optic, Opteka, Vivitar, Albinar  and a newcomer Altura(probably the best priced)  😉

lostintimeline says:

hi there i liked your video
my question is i wanted to get the 14mm from samyang but the price is a little bit high, and i found this lens on ebay half the price.the thing is the 14 mm have f2.8 while this one have the aperture of f3,5 so my qs can i do astrophotography with this lens? or capture the milky way? or i need the 14 mm? thanks
also will this work with nikon d3300?

Glenn Wei says:

Do you know any differences between Samyang and Rokinon 8mm F3.5 lens? The price of these two lens has little different. The Opteka has the similar one and it is the cheapest (quality good?). Which brand should I buy?

MacPhantom says:

I now have this Samyang fisheye lens and I’m using it on my 24MP Canon EOS 80D.
Picture quality is OK, but I exclusively use it from f/8 on. Fully open at f/3.5 chromatic aberration is atrocious and sharpness is not good. In fact, it’s my softest lens. However, I love it! With the aperture closed down it’s pretty good, also given its price. I was thinking about limiting the aperture ring to f/8 for convenience. However, I guess the Canon 8-14mm, being ten times the price, is not much better.
Well, I guess I’m spoiled by the absolutely stellar 100mm L macro optics…

Sir Gaz says:

Does this lens at least tell the camera via the dot that focus has been acquired? Thanks

MyBusiness says:

Is it working properly with Canon 7d as well?

3600km says:

oh man I thought “HD” stand for “High definition” xD Lol Lol

Roozbeh says:

Hi Chris, which one would you recommend this or the rokinon 12mm f2.8?

marcelo pisani says:

Hi Chris! you make great reviews, thank you for that!.,anyway do you think this fisheye will work good on a Nikon d750…?.Thanks again!

kmáté says:

Hi Chris! I love your reviews, I’m going to buy my first digital SLR (aps-c) in a few weeks and I think I’ll choose the Sigma 17-50 f/2.8 onto it [mainly because of your test and recommendation 🙂 ]
I like wide angle photography and when I manage to collect some money for some ultra-wide glass, the Samyang 8mm f/3,5 looks a good choice for me. But what do you think about the 10mm f/2,8 Samyang lens (for APS-C)? It’s not a fisheye and has almost no distortion, the 2,8 aperture sounds nice, but it costs a bit more.
Milder wide angle (with small distortion -> not as unique angle of view), faster and more expensive – what do you think, does it worth the more money? What’s the better choice and which would you choose?
Thanks for the great videos and greetings from Hungary!

Speed Busters says:

Thanks for your review. I’ve just bought this lens and I’ll try it this weekend.

Orionskate says:

can this lens work on lumix g7

Eevah T says:

At 0:42 and 0:45 .. Did you use any filter for those pics, or did you take 2 pictures and combined them???
I just got these lens and I need to know if I need an UV filter for such a good contrast of the sky and clouds.

Sakthivel Jegarajan says:

Can you do an review on nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens

Declan Pedro says:

Do you have any review for the Sigma 4.5mm F2.8 EX DC HSM Circular Fisheye?Rgds DeclanPedro

Technologyadvisor1 says:

i need some help can you help? my youtube channel is performing very badly how do i get views to increase I have created 3 channels this one being my main one only recently got google to start earning me money even though been here for over a year. would you mind looking at my channel and see what am i doing wrong??? Many of my views are not even above 10 views i have created 157 videos so far but seem to be doing really badly compared to other channels many thanks Paul.

Crystal Chai says:

Samyang 8mm F/3.5 vs Altura 8mm F/3.5

PilleR says:

Thank you for this review! It’s one of the main reasons I finally bought this lens. Took a bit of learning and playing to find the best settings but now I love it. So – thanks! 🙂

Marco Enrico says:

Hello Chris. What is the difference between the CS and CS II version? I meant to purchase the CS II version but I received the CS version.

Roope Luukkainen says:

I bought this lens for astrophotography. It did not focus to infinity. I send it back, never buying again. Nice job samyang.

mario cristobal collado aviles says:

I used to have the Rokinon FE8M-C 8mm.
Is there any improvement between this and the first one? and what does umc stand for?

argcampeon says:

Hi Chris, good video. When taking indoor shots, do you need to use a tripod?

Gavin Hywel says:

Samyang recently came out with a 8mm f2.8 that is is nearly half the size of this lens!

Avner Firon - MTB Guide says:

will it fit and you recommend it for canon rebel t3i?

troy X says:

I noticed you didn’t get a full spherical image on your full frame. Should this lens be considered more 10mm than 8mm? Do you know if the Rokinon version will give a full spherical image?

Tilen Vrčon says:

Does this model require that manual calibration on the lens like older models did ? To get the right focus out of it ? Im interested in buying this lens for my nikon.

Richard Crowe says:

Quite a good review. Thank you! I have the Vivitar version of this lens and am quite happy with it!

antananarivo201 says:

Great video Chris. Is this lens compatible with a canon 7d?

xenon1871 says:

Nikon version of this lens (which i have) has contacts for aperture control from camera (you need to set the lens to f22 for this).

Farruk Ahmed Bhuiyan says:

nice informative review ,

Wafalex pf says:

do you still have those lenses and do you still use them? some people say thatfor samyang and rokinon lenses at a daily use after a few month the coating creates white dots on the front glass making it useless

Eoghan Hennessy says:

Can I ask where you took the picture with all the cups and saucers on a shelf? Thank you, excellent review!

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