Samyang 8mm f2.8 VerII FUJI: Lens Review. Fuji Fisheye Fantastic Fun

Samyang 8mm f2.8 VerII FUJI: Lens Review. Fuji Fisheye Fantastic Fun



Ohad Pearl says:

the samyang 12 2.8! I dare you to try it on your FF!

Lou Wilson says:

“The other maker of no consequence” is Samyang the actual manufacturer of these rebrands Rokinon , Bower etc

Alan Rosenberg says:

Ken, any review you make is a treasure to view….OT – when you work out the D850 please create a video – I just cancelled mine at B&H

Andre P says:

Theoria, I have the mk I version already. Its pretty good to me. Would you upgrade to the mk II, worth the upgrade??

David Duong says:

would you recommend the Samyang 135 f2 UMC ED ? i found it’s 250$ good condition

ebaysnipa says:

Have been enjoy mine for years now. Color saturation is amazing. being wide makes it sharp. You are correct f8 is a good starting point.

Been waiting for you to give this lens a shot for a while.

babarfyi says:

Will you review the Zeiss Touit lenses? A good deal in the US according to Fujirumors

Daniel Han says:

For each Samyang made they get money from the government, that’s why the lenses are good and also being cheap.

Samyang’s 14mm/2.8 besides distortion (horrible), is also a rather good lens. Better than Nikon’s 14mm/2.8D 😛

haim shapira says:

hi. did you try the samyang 12mmf2 and what do you think about it?

Black Dog says:

Good review.

Tomislav Miletić says:

Yp 12mm / 2 for fuji review would be nice 🙂

Peggy Stevinson Bair says:

Love listening to you, you’re hilarious. Thanks for an honest assessment.

Jose Martin says:

Angry sounds like he’s getting more mellow with time..

34thncrenshaw says:

what does the 16mm fx fisheye look like on a crop sensor nikon??

Maxim Muir says:

I have enjoyed mine for a pretty long time. I may grab the newer version with the removable hood down the road, but my copy of the first version is still working well

Niru says:

Review the 12mm Samyang F2 Please 🙂

Manuel Odabashian says:

What about others is there a 35mm f1.4?

Mark Acevedo says:

Thanks for being honest as usual! Another lens ‘brand’ for them is Bower, i think they use different branding in different regions.

Nicolaas Strik says:

Would I need to make changes in the X-T2 menu when using the Samyang 8mm manual lens?

KuDo xFactor says:

So would you recommend this over the 10.5? Or should you just save up for a 10.5?

dopamining says:

“Nikon makes the best fisheyes” ?

Guairenito says:

I am very tempted by the Rokinon 12mm f2 version II. Does someone have tried it?

alexlovesjapan says:

Hi dude, great vids btw! What would be the benefit of having the metabones adapter with this on the Fuji? I wanna know know if I should buy it as I’ve love this fisheye!

Al Green - Light Through Glass says:

If you’re calling it an eight it must be damned good. I guess as vers 2 is designed for mirrorless, they don’t need to use a retrofocus design.

Stewie 5.6k says:

wowowow wow new shirt?

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