Samyang 12mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS ‘Fisheye’ lens review (with samples)

Here’s something completely new – the very exciting, full-frame, Samyang 12mm f/2.8 ‘Fisheye’ lens. I have had a huge amount of fun putting together this camera lens review.

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All pictures and footage taken by me on a Canon 6D camera.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Alain Paulis Garmendia says:

Hi Chris, You are testing the lens only on full frame camera. Is this lens working bad on a 70D? You said it was done for full frame but i wanted to know how it performs on APS-C. Thank you for the review.

Richie Tabuada says:

Hi, can you compare the bulging effect of this samyang to canon 8-15 @ 12mm? Thanks..

Adam Lee says:

will this be the exact same as the Rokinon branded version?

Fyt Lox says:

Hey man,

I love watching your reviews, they’re so consistent and detailed.

I’m kinda in a dilemma right now to choose between Samyang’s 12mm fisheye or Samyang 14mm to be used on Nikon D7200, according to DXO 14mm has 18MPix on D5300, which is insanely sharp, but the 12mm fisheye is tempting to buy, and the 8mm fisheye is just too wide for me, your suggestion will be greatly appreciated and thanks again for your reviews, I wish you a great time ahead,


Kryštof Kalina says:

Well I am pretty much sold. : ) Great video, sir!
I just would love the explanation of the shortcuts in the title as well as how to tell which one is for Canon mount. Would you help me out here?
Btw you wouldn’t happen to know when Samyang might introduce an upgrade to this lense?

All the best from Prague

Apaansih says:

im interested on buying this lens, but my camera is 60d (which i suggest isnt a full frame camera), is it still worthed to buy this lens?

Mahamudul Hasan says:

Hello, I am a 70 D user. Looking for a fish eye lens. Cant decide between Samyang 12mm or 8mm. Can u please tell me how much field of view I have to sacrifice if I chose 12mm fish eye. Understanding field of view is very complex when it comes to fisheye lens and has no fixed rules. I already have canon 10-18mm stm. I just need to decide which one is worth to buy. Ur recommended is highly required.

Areku San says:

But why are you using this full frame lens with a Canon 70D??: 3:57
Do you know if the E-mount version works well on the Sony A7ii?

Kevin Ho says:

hi i want ask can it use on aps-c sensor?

Vincent Brady says:

Hey Chris,
I’ve been looking all over for a good explanation on the Samyang 12mm vs Sigma 15mm field of view differences and you helped a lot. The Samyang’s extra coverage will be very beneficial for my multiple camera 360 time-lapse rig! Many thanks for the video!

Fernando Opoka says:

nice video man! but can you review this in an APS-C camera? i know the existence of the 8mm but, i have an APS-C and in the future i’m going to buy an FX camera…

Dan BENDAVID- Ipad says:

Hi Christopher
I am looking for a LCP/Photoshop to correct lens distorsion etc…. . I have the Canon 6D and the Samyang 12 mn ? Thank you for your videos on Youtube.

Furyyy PC says:

If I put on the camera 650D lens 12mm f/2.8 what will be viewing angle?

Jon T says:

Hi Christopher,
i just bought this lens. can you give me some tips on how to focus on the subject in the dark?

Arturo Serrana says:

Hi — how does this lens match up with the Rokinon 14mm in terms of image quality?

csc chua says:

we can see your shadow on 5:06. i had always though your shooting on a tripod.

magic tata says:

much different between samyang 12 mm and samyang 14 mm

Nassim Abed says:

Thank you so much for this wonderful review and comparison to other 15mm fisheye lenses – this is very important to keep in mind when selecting the lens.

Ristic says:

Does it work normaly on APC-S cameras like canon 760D

Gabsta_ph says:

Hi Chris ! If you had to choose between this lense and the laowa 12 mm 2.8, which one would you choose ? thank you 🙂

Samuel Granger says:

Have you seen Gene Ho’s “The Art of the Fisheye” video on B&H? His method involves throwing the fisheye in positions you could never put your eye. This makes me wary of picking up Samyang’s fully manual fisheye. Can you “shoot from the hip” with it? Are there manual tricks for guessing focus?

ted tedsen says:

i had the sigma 15mm Fish eye lens havent tested this samyang  sigma is autofocus but terrible noisy focus motor but has nice sharpnes and color im planning to buy this Samyang 12mm fish eye soon miss my fish eye lens hoping the samyang is better

Benjamin Padilla says:

+Christopher Frost Photography , so would you say this is the best non expensive fisheye lens for a full frame (6D) camera? I was thinking to get the sigma 15mm ex dg, but your review makes me think about it. What I really will miss is the autofocus… Thanks!

Ronaldo Obem says:

fits in apsc body?

Jürgen Korn says:

I love my Rokinon 12mm f/2.8 Fisheye… it´s a wow lens

Zaydi amine says:

Hi Christopher, do you thinks its better than the Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L II ? (you have reviewed it before on a different channel) .. thank you so much for these videos.

Harish says:

Hi chris, between Samyang 12mm & 14mm which one you suggest.

Luca Giordano says:

i’m sorry if i sound pretty newbie
my question is, are the wide angle lenses focusing pretty much everything?

Dieter Käppel says:

Thank you for the very practical review, including sharpness and other behavior of the lens.

Ralph Cedric Basco says:

Is this lens good for wide angle videos and photos for my Nikon d3400? Furthermore, I am not sure if the d3400 is a full frame cam or crop sensor.

sridhar nemani says:

Is it possible to de-fish the footage in post?

Alexander Barrels says:

can you please do a review of the samyang 10mm? would be awesome 🙂

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