Rokinon 8mm Fisheye Lens

All photos were produced by me (Antiprotons). They are all 100% my own work. I own all copyrights.


fpink3 says:

I have this lens (8mm Rokinon) and a Samyang 14mm full-frame (Samyang Korea makes both of these lenses). Both have the same style cup-shaped lens cap, though different sizes. I don’t know what’s wrong with this fellow’s sample of the lens cap, but both of mine snap into place and hold securely until the two tabs are squeezed to release them. I have never had either release unexpectedly. I can’t even muscle the cap of the lens. Even pushing one tab isn’t enough to release the cap. In the video, it looks just how one of my examples of this lens cap behaves if it was placed on the lens without aligning the tabs to snap them in place. Since I’m sure this isn’t what the reviewer did, Samyang must be guilty part to part variation in their lens caps.

Chloe Schmitt says:

would this lens work on canon eos t6

Kevin OConnor says:

i just bought this lens for Astrophotography , i think i can get away with a 40 second shot without star trailing although i will use a vixen star tracker later……cheers

Mark H says:

Coo l- Ive got an old Canon FD 7.5 mm SSC SLR lens @ f5.6 It’s rare and pricey now…

essexracer27 says:

I bought the 6.5mm version , I agree awesome lens for the price but same problem with lens cap that is the only thing that lets it down ,

Gogogadget_Nikon says:

Really appreciate the video. I just realized I have the CS1 for nikon. Would you mind doing a video about the difference between the f stop and T stop on the 8mm Rokinon

hoggif says:

Samyang (also branded as Rokinon etc) makes some great manual focus lenses (for the price). Lens hood mounts are usually rather flimsy and lens caps are not too great (even the “normal” ones).

zproxy says:

good stuff. consider to do a 360 timelapse of the midnight moon

Darth Meow says:

Was the video clips of the sky a time lapse done with an intervalometer/timer?
What settings were you using?

Milan Karakas says:

At 5:56 on your video, I can see ‘comas’ on stars. Are you sure that you focused it properly? Or this lens is really bad for astrophotography.

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