Rokinon 8mm f3.5 Fisheye Review

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Do you need an affordable ultra wide angle fishye lens for your camera? In this video Mike shares his review of the Rokinon 8mm Fisheye lens, talks about the pros and cons and overall if it’s worth the cash. Also make sure to stay tuned to see some test footage and a few sample images from the lens at the end of the video.

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Roman K says:

dude how do i take off the attachment cap side ?? i just got it brand new its so hard to get off

C Batchelor says:

You did a very good presentation compared to others on here who are “pros” as such. 🙂

You go much deeper than the others and have that is what I needed to hear. I came out of the Film era doing work for Museums through my studio and when I was learning as a youth like you I wish I could have had someone explain as you have.

Very impressed with you.


Charles of “Higher Call” Photography

KeepOnRollinFilms says:

best review i’ve seen so far

phillip jensen says:

tripod  f8 iso50  30 sec shutter and night shoot are far out.
 the newer one you can take off the Hood  . good thing cause i have a Sony  A99 .

i like macro

noah marasigan says:

how big is the canon t3i lens?

Rolando J says:

Others have mentioned the music. My ears are bleeding. Your mentioning of the focusing comes off as a bit over dramatic. I grew up using manual lens and cameras. And this might be the easiest lens to focus I have ever used. You mentioned you have to stop it down, so your DoF increases. And on this lens is stupid. Unless you are doing extreme close up filming, you just put it just below infinity and everything further than about 3 is in focus.

I don’t know much about Canon cameras, so I’ll take your word on it about the metering. I’m using this lens with an adapter on a mirrorless camera, so Live View is all you have. In Live view, there isn’t much to meter, just adjust your settings until your exposure is correct, but it metered fine on my Sony. I might suggest that anybody using this lens should try out the various metering schemes available on there camera. Center spot metering is probably smart, this lens has 180º FoV so as mentioned, the metering as mentioned in the video isn’t isn’t going to be all that accurate.

I bought an Oshira branded version of this lens yesterday. I was $100 from 47th Street Photo off Amazon and it does have the removeble hood. They included a really bad adapter that leaked light, so I’m ordering a better adapter, but on a Canon you won’t have this problem. I purchased the kit to fit my Sony for $10 more. Don’t waste your money if you are interested buying this lens adapted, just get the Canon lens and buy a separate adapter. There was wobble on both the lens and camera side.

Nick Mitha says:

Just to clarify for some people commenting, the CSII version does have a detachable hood. Also this lens does work at night, I have taken quite a few cool shots at night with my Samyang version.

Matthew La Vallie says:

will this work on Nikon cameras?

BronxAnt23 says:

you seem very artistic, so I found your use of concrete block background funny. Best of luck to you. Thanks for the review. I just found one new for $199 shipped. I will use it on an old Rebel and try it on an EOS M.

Abe Zilla says:

Nice review kid, keep it up!!! Now I want this lens

Peter P says:

Just bought this lens from NYC. According to Ken R. set the distance at 1 foot and at F5.6, F8 or F11, and then set the shutter speed so as to get the proper exposure. With these settings everything is in focus; shoot away! Although it is a ‘Manual’ lens, it gives you a Histogram and LCD image. Great images with my D5100. Love the ‘over the top’ distortion. According to Ken R. it gives a better image than the Nikon Fish-Eyes; it does not condense the sides of the image as do Nikon Fish Eyes. Cheers! From Canada.

Braden Dam Visuals says:

What is the name of the intro music?

LuminatX says:

could your intro be any fucking louder!? jesus

Mic Sku says:

for canon its “only” 167° field of view and its 8mm*1,6=13mm

Sam Sloan says:

If its an 8mm lens, then its going to be about a 12.8mm on an APS-C sensor.

ThePstjtt says:

Hi — I see others have commented on your audio — you really need to balance the loudness across the video so people don’t have to ride the volume. I’d also recommend you work from a script — it helps you organize your thoughts and put them across effectively. All meant as constructive criticism, I hope it reads that way.

Loong97 says:

Excellent review with a lot of specs and nice contents. Keep up the Good Work! Just turned down the beginning music, it was very loud, left a bad impression. Put your reading notice beside your video device. Therefore you don’t need look down in every 10/20 seconds. Overall speaking, Good Work!!!

Szeba86 says:

Fav lens so far for me is Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM and now I’m also considering this fish eye because the price 130$ including shipping, the only problem is that I don’t have live view and I’ve had some bad experiences with a 50mm Pentacon F1.8 from a Praktica MTL3 with a converter with focus confirmation chip on it, the hit rate was horrible on that even with focus confirmation and stopped down….

Victorkapz says:

Nice video.. Fwiw, you won’t ever have to worry about going bald lol

dbfilmm says:

no you cant. full fram has a bigger sensor so it will look just like a small circle surround by a bunch of darkness

Quiller Arc says:

wow ur making me cry here lols.

South Devon Pixie Photography. says:

Really helpful cheers man.

Josh Long says:

You get what you pay for when buying this lens. Its a great starter fisheye but if your getting this to shoot sports like skateboarding, bmxing, I recommend doing more research for a better lens because this lens has some SOFT glass. It’s impossible to get a sharp Image.

Ryan Keen says:

I got mine for $150! I noticed how you said it doesn’t do that great at night, I think otherwise! Mine has done awesome!

Diloman64 says:

Holly shit man, fix your audio… how can I trust your review if you don’t know anything about audio for video.

Omar Saad says:

Nice presentation

Gardner Calibuso says:

I love manual focus lens!  It’s forces the photographer to think and learn!  This lens is awesome for the price and currently being used on my Sony A7R, awesome lens

Joran Jesse says:

Can you put the lens on a nikon D3100 ?


A very helpful review thanks

Bill Heng says:

Great video and very informative. It did help me to decide to buy one or not. Thank you Sir :0)

Gustavo Ibarra says:

Thank for your review, the best I had found!. Glad to see young people on this beautiful world what is the photography…I just order the cinema version e mount for my a6000 🙂

Leslie Lawrenson says:

As well as MANUAL mode, you can also shoot in APERTURE PRIORITY mode. In that mode, the camera will choose the shutter speed and the ISO rating (if you have chosen AUTOMATIC for the ISO), so all you have to do is set the aperture and concentrate on the manual focus.

Hoan Lee says:

why all kids are always making Vlog like this: music is blowing everybody ears away with intro or background and don’t hear a crab while they’re talking. I was out in 16″

SRT JKG says:

learn how to adjust and manage the volume properly for your video!!!!

Multiple Object Selector says:

holy fucking shit. turn that fucking intro music down.

gwhancock says:

I love this lens ! I have the Canon mount;  Great for shooting ‘from the hip’, great color, cool lens flare, sharpest at f5.6 and gives really cool long exposure shots. It is FULLY manual, but with an infinity distance around 5 1/2 ft I sometimes just set to infinity and set exposure on vacation and spray everything. Light metering still works on my 60D, but you do have to stop it down a little to compensate for all hat light coming through that huge piece of glass.  and if you angle it to flatten the horizon you can get cool pano-landscapes. Great review !

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