Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye Lens Q&A Review with Test Shots

This is my second review of the Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye Lens, where I answer questions from comments and show some demonstration footage and photos.

Watch our review of the Rokinon 8mm with Removable lens hood:

Watch me break the lens hood off the older Rokinon 8mm fisheye:

Video by LakeKover Films –


Aumanjoy says:

When you make a video….. take your sound into account, my ears were blown from the wind

Sorriso 46 says:

thank you for video, show

dude dude says:

does this fit on a canon 600d

Gaurav Arora says:

This guy is stupid af

Derek McCoy says:

You lost all cred when you said you didn’t know what m meant (metres)

Noah S. says:

I am planning on buying this lens to be specefic for my nikon D3300 (Crop frame) to improve my time lapses including at night. I was wondering you could try taking a shot with it at night at F 3.5, maybe of the milky way. I hear some people saying at F3.5 the images get soft but sample photos are limited. Thanks!

Mighty Mike Midget Murga says:

Does the fish eye 8mm, work well with Sony a6300.

Deej Hat78 says:

Is there anyway to take the a picture on a Full Frame Camera with any cropping? So a full circle with any cropping at all going onto the sensor. Can some kind of adapter be used? This would be useful for creating Full spherical shots of the sky that includes the full 360 horizon for 3D rendering software. Is this possible on my Sony A7? Great videos thanks!

Victor Vargas says:

So if a have a Nikon bidy frame I don’t get the circle on the picture?

RT66TBIRD says:

You don’t know what the m stands for?  Do you know what a meter is?  0.3 is about 1/3 of a meter or about 1 foot, not six inches.  You claim to be a photographer?  I guess you were asleep in science class.

My Favorite Vegan says:

Thanks for the follow-up video. I’m more excited now about getting my new fish-eye lens. I should be getting it today and looking forward to using it. Awesome videos! 🙂

Zeljković Marino says:

hello hello… I was thinking of buying this lens but only if it AF… manual doesn’t work for my needs? so is it AF or MF!?
Ps thank you… love your work..

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