Rokinon 8mm f 3.5 Fish Eye Review

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CONCLUSION: Time to wrap is this review of the Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 Fish Eye, in a nutshell;

BUILD QUALITY: It’s top notch, especially for something priced like this, granted, its manual focus, but both the focus and aperture rings are smooth and well dampened and given the depth of field of a fish eye lens, focus is less of an issue when the lens is stopped down to f/5.6 or f/8. For build, we thoguht it was really solid and gave it a 9/10.

OPTICAL QUALITY AND THE QUALITY OF THE RESULTS: There’s noticeable edge softness at f/3.5, but that really cleans up nicely stopped down to f/5.6 or f/8 which is where you’re most likely to use a fish eye lens anyway. The focus can be a bit tricky, but if you implement your camera’s live view function and then zoom in on what you’re wanting to focus on, the Rokinon can come through with some really great and sharp results. We gave the Rokinon a 9/10 for both optical quality and the quality of the results.

VALUE: If you’re in the market for a niche lens like a fish eye, then the Rokinon is nothing short of an amazing value – given the price point relative to the competition out there. Great build, very good optics and a price point that’s 2 to 3 times less it’s nearest competitor. When you sum it all up, the Rokinon is a great deal and an exceptional value, we gave it a 9.5/10


THE FINAL WORD: If you can get past the somewhat tricky focus and the lack of any electronics – manual focus and aperture settings – then you’re going to love the Rokinon 8mm Fish Eye, and your wallet is going to love you right back! It’s a really nice package at a really great price. Nice work Rokinon, it’s a job well done!This is Darren Miles with Darren Miles Photography here in beautiful, sunny Naples, FL, don’t forget to subscribe…. and until the next time… Happy Shooting!


troy X says:

Can you confirm this lens will give a full spherical image on a full frame sensor or is it a little cropped?

Braden Faulkenberry says:

I am a 14 year old amateur skate photographer. I have a canon eos rebel xs. I want a fisheye lens to get better shots. Is this one good. Any other recommendations?

Kyle Macdonald says:

auto focus and the lens talking to the camera is nice but the less electronics in the lens the less shit there is to break.

Rourke McGaffin says:

I use this Rokinon on a Nikon D90. Mine is the CS-II with the detachable lens hood. I get an FEE error on my cam if the lens aperture ring isn’t set at 22. But the reason I am posting is that the lens focus doesn’t do anything. Is there some AF conflict on my camera? I get a lot of great pics, but also a lot of blurry ones like you mentioned.

Kevin OConnor says:

Hi Darren , just wondering if this lens would suffice on my Canon 70D for Astrophotographpy .I think i can get at least a 40 to
50 second exposure without obvious star trailing

Laren P says:

why haven’t you been hired by pbs yet? your voice is made for tv or this old house

Hussain Hitawala says:

First of all, thank you for bringing up such a great review Darren. But what more I’d like to know is that can I use this lens for my 360 degree panorama to stitch them as a spherical panorama?

tophtml1 says:

You can’t go wrong with Rokinon/Samyang/Bower/ . . . I’ve got 5 of them spread out between E-mount and F-Mount and I have yet to get a bad one. I embraced the LCD eyepiece solution and live view a while back for my 24mm TS lens and it works very well (bring extra batteries). Fortunately, my Sony EA50 has focus peaking which my Nikon lacks. I think I’ll get the 8mm. The price is sure right.

deepak primta says:

Is it compatible with canon 600D

zaverdragon1 says:

ironically this video is terribly inexposed especially since its mostly clipping since his highlights are every where and way over powered when its just him talking

Fernando Opoka says:

is good as the altura photo 8mm?

greglalatv says:

what lens u used for this video?

Dee-Dee Overton says:

Hi Darren!! Nice video!! I have an unrelated question. What type of tripod are using or what do you recommend?

Dave B says:

Actually, optical testing will be done at wide open. This is where you rely on the glass to produce a sharp image. So if you have to stop down to clean it up, then it’s a fail for the glass. And the lack of electronics must really bug you because you mentioned it.. oh man like 20 times! I have to “estimate” focus on some older cameras like zeiss Ikon or Century Graphic cameras using the scale on the lens only, and that works! That’s why they label it. So if you don’t have focus peaking on your EVF usually the estimate system will work pretty well esp. with a wide angle.Just look at the barrel. But I think it’s blurry because of the poor glass.

Marian Niranjan says:

Good video…

Juan C Martinez says:

hey great video! i’m looking for the best lens for my nikon D3100… i will love to record high quality video like yours in this review… Which lens did you use to record this video? and what do you recommend that is not too expensive.  somebody recommended a 55mm lens but i’m not sure exactly which one is that.

marcelo pisani says:

Hi Darren! will this lens will work good on a Nikon D750…?.Thanks.

Asheesh Chopra says:

Thanks! …this is useful; but would you recommend this for a full frame body? What would be the best budget Fisheye lens for a Canon full frame body?

Kenneth Hoffman says:

I have this lens and everything you say about it is spot on! For a photographer who ‘grew up’ old school manual (ex: First Camera Ever: Pentax Spotmatic ca. 1970) this is for sure one bargain gem! Sensational really.

Florencia Carvajal says:

Mister Darren, would you recommend me to buy this lens for nightclub photography? I’m scared about not being able to focus properly on f3.5 (consider I have poor eyesight) 🙁

iHeartMambo says:

super awesome review!

Fauzi Ardhana says:

hello , i have a question, why my samyang Fisheye CS gold ring can not record the video with EOS 60D, can you explain it ? please help, thank you so much ~

Jesse H says:

I have learned to love Manual focus

CallmeMat says:

Is Rokinon a good brand? Compared to Canon, Nikon and other more famous brands?

Eneko Sánchez says:

I was quite scared about my Lens not having af or not working with the body af motor…but ill keep it and work on it. Thank you

Adam Mullins says:

must have. 🙂

The Bass Legend says:

Great video and awesome review!

gigifaraci says:

great review! This review helped me make up my mind. I’m buying tomorrow.

Caleb Owens says:

What do you use to get those nice slow-moving panning video shots?

Philip Fletcher says:

Great video Darren….I’ve already got two Samyang / Rokinon lenses and they’re certainly great value for money and top quality. FYI for Nikon users…….the Nikon version of this lens comes with full AE control, although the focus is still manual.

Jose luis Conde says:

with f/8 you can reach focus from 1 meter to infinity. ( hyper focal  distance).

Jose Paredes says:

THanks for this video Mr. Darren . Have a question for you . Just want to know your apinion about use this lens on FX cameras . Regards

Sgt. Salvador Monteverde, USMC, Retired says:

Good Day Mr. Miles,
Thank you very much for your informative review on the ‘Rockii’ 8mm Fish Eye. Please let me introduce myself; Just call me ‘Sal’ for short. Salvador is the full name. I am a Disabled War Veteran, Retired U.S.Marine. I really like to experiment and that is why the Fish Eye has always caught my eye!! LOL!! So let me ask, as I am sure that you have had some experience with ‘Samyang.’ What would you say are the important differences between the ‘Rockii’ and the ‘Sammy?’ Watching your video, My curiosity got the best of me; What sort of mount do you have on your tripod. Looks like one pan head on top of another. Looks really interesting, and very heavy!! Would you mind sharing??!!
Thank you once again for all your videos.
Take care and GOD Bless you and your loved ones!!!

David Wise says:

I just picked one of these up for $180, mint used. I completely agree with you, f/8 is sharp and the value and build quality are phenomenal.

thxdts says:

I have been thinking of purchasing this lens. I have decided to buy this lens after this great review of it.

Al Green - Light Through Glass says:

Focus peak on mirrorless – no probs

Filmer Cruz says:

Hello, i am looking for a fisheye for my canon 70d, i keep coming back to the Rokinon, im mostly using it for skateboard video, so i would need as wide of a field of view as possible, 180 instead of the 167. Also auto focus would help since i wont be able to control that while the camera is low to the ground, and the skater is at varying distances.

KreygScott says:

So I’ve had my Rokinon 8mm for about a week and its just simply awesome. For a manual shooter like myself it is truly a dream lens at a more than affordable price. A MUST have for any serious photographer.

Amari Adore says:

Astounding Review!!!! Well done!

Medalavi says:

I am not happy with the focus of the lens”Always blurred when zoomed in the photo”  suggestion?

Damien Wilde says:

5:22 he absolutely creamed that.

Steve Hammond says:

Autofocus with an 8mm lens is ludicrous. Set the hyperfocal distance for f/8 and fix it in place with some electrical tape and never worry about focusing it.

Brandon Schultz says:

I was wondering if you need to calibrate this lens? If so how. Thanks

Tony Simsek says:

thank you Darren!!!

Roozbeh says:

Hi Darren, is this the same lens as the Samyang 8mm HD?

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