Rokinon 12mm fisheye lens review – The urbex and adventure photography dream lens!

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In this video we’re going to review the Rokinon 12mm full-frame fisheye lens. We’re going to compare it to the Nikon 16mm f/2.8 fisheye as well as the Rokinon 14mm non-fisheye.

You’ll definitely want to click through to our site and read the full written review, with image samples and sharpness crops etc. however simply put, this lens is amazing. For anyone who finds themselves shooting in confined spaces, whether urbex photography, spelunking, (caving) or simple interior real-estate photography, having an extra few mm on the wide end is always a good thing.

This lens is significantly wider than the Nikon 16mm f/2.8 fisheye, and when de-fisheye’d in Photoshop using a plugin like Fisheye Hemi, it is jaw-droppingly wider than the Rokinon 14mm f/2.8.

Also, it is much sharper than the Nikon fisheye, (therefore making it as sharp as or sharper than all other full-frame fisheye lenses on the market!) …and is marginally sharper than the Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 even when de-fisheye’d.

Be sure to check out the full review with more sample images here!


FreeKickSpecialists says:

Can you use this lens on a crop sensor camera such as the d3300?

Lord Baccus says:

How did you get Lightroom to detect the Lens? I have the Rokinon 85mm F1.4 and I get NO Data in Lightroom

Michael Miller says:

Interesting review. I have the Rokinon 14mm Rectilinear as well but eliminated the mustache distortion by loading a custom lens profile for it in Lightroom. Results are great for stills but can’t do anything to fix it in video… Not sure if this new fisheye is worth it when the Sigma is only a couple hundred more and has Autofocus with full exif data.

Michael Izumi says:

thanks for review and thank you all for your comments

fkrtna says:

The only issue I see with this lens is the manual focus, I have the Samyang 10mm f/2.8 and not much like it!

Kiên Nguyễn says:

How is the focus distance scale markings on the lens . Is it accurate?

rahman lominadze says:

Thanks a lot!

Tito says:

Great video!! I was planning to purchase the Nikkor Fisheye 10.5mm but it’s quite expensive… this Rokinon seems a great cheaper alternative! But I have a Nikon D5200 (DX smaller cropped sensor), will I still be able to use this Rokinon lens? Many thanks again! PS: Just noticed lots of people are asking the same question!

lost dwarf says:

That’s a new word I just made up. Distorty.. haha gotta love this guy!

Stefan Smuts says:

Awesome Video!

Akhand Mahmood Ashek says:

Really helpful review…. Thank you very much

Oxizee says:

EF Lens?

CrashPCcz says:

Hello. Thank you for your awesome review. It totally made me decide for 12mm fish, while after many other reviews, I didn´t know.

J-P. Scherrer says:

Excellent video ! I just received the Samyang 12mm. f/2.8 for my Nikon D800 and I’m indeed very much impressed by its sharpness, contrast and colors rendering !
Now… once again is there any ready-made lens correction for Lightroom ? Pleeease…..
BTW, for those who regret the fact that it’s a MANUAL lens: why on earth would you need AUTO FOCUS ?? Learn how to use “hyperfocal and be done !

Nikko Arnado says:

Pheonominal video! Thanks for the indepth review and share. Definitely gonna be picking up a Rokinon fisheye seeing how much fun you guys have been having with it!

I’m curious to know if anyone out there has had a chance to mess with the Rokinon 8mm Fisheye T3.1/F2.8 vs the 12mm? If not, what would be your guess on it? You think the 8mm fisheye could be better? Or the 12mm fisheye is best?

adrian alonso says:

I just order this, also gonna order the nikon d7200. It’s gonna be sick

Uchin Mahazaki says:

It’s ultrawide lens, not a fisheye. 8mm is fisheye

commentor12 says:

it would be interesting to know what camera is used with this lens in this video ? sony ? wild guesses

Wanderlust HM says:

Very useful! Thank you guy!

hawkchild says:

Hello! I’m curious as to specifically which de-fisheye app you used? I’m in the new Photoshop and I don’t see anything internal within the program. Thank you! I’m using the Samyang 12mm/2.8 full frame on my Sony a7, and so far so good. Nice lightweight setup. 🙂

Steve Maxfield says:

Wicked awesome review, man. good job

JustinCase says:

Clan I see this bitch on an apsc sized sensor

robyworks says:

What was that post edit to correct fisheye in photoshop? Its build in program or some plugin? Great review, thanks!

EdeksAttic says:

Nice review. I purchased the Rokinon f2.8 12mm for my Nikon D750. It is a great lens. Just heading out to do a shoot with it right now. By the way, LIghtroom has a lens Rokinon 12mm profile that takes out the fisheye distortion.

MishoMods says:

How do I de-fisheye video taken with this lens on a 6D?

Dieter Käppel says:

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce these clean de-fishing with Fisheye-Hemi. It holds back in the edges, but introduces other distortions for me. Maybe, because Fisheye-Hemi applies the same mapping to every lens. Meanwhile Lightroom uses up to 3 support points in order to linearize the image. So I was wondering, how you came to that good result.

Brian Stalter says:

Looks like a great lens!

Kiên Nguyễn says:

I’m thinking of buying a gopro hero 4 black instead of this for my 6d.

mohamed Hewela says:

does it for full frame sony E-mount ?

Photo314159 says:

You sold me, thanks.

João Faria says:

any alternatives to fisheye-hemi?

commentor12 says:

but why would i choose this lens in stead of the rokinon 12 mm 2.0 ? anyone agree ?

Michael Young says:

After applying fisheye hemi, what is the trick you are doing for the “second pass” that gets that great result on the interiors?

Roberto Ragusa says:

how do you defish this lens?

Michael Foley says:

This lens would be unbelievably awesome to use with a D810 or super high-MP camera for landscapes. Great editing on these shots!

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