Opteka 6.5mm fisheye lens for Canon unboxing and reivew.

Unboxing and testing my new fisheye lens for my Canon DSLR camera.


sealand000 says:

At 2:16, it looks like the middle ring with the hash mark moved while you were changing the aperture… is that so?

Reza R says:

Thank you sir!   I am now well informed of this lens, because you have done your job well.  Thank you!

Jason Richards says:

Will this work on canon t5?

ktrill says:

hey, I have a Nikon d3100 with the Opteka 6.5mm and I don’t know if it’s technically vignetting but it shows black only on the bottom left and top right corners when I have the lens hood on, so I just use it without it. although I would like to have it on… do you know why this is occurring and how to fix it? thanks.

Liam Mews says:

i have two questions, do you think this lens changes the image quality at’ll? and how do you use the lens without the black ring around like ive seen in alot of other tests of this lens? im new to photography and just wondered

Mason says:

Will this work for the canon t6???

Conner Mccall says:

When filming videos such as skate lines, is manual focus a problem?

DigitalTechLife says:

Not sure what you mean regarding Image quality. At f/stop 5.6 and upwards the picture quality is good. I do not get any black rings in photos or videos possibly due to my Canon 550D being a crop sensor. I prefer this to my Tamron 10mm-24mm.

DaNewBoyz1 says:

I have a d3100 and the same fisheye and I can’t get my fisheye to screw on please HELP!!

Janos Mohacsi says:

Is it for Asp-C only? Not for full frame???

Helias says:

For that amount of money, someone should go for the samyang 8mm which rocks solid!

Khang Nhat says:

Is it available for my canon 40D, sir?

DigitalTechLife says:

Did you get the Canon Version or the Nikon Version? The Canon version wont connect to your Nikon Camera. As for my lens it fits just the same as any other lens once you line up the red dot on the mount to the red dot on your camera.

Wellyngton Amorim says:

Radiohead! Awesome!

DigitalTechLife says:

It looks like it in the video but the answer is no, the middle ring is fixed to the body of the lens so I turned the whole body. Construction on this lens is excellent.

Dillon Walters says:

This video does not do to much justice, it was very shaky and out of focus. get a stabilizer then you can review video properly

PlainlyAnimated says:

anyone know where i can get a replaceable lens hood i lost mines

firstdance2000 says:

how about those Starfield shots?

dbfilmm says:

zoom in so you cant see the vignetting or crop it in post production, there isn’t any difference whether u do in production or post. but if you zoom or crop leave a little bit of vignetting just in my opinion it makes everyone know its a fisheye and in my opinion it seperates the look from a wide angle lens. i dont know about image quality because Im a cinematographer


will it work for the canon t1i?

John Debrey says:

Hey everyone check out my unboxing on my channel I would really appetite it !

Ole Martin Arneberg says:

it´s wider

DigitalTechLife says:

From what I read its the same lens as the Rokinon or Samyang 8mm lens, so probably not wider.

Deej Hat78 says:

Can you do bracketing with this lens?

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