Opteka 6.5mm F/3.5 Wide Angle Lens Review!

Today, we take a look at the Opteka 6.5mm Aspherical Wide Angle Lens. This being my first review, I would love getting feedback on it! I’m very happy with how it came out and want to keep progressing in this area of video making.

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Find the Lens: http://www.amazon.com/Opteka-Aspherical-Fisheye-Removable-Digital/dp/B00KGE4VS2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1453398476&sr=8-2&keywords=opteka+6.5mm
Check out my website ► http://avesmhl.com/
Check out my website ► http://avesmhl.com/

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VLSkate says:

hey man, nice channel and awesome review! I’m thinking about getting this lens to film skateboarding and I’m trying to get as much info on it asi can. could you be more specific about how the image gets “weird looking” after f11? in what way? thanks!

Michael Secchi says:

so the manual focus doesn’t affect the image? i have this lens and i couldn’t see it affect anything at all, looked up reviews on it to make sure i wasn’t missing something. it seems pretty focused all the time when i use it

Varun .G.Pillai says:

But you can correct the optical compensation option while editing the footage and use it in a movie! . Don’t give doubtful judgements man 😀

Jonalexher says:

excellent review, thank you!

Fishnetfreud says:

I really like your rating system! It definitely works well.

Aitor Rodriguez says:

I have a nikon d7100 that it has focus motor in the body. It will work the autofocus for that lens?

Thank you so much

NinjaBare says:

good info, Thanks

JackSale says:

Do you have to buy a canon converter lens thingy to put it on your camera

cameramanu says:

How well would it work on a Canon EOS 7D MkII?

miggler_01 cortez says:

Used this lens in the rain, and it’s wrecked pretty dope tho gonna buy another one

Cray McDaniel says:

nice review. one tip. DONT EVER FUCKING DO 60fps reviews. Ever! It’s sooo annoying to watch for a review format.

Oinks says:

Thanks for all the awesome support on this video! I wanted to give a quick update that I am actually looking to sell this lens for Canon E Mount. It retails for $160, and it is pretty lightly used, so I am looking for around $100. If you or anyone you know might be interested, reply to this comment or DM me on Twitter @AvesMHL

Thanks guys! 🙂

Danny Lozano says:

Yo I just got this lens for a t3i. Just for video use. Does anyone know why my screen shows up blue almost like crazy white Balance. But if I switch the mode it looks fine. It also tells me only on video mode “ensure lens is attached” I know it has no chip but did I mess up??? Can I change it to normal colors on video mode???

Yuan Francois says:

Did quite well on the review man, nice rating system. Very unique, keep it up

Vapor Bear says:

Don’t look down during your videos and take a few steps back

Alex Pellegrini says:

Yo, this review was like extremely great. Like actually enjoyable, good job. 😀

Rulask99 says:

i have a canon t3i and i want to do vlogs … should i get this fisheye lens? and i also have a shotgun mic, can you tell me any cheap mics i can use ?

Dave Bytheway says:

I use this lens with my Nikon D5500, nothing wrong with the aperture ring, its meant to be stiff. As for fstops, You can get half stop increments from 5.6 to 22. Must be your sausage fingers Avery. Thanks for your efforts though, much appreciated.

mroutt2 says:

I feel like this lens is specifically made for skateboarding just because you don’t really mess with it while filming and you are usually using a cam caddie to hold the camera which makes the weight problem not a big deal and the aperture ring obviously isn’t a big problem since again it’s not something you would adjust that often

Jxck Designs says:

hey dude please don’t shoot in 60 fps unless it’s slow motion 60 without it slowed down is cancer

Laurent Beauregard says:

Would you consider this lens great for sports/skate plans?

kon geor says:

at 5.6 do you get good footage for example on a cloudy day does it look bright or quite dark
and what aperture do you usually film at for vlogs

Facundo Alvarado says:

I’m seeing this from Argentina (I’m Argentinian, and i live here)… And here it costs AR$6500, wich with a dollar price of AR$15 it costs US$430!!! WHY DA F*** I BORN HERE! 🙁

quiambaomc says:

I’ll buy it from you?

Alca says:

Really professional review video, Avery! Your quality is getting better and better. <3

Raul Rodriquez says:

The Aperture ring is stiff like that so it doesn’t change on you easily if it was smoother could end up changing from 3.5 to 22 without you realizing it other then that like the review

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