Olympus 8mm Fisheye Review

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CONCLUSION: So to wrap up this review, we gave the Olympus 8mm f/1.8 Fisheye a 45/50 and it just squeaks out our highly recommended rating.

THE FINAL WORD: If you need a high quality, light weight fish eye lens and you’re an M43 shooter, then the Olympus 8mm f/1.8 PRO will make a nice addition to your kit, there are however, much lower priced alternatives out there, but they lack the feature set of the 8mm PRO – specifically weather sealing, AF and an f/1.8 aperture, all really nice and well executed features, but they come at a really stiff premium.


Eirik Stensland says:

Very nice, honest, and helpful review as usual. I really like that you let the pictures speak for themselves! Must say an 8mm f1.8 Fisheye is a very interesting albeit strange addition to the mFT-system. I most likely won’t be getting one as I already have the simple ($270) Samyang 7.5mm f3.5 which does the fisheye thing well enough for my photographic needs.

I have one question though: What’s the song you used from about 6:54 in the video? I liked that a lot.

paristo says:

The fisheye really requires photographer to know when it can be used. And it very rarely can be in normal photography. So I very well understand the 7/10 value for the money.
But that f/1.8. It is the selling point for the whole thing. Astrophotography and under water photography just thanks Olympus for that.
To be able use 1.3EV faster shutter speed or lower ISO or so on makes it just excellent in those.

CHNCAT says:

I like M43 system. Now I get back to APSC with SAMSUNG.They will work together.

mhs vz says:



Thank you for sharing another fantastic review.  I currently use a  Samyang 7.5mm T3.8 Cine ED UMC Fish-Eye on my Panasonic GH2.  The F/1.8 of this Olympus 8mm fisheye may be a temptation for me to upgrade.

djrbfm says:

one thing about this lens i really like is it’s ability to keep things in the centre looking as normal as possible. big asset. j.

Georg Arju says:

17 elements for a prime… not sure if that’s much beneficial over 7-14 f2.8, if only for f1.8 aperture. And then there is the price.

djrbfm says:

darren, hi. thx so much 4 response to my comments, on the faulty lenses. anyway, this is an audio query. could you tell us here what apps, etc you use to put your excellent quality videos together? the sound, and i’m a credited audio engineer here in australia, is certainly better than tony northrup/matt granger. this would help to illuminate quite a few things for us all. the notion of have high quality audio with high quality pictures is enormously engaging. j.

Shiznutsz says:

Another great and honest review. Agreed. With a fish-eye it’s all about that interesting and fun look, hardly about the pristine quality. It’s kind of a one trick pony and a whole series of just fish-eye shots would get old real fast. So you’d use it scarcely. If you’re looking for native electronic control, weather sealing and best performance, then perhaps sure, but for the occasions that I need to throw in a fish-eye shot, I’ll get out the Nikon D5300 with 8mm f/3.5 fish-eye or adapt that lens with a Fotga adapter or R.J. Lens Turbo to either E-M1 or GH4.

Your review of the 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO actually helped me make the choice to get that one. Enjoyed it a lot last week when I was surrounded by mountains and lakes. Hefty price, but there honestly isn’t much like it. Now just need to get rid of some gear and buy me the 40-150mm. Then I woud have the whole 7-14, 14-40 and 40-150mm trio dreamteam. Do have the 45mm and 60mm as well. What Olympus primes concerned the 75mm f/1.8 is still high on the wishlist.

halz7 says:

Will you be reviewing the Olympus 17mm 1.8. I can’t decide if it is worth buying.

GrenlandUnderVann says:

There is one area of photography where fisheye is not an obscure option namely under water photography. Until now the only option was basically the Panasonic 8 mm lens as manually focused lenses are a pain to use underwater and generally not supported by the housing manufacturers. Also Olympus offers their own under water housings, but without a dedicated fisheye lens the only option was to use a panasonic lens redardless. The added proximity of the Olympus focusing should make for some interessting under water photos compared to the panasonic fisheye.

tkarlmann says:

As a fellow Wedding Pro, I’m really surprised at your attitude in this video.  I think the idea of a 16mm/f1.8 lens is fantastic!  Plus, rather than the low-end consumer grade lenses, is in their Pro line!  I’m jumping up&down over this lens!  I’m soooooo glad that it isn’t a consumer grade lens!  (Here, Millennials, try THAT on your cell phone!)  I don’t understand your attitude toward this lens at all, unless your review is intended for a consumer-grade audience.  Two points:  1) lose all the repetition of the inside-the-oven shots, and 2) be glad you have this for your Wedding Clients!

bovver wonder says:

Were you in San Diego for Comic Con?

John Stevenson says:

Nice review, the f1.8 fisheye can be very useful under the low light condition (nighttime or underwater), there are some very nice milkyway shots in this flickr album which I never though MFT camera can handle that well. That could never happened if without large aperture and excellent optical performance.  Pretty amazing.


Andy Williams says:

Think I am going to have to invest in one of these puppies, thinking about going to iceland to try to capture the aurora borealis 🙂 Thanks for the review.

hzubovi1 says:

Thank You for the video, it would be sweet if you could compare this to a panasonic equivalent and the rokinon. Thanks

Johnny Ioannidis says:

As there is a crying need for more MFT reviews that are unbiased, direct, practical, and well thought-out, kudos to you. I also agree that this lens is very specialized and overpriced for what you get with the performance of the Rokinon/Samyang/Bower 7.5mm f3.5 fisheye which suits most people’s photography needs. Keep up the good work! Maybe a review of the Olympus 12mm f2 lens in the future?

Esteban Besendo says:

what a beauty!!

Simon Auger says:

love the reviews! really pro stuff.

Julian Garcia says:

do a review on the sigma 24mm 1.4 art lens!

Dark Side Challenger says:

Truly enjoyed this review, even tho I will probably never buy one, you made think about it in a way I never thought. You give probably the best perspective to what m4/3 users want from reviews. Great job

sam smith says:

Thank God for all the costume changes. I would never have been able to understand the review without it.

Ivan Noel says:

Hello, thanks for review.
I’m confused though… I understood this 8mm MFT lens to be 35mm equivalent of 16mm. However, yet from shots shown it seems more of an 8mm than a 16mm field of view. Or did I get something wrong?

Ask Nathaniel says:

Can I use this on my Canon T4i?

Pierre Aden says:

Great review, seems like you had fun using the lens. I’m a fisheye fan an wrote a short review of the lens, it’s really unique: http://ultraweit-verwinkelt.de/olympus-m-zuiko-8mm-f1-8-fisheye-pro-review-2/

djrbfm says:

just purchased,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wow. j.

KKG51 says:

Hi Darren, what happened to the sunburst for “Beautiful, Sunny, Naples Florida” 🙁
I’m waiting to hear from the FAA on my Part 333 application, they’ve been running about 6 weeks or so on approvals these days.

Kevin in CT

Shane Doyle says:

Pretty much echoing my thoughts.
Great lens but really hard to justify the investment. If a significant price drop happens I may reconsider because it really is a very nice lens.

Bogdahn17 says:

What song is it that you played during the video/photos?

c0ldc0ne says:

Another fine review in the bag. One niggle: “niche” is pronounced as “neesh”, not “nich”.

Mr P says:

don’t you just hate it when you forget your camera in the oven?

Miroslaw Horaczko says:

Nice shirts )))

Shanli Wang says:

Will you do the review for M.Zuiko 300MM F4?

djrbfm says:

after many, many pix with this. i simply cannot believe this piece of glass. however, i’ve found it has a hot spot, dead center. so, to combat this, i use the spot meter setting with this. totally amazing. j.

Mark Norris says:

darren, thanks for this review, i’ve always wondered when to use a fisheye, the logic area of my brain has never understood how a distorted image could be good or useful, looking at your video and photos here gives an excellent idea of application of this lens but please explain who uses this lens and why its used, i think owning this lens for a few weeks would be useful, that would be the ability to compare the photo with the scene being photographed, even if you could say “i like this photo because” , i have always been confused how distorted faces would be good, thanks, keep up good work

saba mosiashvili says:

hi Darren
i am just big lover of your reviews , they are really helpful !
I need advice from you about wide angle , may be this question for this video is not appropriate but i still hope to get replay from you.
 i have nikon 24-70 f2.8 right now , but in this days i like landscape very much and now i think to sell my 24-70 f2.8. value of it gives me opportunity to get tokina 16-28 f2.8  (new) and filters for it .secondly, i can get 14-24 f2.8 (second hand ) . and also i can get tamron 15-30 f2.8 (new) . i can`t decide what to get. i think i should take nikon or tokina . tamron is out because it has same results on images as nikon and it is -1mm. so now i want to know what can you say about this? what to take and why?

robbyboyo says:

Great review as always. Nice looking lens. I use the samyang 8mm EFS with a speed booster.

Evan McKnight says:

Great review Darren. I believe this lens would be popular with a lot of scuba diving photographers where a fish-eye may be one of their main go to lenses. The f1.8 would be a very nice feature underwater since the is inherently less ambient light.

Marc Mantione says:

This would be a great lens for underwater photography.

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