Nikon 8-15mm Fisheye Real World Review: is this Lens Worth the Price?

Nikon 8-15mm Fisheye “Real World Review”: is it Worth the Price for this Camera Lens?

This is a Real World Review of the Nikon 8-15mm F3.5-4.5E ED fisheye lens. Finally Nikon has replaced it’s aging 16mm f2.8 lens that at one time was awesome but now, not so much.

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I honestly think this lens should only shoot at two focal lengths, 8 and 15 and nothing in between. Shooting at 8mm gives you a completely round image and at 15 you get the traditional fisheye effect. For this Real World Review I took the lens out to the Philadelphia Museum of Art as well as to the skate park to put it through its paces.

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Kelthuzzar says:

Fro is Chad

Mat Vicens says:

RAWlly great skate shots though man. Seriously.

Edward Elgar says:

Did I hear Rectal-Linear?!?!

Hiram Juarbe says:

THIS VS Rokinon 8mm

thart says:

That “crack” is called an expansion joint and it helps control cracking of concrete do to thermal expansion and contraction.

Pop.Up says:

1250$ for a lens that you can only shoot at 15mm and f4.5 is fucking ridiculous. Olympus makes an 8mm f1.8 that?s way smaller and better in every way for less…

stewart munro says:

Jared Polin looks good enough to eat !

hankypanky4u says:

Canon commercial before the video hits irony right in the balls

Daniel Astello says:

Hey Jared I bet Ken wheeler can’t even do one push-up

Brendan Burkett says:

I thought there was a Lightroom option to remove chromatic aberrations. Under lens correction

Seth Burrow says:

Voluptuous booties… love it.

Mardi Mars says:

Awesome review as per usual and super high-quality video as well.

Dave Silo says:

you should do a correction on the 12mm. That could be the sweet spot for corrections. I also would suggest fisheye hemi plugin for photoshop. It works great.

hempseedaddict says:

Zero interest in fisheye, but interesting to see how you tried to find its best uses.

Aidan Gunn says:

I came here to see Jared shoot some skate

Obscured Universe says:

I actually like the lens hood fisheye photo at the 1:10 mark. It reminds me of the old style of some pictures.

Stevie Rios says:

I just really wish i had the money for the 14-24 ultrawide.. btw jared, ever since i started watchimg you, ive gotten so many paid requests for photoshoots. (@natgeostevo)

MrSoftypolimer says:

I LOVE FISHEYE. My first prime lens is 15mm Fisheye, as it was the most afforable (sort of) UWA option. The barrel effects can be properly fix in PS to avoiding the blur causing by LR’s lens correction (It’s not a simple task so it’s best to create PS’s action but it’s not going to give a consistant result for each different shots). Using the lens just for the fisheye effects can be a bit diffcult, but there’s a simple rule “keeping the main subject in the center area and try to be creative on the edge of the frame “, the very same rule for UWA portraits. I’ven’t try going lower than 15mm fishyeye yet, but I imagine it’s would be more difficult as the more thing will get inthe frame with stronger barrel effects.

Patgelsinger says:

This lens also could be really usefull for video when you see that the future D850 will ba able to film in 4k but with a 4.5 crop ratio!!!!
This mean this could be the “only” wide angle lense for videomaker 8mm X4.5 = 36mm

dale ettridge says:

great the way you explain things in terms everyone can understand and not get over technical

Krisztián Forgács says:

Hey, what camera strap is that? I think the Tink Tank logo was on your camera bag, isn’t it? 🙂

kaimelis says:

The one and only best use for this lens is for 360 photography, and mm’s in between are very useful, id use 12 mil on this lens if i had it all the time. You can control overlap and resolution of the final image by changing the zoom. Also impossible to remove CA? Literally one check mark in LR…

nudix009 says:

Hello Jared! Great review.

What do you think, will this be more risky to use in festivals and parties due the large field of view? You know, lasers damage camera sensors if they hit the lens, don’t they? And while this lens shows pretty much 180° fov, will a laser beam hitting the glass element from the edges of the frame damage the sensor same as a direct beam with a “more normal” lens?

Greban Dcunha says:

I wonder how this would work on APSC camera

Carlos Bartol says:

What about use it on a Nikon d500 ? I think that a ~12-22 is pretty good. Anyone knows any alternative ?

Avery Quinn says:

Was the dynamic range on the 6D Mark ii so bad there’s no more RWR? Lol

greg brashear says:

Fisheyes are best used for sequences in skateboarding when a guy is trying something difficult and technical, sometimes for hours, or when popo might roll up at any minute and you need to get in and out

Edwin Barnes says:

‘Illegally walked across the street’ – America is so weird…

Johnny Knoxville says:

fisheyes are rental lenses.

David Crimaldi says:

Rectal linear? LOL – love Fro Knows Photo!

R. Venters says:

Thank you Jared much love n respect blessings to you

DankMemes says:

Glad you got pics of Washington statue before they have it torn down

MrDmr3223 says:

What kind of lav mic are you using?

Bob Woolcock says:

I agree – most useful in interiors – in particular, a space capsule 🙂 Good review.

Gewglesux says:

That statue all needs to come down just in case it promotes racism.. We Cant take any chances..
16:12 Lil… so lovely…

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