Nikon 8-15mm f3.5-4.5 Fisheye Mini Review: Is it Worth the Price?

Nikon 8-15mm f3.5-4.5 Fisheye Mini Review: Is it Worth the Price?

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I just purchased the Nikon 8-15mm f3.5-4.5 fisheye lens from . This lens is replacing my aged Nikon 16mm f2.8 which hasn’t taken a super tack sharp image in ages, it was time for it to be retired.

Some people ask is this lens worth it’s $1,249 price tag? I point to the price tag of the 16mm 2.8 which is still right under $1000 new. So my answer is, if you need to ask is it worth it than it may not be the right option for you. Now I don’t mean that in a down-putting way, but this is a specialty lens.

In my opinion this is not your first, second or even third lens in your bag. For me it’s probably forth or fifth lens I would pick up. This is a specialty lens, it’s going to be used sparingly to get a specific shot, then it’s going back in the bag. Fisheye lenses are not meant to be over done, when you find yourself overdoing it, it’s time to put it away.

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Joseph Clinton says:

good things to know. thanks Jared!

Mahos Paterakis says:

I use a samyang 8mm 3.5 on a full frame body (hood off on ff mode) at nightclubs sometimes to catch some panoramic photos, then defish it just a little in LR using nikon 16mm profile, it helps because you can easily get the whole place in one shot, make it look bigger and clients like it for some odd reason. I think samyang 12mm is a way better deal if you dont mind the absence of af, but its easy to manual focus a fisheye lens even at 2.8, depth of field is huge.

Leo Caldas says:

circular fisheye always will be good for astrophoto, specialy for milkyway.

Daniel Astello says:

How would this look on a crop sensor?

Cameron Thorpe says:

It would be kinda cool to use the circular effect for a video if someone was looking through a peephole. That would be a cool little effect. I did it in film school once and it really sold the shot.

Oğuzhan Çalışkan says:

Can you review 10-20mm Nikon ?

Bertie Wooster says:

The image at 8mm has a very ugly circle vignetting, the transition from black to the image is ugly and not a sharp distinct one.

Film It Now LLC says:

Rock on Jared!!!!

Ralf Jansen says:

The edge between image circle and black “frame” looks quite weird… smeary  @8mm!?

Glen Graham says:

JP, the beauty of the wide-end of this lens will be clear when you put it on a drone and take it up 500 feet.

Carlos Maldonado says:

Jared, it would be cool to see some more vlogs!!!

34thncrenshaw says:

circular fisheyes are kinda dumb, they should of just made it a prime…

Lonely Spawn says:

Fro, can we see a 100-400 IS USM L II review from the canon? I’d love to.

TBoneProductionsVB says:

That goes so wide I got dizzy just looking at the shots! Well OK the last mohito was a bit too strong but hey great presentation and the fro looks great with that lens.

theizza68 says:

It looks like a Rokinon lens with a mediocre build quality.

chomerly says:

Perhaps It would be good to use those circle pictures and create a larger mosaic image? That’s the only suggestion I have for it right now.

Alex Turnbull says:

I think it would be great as an underwater lens. maybe the only place where using a fisheye often is acceptable!

John Mayfield says:

Circle look could be a fun video effect I guess.

jordanthecat says:

You repeatedly claim to have *purchased* and *bought* the lens, and yet all the photos in this video were taken either inside the camera shop or in their parking lot. I am having trouble believing that actually you own this lens.

Torbjørn Kvalheim says:

You would use the circle effect in old 90s rap music videos…

Zaur Bilalov says:

Where is the wind tunnel test??? 🙁

Tibor Danilics says:

I have a samyang 8mm lens for APSc.
I like it a lot, I take with me almost everywhere.

Mohammad Arid says:

For me the list 14-24mm 24-70mm 70-200mm and 150-600mm

Chris Waddell says:

These DNG are not RAW files, they have been edited!!! I can read in Bridge, the adjustments that you made to the images in Lightroom. WTF!

shilooliver says:

No wind tunnel test? How are we going to make an informed decision without all the info? lol

Avishay Gold says:

To fake the curvature of the earth and distort reality

LukasG says:

Circular fisheye is usefull for quick *360° photos*, so i’m gonna buy this lens.

AlvaroCast says:

You can use it in 8mm just for 360 photos i think.

Lara Koukounara says:

in the priority list is the lens that make money for you

Corey Hryc says:

You can use a circular fisheye to make content that you would project on a planetarium dome. I’ve tried something like this in the past and results were reasonable.

mike saluri says:

Ca1 1mero thats what iwas thinking

Jared Polin says:

What would you shoot with this lens? You can download sample RAW files right here

Adam Kramek says:

Hi, Jared will you review the new Loupdek for Lightroom?

Eugene Hernandez says:

can’t wait for the android version

Pingyping says:

fish eye :/

Mike Kanir says:

I already have 6 lenses, but have only one quality 30mm f/1.4 ART. I can’t see needing something like this just yet. I have bigger lenses on my wish list, like a 70-200mm f/2.8.

AmmarTechnology says:

Great for fun.

Brian French says:

You should do a interview with “postman fro”.

Shorty says:

Could you review the 10-20mm dx when you get a hold of it?

John J says:

What are you doing with all the D7000 boxes?

sev h says:

Please do the 10-20mm when it comes out.

Jason Rushing says:

Did he say $1200 for a fish eye? Nope this isn’t #5 on my list, at $1200 it’d be closer to 8 or 9

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