Meike 6.5mm f/2 Circular Fisheye lens review with samples

A circular fisheye lens for mirrorless cameras with a very fast maximum aperture of f/2. It’s not the kind of lens you’ll be using every day, but it’s cool, and at only £150, you could even be laughing. Let’s see how the quality stacks up. It’s available for Sony E-mount, Fuji X, Canon EOS M, and Micro 4/3 (but NOT Digital SLR cameras).

All pictures taken by me on Sony a6300 and a7Rii cameras.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0…


konstantin arich says:

please show sigma 24 – 70 f2,8 art lens some day , – if you can …

IP Domino says:


Alpha Beta says:

Thanks for the e mount reviews. You do the best lens reviews.

Mars Hartdegen says:

Maybe we should change a name to call “mirrorless”, because now those days, “mirrorless” doesnt means “not Fullframe” anymore, so Mirrorless fullfreme also have. So, DSLR fullfreme = Mirrorless fullfreme quality. I think so.

zyconn says:

Really enjoying the “alternative manufacturer” lens reviews.

Wilbur Yuen says:


Yoshua Lohanda says:

Hello people of the world! Any recommendations for cheap super/ultra wide lens that covers full frame other than samyang/rokinon 14mm? I can’t really shoot fisheye tho (sorry I’m asking an out of topic question hehe I’m a bit desperate)

zyconn says:

That first bokeh shot is something completely else. Wow.

Arie Lendra Putra says:

im using the Meike 8mm f/3.5.. great lens.. but focus distance scale is off…

Ivan Speaks says:

Sounds like a lot of fun! 😀

Rationalific says:

Cool effect for a low price for those who want it!

canturgan says:

Can these be flattened out in Photoshop?

Colin Bloodworth says:

That’s a great value for the money. Great review as always.

becool365 says:

Very nice! Do you think this would work for stitching together panoramas?

Azriel Knight says:

great video! Very informative! Thanks for showing us!

Subhadeep Dey says:

One question how do you record your voice because it is very clear.

troy X says:

Love the 6.5mm and the 35mm lens from Meike. Awesome pricing too. Meike 6.5mm is a very good lens for 360 photography.

papaya j says:


Kieran Wright Photo says:

Wow! I was wondering about this lens and i didn’t realize it was such a performer! Awesome thanks!

Andrey Kim says:

Have you tried defishing the images? I wonder how wide would it look and how much the quality suffers

J Koh says:

Great, please do more Sony lenses review

Giacomo Bettini says:

i’m mad that i don’t have a mirrorless just because i can’t use this lens!!!! it’s borderline perfect!!!! i’m so pissed

Andrew Montague says:

Am I the only one who really dislikes fisheye lenses?

Cynical Paradise says:

I think it is pronounced as /meyki/ not /mike/

Lau Bjerno says:

I thought you said that you hated barrel distortion. 😉

German Stenta says:

Im still waiting for a “compact” FE fisheye design.

贾一川贾 says:

lovely photos, you really made it shine

Artem Holstov says:

Good review and nice photos too! I especially liked the beach photo.

Massimo Riley Cavalieri d'Oro says:

What’s the point of these useless lenses?

Tim Deakin says:

Great review as always Chris! Been on the lookout for lens like this for while. Was so impressed with the performance just had to get one 🙂

Farman Khan says:

please review tamron 18-400mm please

Kristian says:

Anything like this for Canon EF?

Bani Ahmad says:

Give your videos google ad. U can make some money sir

Torsten Böttger says:

Ca is only important on tele lenses

Achilleas Labrou says:

Yosuhara Madoka is an e-mount Japanese circular fisheye lens for aps-c cameras. It is 7.3mm f/4 with seven elements in six groups. Sharper than Meike and more expensive.

Sean Anderson says:

You could always use an MFT to Sony E-mount adapter to mount this lens on a Sony full frame camera. I’ve got the Rokinon 7.5mm and I mount it on Sony full frames all the time. The only downside is that it has a lens hood so you don’t get a full circle, but I may mod it soon, or get this lens 🙂

Jaime Almeida says:

I’m really not into Circular Fisheye lens but this lens just looks fabulous, and for the price it’s hard to resist.

kaimelis says:

this lens is good for 360 photography, i dont think it will be used for anything else.

Péter Sági says:

The shot at 6:08 is mind blowingly good!

PIGASUS - Constantin S. Purcea says:

With this kind of lens it’s a 50% chance that you’ll have the sun in frame so indeed, really impressed by the reduced flare.

Farman Khan says:

please review tamron 18-400mm please

Srabbel says:

did you play that footage backwards at 1:50 ? 😀 just noticed the weird movements…

Liam Fitch says:

Although circular fisheyes can be a little much, full frame ones can be used very beautifully in some films, so long as they’re used subtly. The opening scene of “The Master” had a fisheye shot in it. Also, check out George Harrison’s fisheye photography from India in 1966. It’s pretty remarkable stuff.

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