iPhone 5 Lens Kit Review – Fish-Eye, Telephoto & Macro

Blunty reviews a cheap three in one lens accessory for the iPhone 5. It gives you a fish-eye lens for wide-angle, a Telephoto lens and Macro capabilities

But is this 3-in-1 Quick-Change Camera Lens for iPhone 5, better than the widely praised olloclip 3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens? Lets find out…

(There is also a version of this 3 in one kit that replaces the Telephoto lens with a wide-angle one – making it a similar setup to the Ollo-Clip iPhone 5 lens)


Big Daddy Iggy says:

4:32 pacman invasion O.O

HUSSAIN ! says:

Nice vid

Linda S Wong says:

thank you!!!

yaffet de val says:

i hope they have here in norway?

Ghassandvid Tom says:


AlmightySergio says:

He said the lens messes up your normal camera?

Janjan Janjan says:


joscastro1984 says:

I paid $7 for one on ebay eye

Oggy Nentin says:

What the amazing video

brh neg says:

not usufull thing.

Jennifer Jauri says:

I know people are gonna be like you’re cheap but idc

I bought mine at a swap meet and it turned out great still is i gotvit for $8 and it has 3 lenses well just 2 but one lens has 2 i fell in live with it

Julia Bergdoll says:

will it work on a 5c?

Logan Jackman says:

i bought mine for 20 and it has a macro and a fish eye and a case

Chris Foster says:

Fish Eye is good for skateboarding videos. I would love that lens.

dave rumbear says:

Lol “that’s just science bitches” that was gold

Alex Yallop says:

Lol, great reviewer!

Rhys Van Midden says:

fish eyes are mostley used for filming skateboarding

Nick Sosa says:

Where can I buy one? Anything but online

supreme nyla says:

I just brought a fish eye ‘ ib-F20’ 235degree with no clip can someone please help me where can I get a clip for it?
Thank you

carlc74 says:

Thanks for the review. Your video is great!

Sam Granleese says:

Very helpful review, thankyou.


Very informative video. I wonder if there is a way to get the full 180 degree fisheye effect with no cropping of the image on the iphone 5. By that I mean the entire 180 degree hemispherical radius of the image itself from the lens. All of the footage I have seen so far regarding the fisheye/iphone pairing have the top and bottom of the image cropped off into the wide angle view of the iphone screen. Is there any way to get that full circle of 180 degree imagery by using the iphone or is it not technically possible?

Tomas Waller says:

i have that one

tja says:

The macro lens is kinda cool but the rest is shit, i prefer the iphone 5 lens

Rachel Ritnie says:


sheril46 says:

at 4.31,where abouts is this in Sydney?

ColoradoGETSBUCK says:

That’s just the science of it bitches!

LaDinka oboVsem says:

perfect nature 🙂

MultiVans12 says:

Do you know if the fisheye are the same for the IPhone 5C? I have the 5C and I’m love a photography and I’m looking for a fisheye

macadelix says:

I might sound cheap but i`ve bought mine from Ebay for $13

NotJesus says:

is there a good one with telephoto macro and wide angle for cheap?

Joel Martínez Rulló says:

Awesome lens. Transform normal photos to cool photos

corvette4554 says:

Is there 3 in 1 fisheye – wide angle – telephoto?

Kristina Brkic says:


Szarkamadarak Madar says:

 BIRUGEAR Micro i recommend this.

James C says:

7 bucks on amazon

HollywoodToronto says:

Any chance comparing the ipro series 2 vs the mcam with ALM lens? That would be great thanks.

Chris W says:

so does it work with the front camera at all

Emanuel Diaz says:

Would it fit a iPod 5 ?

Obeyinq Obeyinq says:

Iphone 5s compatible?

kim jongbaeee says:

Can it be used on android?

Vivian Styles says:

I love it I wanna buy it!

Dhaval Patel says:


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