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Aaron Kyro


michael mortensen says:

Will a gopro be good for filming Lines?

Deven Dang says:

What is the brand or name of the U shape handle you use for all your cameras? I would like something like that for a GoPro.

Tyler Magee says:

Good fisheyes are still expensive. my 16mm 2.8 was $800 but I also shoot full frame. on the Nikon D610 or my 20mm 2.8 was around $600 good glass is still expensive.

Deli Kous says:

What setting do you film at? 

kellentheposer says:

Hey Aaron, my name is Kellen and I am trying to get a camera and start a youtube, and hopefully grow to be as big as yours one day, so I was just wondering what camera do you use? Thanks!

34thncrenshaw says:

the focus ring controls the focus, it does not control focal length. The lens focal length is a fixed 6.5mm

Benedikt says:

Is that the Canon Rebel T3i??

AJ Beats 2 says:

What do you think about force wheels

Hessyz I says:

300$ is too much I use this Just 13$

tobias tamber says:

anybody ever tried the nikon 10,5 mm


What camera do you use?

ASlothGames says:

+Mr Selcouth Darude – Sandstorm

Brian Hoehl says:

What kind of camera do you use and how much is it

emilio olivas says:

Focus distance 🙂

Noah Boorman says:

400th to like

Brian Rexroad says:

any opinion on filming lines with a gopro? it’s the only camera I have

DJ Skateboarding says:

Subscribe to us if u like skateboarding

Frankie T says:

can you use this for like vlog style too? i want a versatile wide angle

Khaled.Noordin says:

great tech content, thanks Aaron

Chris Johnson says:

I got mine 2 weeks ago and love it so far. I had some trouble getting the focus down the first day but i’ve gotten a lot better already. My advice for anyone who gets this lens don’t be afraid to set the focus to 3-5 feet, think about how far away you will be from the skater right when you snap the picture (or at the important part of the line) Your often further than you think. 
Also I found at 3.5 aperture it wasn’t quite as sharp, I try to keep it around 11 when filming and only go down past 5.6 when I have no other choice due to low light.

king of daimond card tricks says:

Hi ARRON i would like to meet u so bad lol

Maximiliaan De Cock says:

hey Aaron i have a question if i should buy an 6.5O mm fisheye wold my mic be in the frame by opteka x grip

Jordan Kelly says:

I still use this combo set up, T3i Opteka 6.5mm and a rode video micro. still a great set up for filming.

Gunter Films says:

Peleng 8mm is the best

sethdoesgames says:

hi my name is PEWDIECRI and today im going to suck ur bootyhole

NinjaVicar says:

Bru! im totally stocked bru so raaaaad! my gaaaawwd

drybones722 says:

What cameras can it connect to?

Ben Burgis says:

u look like a baked mcgee

Arne Fl says:

Aaron its not the focal lenght, thats 6.5mm, what you meant is the focus ring 🙂 generelly put it nearly to infinity and the small depth of field of a fish eye will give you everything in sharp focus.

Ray Garay says:

What is the best camera for skating?

Nabil Ray says:

aaron i just want to say . that if for you in usa its cheap for you guys but for me in malaysia it convert to like rm800.if you dont know where malaysia is , it is in between singapore and thailand . For us rm800 is really expensive

Kevin Salas says:

Wow you just paid almost 300$ bucks for such a shit glass you can get a full 6mm f-2.8 for 300 bucks people don’t listen to this guy do your research before buying a lens.

bobadork says:

down to 159 online

Gazooma Studio says:

fisheye Lance 😮

Dylan Batoon says:

The fish eye looks really cool

Wetsteel ESCO says:

Whats the differnt from T2i from the t3i?
the pros and cons also

Enriko says:

Hey man, I was just wondering if the Opteka Fish Eye Lens would fit onto the Panasonic Lumix G6 Camera ? Would be great if you could answer.

James Brentson says:

I once watched the whole skater trainers ad.

Kyle Howard says:

I just got it and it’s GREAT just as good as any other and it’s the same as rokinon just rebranded

Eric Elizalde says:

definitely love this lens, inexpensive and good quality. I don’t have the t3i like he does but I have the Canon t3. But guys be extremely careful with the lens hood! The plastic on the lens hood is the only thing that is bad, it can break easily the plastic isn’t as strong as I thought, I’ve had a good amount of boards hit the lens hood, take care of it!

kelvintan821 says:

Hi Aaron, may i know what camera you are using? Thanks

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