FISHEYE FUJI!! Rokinon 8mm 2.8 Fisheye II, real-world review

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MrGubrz says:

I call them SQUIRREL TREES cause id want to live in one if I were a squirrel… < .< >.>

MrGubrz says:

6th?! you should have gone to Rainey St!

Malik SD says:

I got the lens with xt2 three months ago, my sole purpose was astrophotography, which this lens is really good for. but as far everybody on the internet was saying, i have the same comments:
– Careful not to touch the lens
– haze around the sun or the moon or any light source
– lack of close macro
– too short lens on such a small body got my fingers in multiple pictures 😀
– really good picture but not as sharp as the kit lens
– would still appreciate one step wider aperture for night photography!

apart from that, the lens really does the job well, i managed to capture a really small opera house in Berlin which looked perfect on such lens, and would still recommend for photographer, but you really have to give the fisheye lots of time to grow on you, at the end it is a cheap good lens for crop sensor camera so enjoy living with some limitations !!..

Lenny Kibbs says:

Now I’m forced to subscribe- lol, purchased the same lens last month out of curiosity- was intimidating at first, but after a few outings, really like it.. For the money it’s got expensive glass character- sharp, pleasing images- and yes it does make you think, in a fun sort of way… 4:23 I think dude’s to big for his rebel

timzanation says:

Still love your voice. Still love your presentation. Subscribed. Liked. Smashed the notification button.

mamiyapress says:

Thanks for the video, I got this lens about 6 weeks ago but I never used it, I might now.

White Wulfe says:

Seeing this makes me want the MFT version even more. It’s definitely interesting to see it being used in a general use kind of scenario, and playing with it’s unique characteristics. ^_^

Lorenzo Tds says:

I’ve a 10-17 Pentax, and i think is more efficent.. because you can zoom… See my photo:

Paul Hofreiter says:

I have the Bower 8mm 2.8 which is, I believe, just a rebrand of the Rokinon. I’ve had it for a about a year I think and got it very cheap used. Very happy with the IQ for what it is. Like you kind of said, I expected a lot less that what it gave me initially so I was pleased with what I got. F8 is the sweet spot like you heard and you don’t have any bad consequences of it being a manual focus lens being super wide at that aperture. That said I have had good luck with it wide open when needed like trick or treating with my daughter when using he focus mode on the x-t2 that lets you see a 1x magnification of the focus point, although the focus ring can be finicky as small as it is with being that stiff.

Stephan Cremer says:

looks interesting

Egi Tohir says:

Please compare 7artisans vs meike lens for fuji x series.

Matthew Zagorski says:

Intro is very Casey N! Loved it.

MrGubrz says:

google image “Jacobs well”. you might have liked that. and google “lighted church tour”… hmm, what else…

MrGubrz says:

OMG HOW DID I MISS THIS?! *lives in Austin… dies*

Steve TQP says:

Yes, Andrew, you’ve done this lens (and Austin) justice! I also have this lens (though I live a bit north of Austin), and agree with your conclusions. Though it’s certainly not up there with the stellar Fujinon XF optics in terms of build quality and image sharpness, it’s definitely not bad, and with some good post processing (like Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 for black and white work), one can achieve quite good results. Thanks again!

Randy Pollock says:

I just got this lens for 199.00 on Amazon … Read the article on Fujirumors on how to use your Amazon Rewards card and get 20% back on the card making the lens 199.00. This sale may only be for 12/19/2017

Leica Dad says:

very serious BUSINESS stuff!

mattthewilson says:

Enjoyed the editing in this. Ha ha business!

Angy LC's says:

Hey, I find that wearing headsets works pretty well to discourage people from stoping you in this kind of areas 😉 Who knows if they are off?!?
(Thx for the review btw!)

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