Canon EF 8-15mm f/4 L USM fisheye Hands-on Review

Kai takes out this new Canon L lens on an open top tour bus to test out the fisheye lens. How does the 8-15mm f/4 L( perform?

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Ben Dell says:

I want a 3 – 1000 mm lens. It would never happen, but it would be cool.

Chinmay Gaming says:

can anyone give me a canon 700d or 1200d PLZ

Smaakjeks K says:

I have this lens now. It’s so awesome!

William Cotton says:

Excellent review on the lens. What camera did you use to record this video? I know it’s five years old

Wale Wyse says:

Talking of lenses , are they Better with the lower the nos on them? example: lens 70-200mm and 75-300mm. is the former better than d latter? thanks

Cody Lau says:

0:46 anybody see how close that bus was to hitting the building

Ernesto Espinoza says:

Is there a lens like this for nikon?

LRtone says:

we all just need a sample photo from this lens, so more take a shoot than speak much

koreamedia says:

ugly price.

Preston Mitcham says:

would be a perfect lens for filming skateboarding

kalef1234 says:

I don’t know, I feel like if I were going to get a distorted fish-eye, I would have to go for a sigma or Tokina…mainly because I’m poor lel

Yato says:

See?? That’s the advantage of American cities, Hong Kong, Doubai and go on like that. Skyscrapers. I mean, I live in Belgium. Here, we ain’t got shit

Denis Castrillo says:

i have a canon rebel g 35mm camera. where can i buy a more affordable fish eye? i would appreciate it if you could recomend me something

Christian Benci says:

I love this lens. It’s my go-to lens when I need a little inspiration on the job.

Luis Monterroso says:

I saw a seven eleven!!! a 7-11 !!! thanks god.

David Christmas says:

Wow that costs more than my 7d mark ii

christian phillips says:

Just paid $100 for this lens in mint condition 🙂 man do I love pawn shops

Douglas SPRINGALL says:

I would be loathe to remove that lens hood given that glass

Mark Vlogs says:

i love the fish eye view when looking up

VideoVibeTribe says:

Theres a dope fisheye photographer

Martin Luther says:

siempre se muestra el pero nunca muestra lo que se puede hacer con las camaras jajaja
10 minutos de video para no mostrar ninguna facultad del lente, siempre es lo mismo con este canal

gatolocomclay says:

hal 9000

OhHeyItsMattyD says:

So does fixed aperture mean it’s always fixed at f4, or does it just stay at whatever f stop you set when you zoom? For example if I set it to f5 it will stay at f5 when I zoom? Or is it always fixed at f4

urosp says:

I don’t know if 3000 euro lens is realy such a shit or your ”review” made it such?!!

Luca J says:

Fisheye lenses are so fun but you never use the images for anything

John L Rice says:

Please remain seated while the vehicle is in motion!

devashish pandey says:

Why you speak so much,we just wanna see the shot

Morgen Hansen says:

still costs1200 USD after 5 years, ok, i need more dollar to wipe my ass first.

Njukeng says:

When i need to get a new lens, i tune to your youtube channel first. Need to watch a video of 6.5mm Opteka fisheye for canon.

Franken Stein says:

Wish I had enough spare cash to justify this purchase.  

aussie schmengie says:

good review on the 8-15mm, now can you review the 14mm prime f/2.8L II USM? thx!

iliden strmrege says:

this lens is amazing for wildlife photography, especially for stuff like tigers

I am what I am says:

a perfect lens to waste money

Ray Bujari says:

Is there any other 8-15mm fisheye lens for nikon?

ancient aliens are coming says:

Alamby D:

Fábio Borges says:

This guy makes me feel like a pro.

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